Wordly Wise Book 9 Lesson 8

  1. adroit
    adj. Clever at dealing with difficult situations; adept; skillful.
  2. affront
    v. To insult or to offend deliberately.

    n. A deliberate insult or offensive act.
  3. avocation
    n. An activity pursued for pleasure; a hobby.
  4. crusade
    n. A prolonged, impassioned struggle for what is believed to be a just cause.

    v. To engage in such a struggle.
  5. definitive
    adj. Supplying a final answer; conclusive.
  6. demeanor
    n. Behavior; bearing.
  7. erudite
    adj. Having or demonstrating extensive knowledge; learned.
  8. erudition
  9. induct
    • v. 1. To install in office, sometimes with a formal ceremony.
    • 2. To admit to a society or to military service.
  10. induction
  11. lapse
    • v. 1. To fall or slip from a certain level of conduct or accomplishment.
    • 2. To come to an end; to expire.

    • n. 1. A minor mistake; a slip.
    • 2. A pause or interval.
  12. militant
    adj. Ready to fight, especially for a cause.

    n. One who is ready to fight for a cause.
  13. pariah
    n. A social outcast.
  14. prodigy
    • n. 1. A person who shows remarkable talent at an early age.
    • 2. An amazing or extraordinary thing or event.
  15. protégé
    • masc. n.; protégée, fem. n.
    • One whose training or career is helped along by another.
  16. raucous
    • adj. 1. Rough and unpleasant to the ear.
    • 2. Boisterous and disorderly.
  17. tacit
    adj. Expressed without words; implied.
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