1. The community mental health movement was least influenced by 

    D. the increasingly larger numbers of advanced practice nurses prepared to care for the mentally ill in the community.

    At the time the community mental health movement began, relatively few advanced practice psychiatric nurses were practicing, and fewer still who were prepared to care for the mentally ill in the community.Text page: 87
  2. In addition to physicians, what other mental health discipline members have been identified as possessing the knowledge, skill, ability, and legal authority to intervene in the full range of mental health care? 

    D. Nurses

    Nurses are the only caregivers listed who can provide both physical and psychological care for mental health clients.Text page: 91
  3. Which criterion is necessary to refer a client to a partial hospitalization program? 

    C. The client is able to return home each day.

    Movement along the continuum is fluid, from higher to lower levels of intensity, and changes are not necessarily step by step. On discharge from acute hospital care or a 24-hour supervised crisis bed, many clients need intensive services to maintain their initial gains or to "step down" in care. Multiple studies show that failure to follow up in outpatient treatment increases the likelihood of rehospitalization and other adverse outcomes.Text page: 93
  4. The psychiatric community health nurse engages in primary prevention when: 

    B. Providing stress reduction seminars at the local senior center

    Primary prevention is directed at healthy individuals with the purpose of preventing mental illness.Text page: 88
  5. In 1963 the Community Mental Health Centers Act was signed with the primary purpose of: 

    B. Providing mental health care on an outpatient basis in order to maintain the client as a member of an established community

    Community mental health centers were created as a result of the 1963 Community Mental Health Centers Act for the purpose of providing mental health services while maintaining the client in his own community.Text page: 88
  6. A community mental health nurse whose culture is Hispanic is assigned to a mobile mental health care unit in a locale where the majority culture is Vietnamese. A measure that will help the nurse plan and implement culturally sensitive care for clients is 

    A. arranging for the services of an interpreter and cultural consultant.

    Use of a translator is helpful with language and with gaining explanations of culture as it might affect health care.Text page: 97
  7. The community mental health nurse recognizes that the mental ill population will require: 

    A. frequent assessment for physical illness both acute and chronic in mature

    Repeated studies have shown the people with mental illnesses also have a higher risk for medical disorder than the general populationText page: 90
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