OTT-DC Tour Guide License Set 1

  1. How many steps does the Washington Monument have?
    896 Steps
  2. When was the Washington Monument officially opened to the pubilc?
  3. How many commemorative stones are on the inside of the Washington Monument?
    193 commemorative stones
  4. How many flag poles surround the Washington Monument?
    50 flagpoles
  5. What was the original size of the District before the VA retrocession? What size is it now?
    100 square miles originally. Now 68 square miles (61 square miles land, 7 water)
  6. What is the meaning of the District's motto "Justitia Omnibus"?
    "Justice for all
  7. In 1967 who became the first home-rule mayor of DC and the first black mayor of a major US city?
    Walter Washington
  8. Which President did DC police officer William West cite for speeding in his buggy?
    Ulysses S. Grant
  9. What tragic event involved DC policewoman Gail A. Cobb in September 1974?
    She was the first female police officer in the US to die in the line of duty
  10. Margaret Gorman of Washington DC was the first woman to win which contest?
    The Miss America pageant (then called the Atlantic City Pageant, Inter-City)
  11. If the District were to achieve statehood, what name has been suggested for the new state?
    New Columbia
  12. The per capita income of Washington DC comes second to which state?
    None. As of 2009
  13. Which late Motown superstar was born in Washington DC on April 2, 1939?
    Marvin Gaye, at Freedmen's Hospital
  14. What hotel chain got its start in Washington DC?
    Marriott International; J. Willard Marriott started the company as a root beer stand in 1927, at 3128 14th St. NW
  15. What Washington first did the Miller House (2201 Massachusetts Ave NW) feature in 1901?
    An automobile garage
  16. Next to government, what is the largest industry in Washington DC?
    Professional, scientific and technical services, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010. [Changed from "Publishing" in orig. Very ambiguous question, depending on how one defines "industry", but publishing is subset of "Information" in BLS' "supersectors", and the "Legal Services" subset of "Professional, Scientific and Technical Services" outnumbers all of the "Information" supersector.]
  17. What popular book, written in 1886, was authored by Washingtonian Frances Hodgson Burnett?
    Little Lord Fauntleroy
  18. Alexander Graham Bell's father-in-law, Gardner Hubbard, founded what famous magazine in 1888?
    National Geographic
  19. For what newspaper did Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward work when they broke the Watergate scandal?
    The Washington Post
  20. What was unusual about Washington DC's streetcars?
    They had no overhead wires (banned by Congress in 1889) [NOTE: This only holds true in Georgetown and in the original boundaries of Pierre L'Enfant's design of Washington, i.e. the "historic center city", bounded by the Anacostia, the Potomac, and Florida Ave., then called "Boundary Street". The "new" parts of DC constructed throughout the 20th century did allow overhead wires, though Congress tried to limit them, as part of a piecemeal set of compromises as the cost of extending underground power for new streetcar lines in "new" DC became prohibitive, especially in the then-new suburbs in hilly areas like Cleveland Park or marshy areas like Anacostia.]
  21. What church owns The Washington Times?
    The Unification Church (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)
  22. The files of what former Washington newspaper are kept at the MLK, Jr. Memorial Library?
    The Washington Star
  23. In 1871, Congress established the first Territorial Government of the District of Columbia. Who was the first Territorial Governor?
    Henry D. Cooke
  24. Outside the Wilson Building (formerly District Building) stands a statue of what Territorial Governor?
    Alexander Robey "Boss" Shepherd (removed by Marion Barry in 1979, restored 2005)
  25. What Territorial Governor was responsible for paving much of DC during the 1870s?
    Alexander Robey "Boss" Shepherd
  26. Who nearly bankrupted Washington DC during Territorial Rule?
    Alexander Robey "Boss" Shepherd
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