Muscle System Review 6

  1. A myofibril is made of a group of ___
  2. What does endomyosin cover
    muscle fiber
  3. what is the part of the sarcomere where you find myosin only
    H zone
  4. What part of the sarcomere do you find protein
    M line
  5. What do you find in the A band
    The whole myosin with overlapping actin
  6. Where is a Z line
    Where the actin connects
  7. What is a sarcolemma
    Cell membrane of a muscle cell
  8. Another word for muscle cell
    Muscle fiber
  9. What is the first thing that happends in order forĀ a muscle to contract
    Calcim being released
  10. What three molecules are the thin filaments made of?
    Actin, Troponin, Tropomyosin
  11. What is the function of tropomyosin?
    Covers the binding sites?
  12. What is the function of troponin?
    Binding site for calcium
  13. What is needed for the powerstroke to disconnect?
  14. What happens to ATP during contraction?
    Hydrolysis to ADP and phosphate
  15. What would happen if all the crossbridges connected and powerstroked at the same time
    The muscle wouldn't fully contract
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