Muscle System Review 5

  1. Define the terms insertion and origin, in relation to muscle movement
    • 1) Attachment to a moveable bone
    • 2) Attachment to an immovable bone
  2. List three functions of muscle
    Movement, Heat production, and Posture
  3. Explain muscle fatigue, the oxygen debt, and how the oxygen debt is ''paid''
    Oxygen is required to move ATP
  4. Differentiate among the endomysium, perimysuim, and epimysium
    • 1) Covering of each individual muscle fiber
    • 2) Covers each fasicle
    • 3) Covers all fasicle
  5. Define rigor mortis. Why does it occur?
    Stiffening of the joints and muscles of a body after death. ATP is no longer produced
  6. What is the difference in tendons and ligaments?
    Tendons attach to bones and ligaments attach bone to bone
  7. What is one contractile unit of a muscle?
  8. What are the three jobs at ATP during muscle contraction?
    • 1) Energizing the power stroke
    • 2) Disconnecting the myosin crossbridge
    • 3) Transporting calcium
  9. What are the six molecules involved in a skeletal muscle contraction?
    Myson, Actin, Tropomysin, Troponin, ATP, Calcium ions
  10. What is the length of one sarcomere?
    Z line to Z line
  11. Where does calcium bind?
  12. What is a cross bridges?
    Myosin head
  13. What are the two filaments and the difference in each?
    • Myosin (Thick)
    • Actin (Thin)
  14. Found in internal organs
    Smooth muscle
  15. Attached to bone
    Skeletal muscle
  16. What is a bundle of muscle fibers called?
  17. Each fascicle is surrounded by _____
  18. The whole muscle is covered by ___
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