Notes from Hi 165

  1. went to the Philippines 16th century
    Juan Salcedo
  2. What did Juan de Salcedo find?
    service record 
  3. Who went to Spain to check out the archives?
    William Henry Scott
  4. What prevents us from see in things clearly?
    biases, because WHS found cluse to negate the bias
  5. difference between polo and quinto?
    forced and military labor
  6. What were some of the implementations of the Spanish? Name 5.
    • 1. reduccion
    • 2. encomiendero
    • 3. evangelization
    • 4. polo
    • 5. quinto
  7. Cause:
    Effect: resettlement
  8. plaza mayor:
    school -->
    • city municipal: hall/ tribunal post office
    • houses of rich people
  9. Francisco Mercado
    • Chinese Mestizo
    • entrepreneurs, land owners, local politicians 
  10. Teodora Alonzo
    local elite, abogado de campilla, knight of Spanish empire
  11. Juan Luna
  12. Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo
    Chrisistan Virgin Expose to populace
  13. Where did he study in Madrid, Spain?
    Unibersidad Central de Madrid
  14. Apprentice for 5 mons., in Paris France
    Louis de Wecker
  15. special training under special oculist, Paris France
    Dr. Otto Becker
  16. stayed in whose house while in Hiedelburg, Germany

    Karl Ullmer
  17. travelled and was a food critic, criticized SEA
    Rudolf Virchow
  18. travel and food critic
    Fedor Jagor
  19. bestfriend of Rizal, expert in SEA, was a penpal
    Ferdinand Bluementritt
  20. Where was Noli finished?
    Berlin, Germany
  21. Who published the novel for Rizal?
    Maximo Viola
  22. What happened at the Brindis?
    made a speech and became infamous for it
  23. First foreign place he went to 
  24. Marsilles--> Barcelona(P300)--> ______
    Madrid, Spain
  25. ______ruled in favor of Dominicans> farmers dirven out > Rizal's family forcefully evicted from their house
    Real Audiencia
  26. king of spain: Spanish Empire
    council of indies: Spanish colonies
    governor general:province of spain
    encomendero--> alcalde mayor
    - municipality: encomienda--> alcaldia mayor
    cabeza de barangay:
    • pueblo 
    • barrio/ barangay
  27. friars guilty of
    parish squatting
  28. "If there is enough supply of competent secular clergy, preference should be given to them when it comes to parish administration and in the establishment of missions."
    Royal Decree of 1753
  29. Course in UST
    Medicine/ Philosophy and Letters
  30. Ang hindi magmahal sa kaniyang salita mahigpit sa hayop at malansang isda,
    kaya ang marapat pagyamaning kusa
    na tulad sa inang tunay na nagpala
    Sa Aking Mga Kabata (7)
  31. Antonio Vivencio del Rosario
    • lover of Jose Alberto's wife, 
    • threw Lolay in Intramuros for 2 years
  32. dairy entry about untrust and doubt in men, occurred when?
    imprisonment of Lolay
  33. "Raise, Youth, that brow profound
    This day and proudly stand
    Resplendent and Unbound
    Fair hope of my Motherland."
    A La Juventud Filipina: To the Filipino Youth
  34. Council of Gods
    subversive text, won award in comedy satire
  35. Why did Rizal take medicine?
    • 1. moral ambiguity
    • 2. mother's eyesight was bad
  36. What events occurred before he left for Spain?
    -social injustice by guardia sibyl, not noticed by gg
  37. Where else did he study in Madrid?
    Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Fernando, took up Philosophy and Letters
  38. registrar who criticized Rizal for being short
    Magin Fernando SJ
  39. personal friend who interceded
    Manuel Xerez Burgos
  40. teacher of Rizal who taught poetry, rhetoric and public speeches, math, foreign language
    Francisco De Paula Sanchez SJ
  41. transciprt
    Jose Mercado Rizal
  42. played what game for the landlady?
  43. Monte Cristo
    redemption, no seeking of revenge
  44. What did La Solidaridad want?
    • 1. recognition of the Philippines as a province of Spain
    • 2. representation in the Spanish cortes
    • 3. equal treatment before spanish law 
    • 4. end of frailocracy
    • 5. assimilation and secession
    • 6. assimilation- to integrate, Philippines as a province: done in a peaceful manner
  45. “Winds of brotherhood carried us to his writing from time to time, as hurricanes carry leaves. We read them with admiration, assimilating those concepts, weighing those thoughts easily, enthusiastically, because within us there was an echo which, though timid, answered his voice.”
    Antonio Luna
  46. have unmasked the hypocrisy which, beneath the cloak of religion has impoverished and brutalized us. I have pulled back the curtain to expose what was behind the deceptive high sounding words of our rulers. I have exposed our defects , our vices, our guilty and cowardly complacency with miseries experienced. Whenever I saw virtue I have rendered homage, and if I have not cried when I spoke of our misfortunes, I have laughed because no one want to cry with me over the misery of our country, and laughter is always the best means of concealing sorrow or pain
    J R to Hidalgo
  47. Noli, touch me not?
    sensitive topic
  48. You were the cause of this sickness and I shall tell you why. At that time there was a great deal of talk and comment about the speech you gave at the banquet for the Filipino painters; some said you could never return, others said that it would be better if you stay there; still others said that you made enemies; and there were those who said that you also lost friends; but in brief all agreed that it would not be good for you to come back. These gratuitous suppositions caused our mother great sorrow and made her ill ...“
    Paciano Rizal
  49. “The constant ideal...the acquisition of independence for his country. Of that they accuse him-yet, is it not the birthright of every person who loves, of every patriot who seeks the happiness of his country, to see it safe and free from the oppression and the yoke of other nations ?”
    Luis Taviel de Andrade
  50. “...Rizal could not have possibly been involved in the Katipunan.”
    Ramon Blanco
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