Ovarian Menstrual Cycle

  1. Ovarian Menstrual Cycle:
    When does it begin
    • a.       Begins at puberty
    •                                                                           i.      Once a month cycle (use month loosely= cycles are like 28 days, but other days may be 26 or 33)
    • 1.      Must be consistency
  2. Ovarian Menstrual Cycles:
    __ cycles go on at the same time at different places
    What are they
    • 2
    • ovarian
    • menstrual (uterine)
  3. Ovarian Cycle:
    What it does:
    • 1.      Takes place in ovaries and is where the primary oocyte reinitiates meiosis I
    • a.       Complete meiosis I and begin meiosis II as the secondary oocyte, which will be released from the ovary in a process called ovulation
    • It now can be fertilized
  4. Ovarian cycle
    1.      Objective: to get the primary oocyte to mature sufficiently that it can be ovulated, released from the ovary and into the fallopian tube
  5. Ovarian cycle:
    what does it include?
    • 1.      Also includes the follicle cells of some of the follicles producing mostly estrogen initially and later progesterone
    • a.       Follicle cells produce female hormones throughout ovarian cycle
  6. Ovarian Cycle
    Characteristic of: __
    • 1.      human and apes
    • a.       Many mammals do not have an ovarian menstrual cycle= they have an estrous cycle
  7. Menstrual Cycle:
    Location and start:
    • 1.      Occurs in uterus and begins with menses, which is bleeding and which is sloughing off of most of endometrium that was made the month before
    • a.       Most is sloughing off
    •                                                                                                                                                   i.      Inner layer of uterus
    • 1.      Glandular epithelial layer
  8. Menstrual Cycle: 
    In terms of endometrium
    • 1.      Renewal of endometrium to its maximum height
    • a.       Process it renews is mitosis
    • 2.      Depending on whether or not fertilization occurs, menses will or will not occur
    • a.       If there is a pregnancy, menses will not occur because in that endometrium is the fertilized egg
    •                                                                                                                                                   i.      If it sloughs off, the embryo goes with it
  9. I.                   Ovarian Menstrual Cycle Hormones
    a.       __controlled by hormones from the __
    • Gametogenesis
    • anterior pituitary
  10. Ovarian: in __
    Includes: __
    Changes in primary follicle?
    •                                                                           i.      ovary
    • 1.      Includes changes in immature follicle that leads to maturation of a fertilizable cell
    • 2.      Changes in primary follicleà matureà in hopes of fertilization 
  11. Menstrual: in __
    Starts with:
    •                                                                           i.      Menstrual: in uterus
    • 1.      Starts with menses
    • a.       Shedding of endometrium from month before
    •                                                                                                                                                   i.      Rebuilding of the lining (endometrium) to prepare for a new fertilized egg
    • 2.      If fertilization doesn’t occur, it starts shedding again
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