122 Invertebrates_ general vocab.txt

  1. Invertebra
    • animals with no back bone
    • not a fair description
  2. bauplan
    body plan
  3. protostomes
    • animals whose mouth develops first then anus
    • examples: Molluscs and Anthropods
  4. Deuterostomes
    • animals whose anus forms first then mouths
    • examples: humans
  5. Major tissue types
    • Ectoderm (outer)
    • Mesoderm (middle)
    • Endoderm (inner)
  6. Diploblastic Body
    Body with two tissue types: Endodermic and ectodermic tissues
  7. Triploblastic body
    Body that contains 3 tissue types: endodermic, mesodermic and ectoermic tissues
  8. Cell cleavage
    patterns of cells in early embryos
  9. Spiral vs Radial cleavage
    • spiral cleavage: Asymmetrical and determinate cells
    • radial cleavage: Symmetrical and indeterminate cells
  10. Ceolom
    fluid filled sac in mesoderm that keeps organs intact
  11. Coelomate vs aceolomate
    • Coelomate: contains ceolom and organisms have two body openings (1 intake and 1 outtake)
    • Aceolomate: no ceolom and organisms have one body opening (1 for intake and outtake)
  12. counter current flow
    used blood flows opposite of new blood flow. Maximizes oxygen transfer
  13. Patterns of Coelom Formation
    • Schizochoely: mesoderm splits up to form coelom
    • Enterocoely: archenteron folds to form coelom
  14. hermaphroditic
    • carries both male and female games. Can be simultaneous or sequential
    • protoandry (male to female) or protogyny (female to male)
  15. monoecious vs dioecious
    • mono - single sexed
    • dio - both sexes
  16. teloblastic growth
    new growth develops from the posterior end
  17. metanephridium
     type of tubular excretory system that has internal openings that collect body fluids
  18. hydrostatic skeleton
    layers of circular and longitudinal muscles, together with the water in the gastrovascular cavity, that enable movement
  19. hemocoel
    A cavity or series of spaces between the organs of organisms with open circulatory systems
  20. bi-lateral symmetry
    symmetry at the left and right side
  21. concurrent flow
    old and new blood flowing in the same direction
  22. chitin
    thick material found in exoskeletons
  23. protonephridium
    a network of dead-end tubules lacking internal openings for osmoregulation
  24. ocellus
    simple eye
  25. gatrulation
    movements of individual cells and sheets of cells of the embryo.
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