Chapter 4

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  1. First Amendment
    Freedom of speech, Freedom of Religion, and of assembly, right to petition,free exercise clause,establishment clause.
  2. Second Amendment
    Militia, Right to Bear Arms
  3. Third Amendment
    Protection from quatering of troops,
  4. Fourth Amendment
    Protection from unlawful search and seizure.
  5. Fifth Amendment
    Due Process, Double Jeopardy,Self-Incrimination, eminent domain.
  6. Sixth Amendment
    Trial by jury,Rights of the accused, confront your witness,speedy trial,public trial, right to counsel.
  7. Seventh Amendment
    Civil trial by jury
  8. Eighth Amendment
    Prohibiting of excessive bail, and cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. Ninth Amendment
    Protection of rights not specifically enumerated in the bill of rights.
  10. Tenth Amendment
    Powers of the States and People.
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