Pediatric GU Exam II

  1. What are the functions of the kidney?
    • eliminates metabolic wastes
    • controls fluid volume
    • e- balance
    • acid-base balance
    • stimulates RBC production
    • detoxifies bld
    • Regulates BP
    • Calcium/Phosphorus metabolism
  2. What is hypospadius?
    urethral opening ventral side
  3. What is epispadius?
    urethral opening dorsal surface
  4. What is extrophy of the bladder?
    • exposed lower urinary tract
    • TX: surgical creation of normal-appearing genitalia, improvement of sexual fx
  5. What is patent uruchus?
    pee out of umbilicus
  6. What is prune belly syndrome (eagle barrett syndrome)?
    • absence/decreased ab musculature
    • pulmunary hypoplasia
    • urinary tract defects
    • associated anomalies
  7. What is pyelonephyristis?
    inflammation of upper urinary tract and kidneys
  8. What is VUR?
    • retrograde flow of bladder urine into ureters
    • develop renal scarring, damage, signs of renal failure
    • will pee a lot after surgery
  9. WHat is the triad with hemolytic uremic syndrome?
    • hemolytic anemia
    • thrombocytopenia
    • acute renal failure
  10. What meds are used for HUS?
    • calcium gluconate
    • calcium chloride
    • kayexalte (remove excess K)
    • antihypertensives
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