1. when do you do ct myelogram?
    when you cant do mri
  2. next best step in spinal cord compression?
  3. next best test in spinal cord compression?
  4. best initial test for cva?
    most accurate test for cva?
    • non contrast ct
    • mri
  5. risks for cva?
    same as for cad

    • htn
    • dm
    • lipids
    • smoking
  6. what are the two white focal points in the lateral ventricles on the non contrast ct scan?
    choroid plexus
  7. mngmt of a patient with cva after 3 hours of onset?
    before 3 hours?
    • aspirin
    • tpa
  8. pt has another cva while on aspirin, what do you do next?
    • add dipyrimadole
    • or 
    • switch to clopidogrel
  9. when do you give heparin in cva?
    • when you have a fib with cva
    • or when you have basilar artery thrombosis
    • ongoing stroke
  10. what anticoagulant causes ttp?
  11. when do you give warfarin?
    long term anticoagulation
  12. best diagnostic test in cva after ct and mri
    • echo
    • ekg
    • carotid doppler
  13. inr of 2.5-3.5
    metallic valve
  14. >70% stenosis of carotid and a cva?
  15. when do you do endartectomy of carotid?
    • >70% in men and women
    • >50% in men
  16. cva in someone younger than 50?
    • look for vasculitis
    • look for hypercoagulable states
  17. which heart valves get replaced and which ones get ballooned?
    • aortic--replaced
    • mitral--ballooned
  18. mngtm of a flutter?
    same as afib
  19. when is primary prophylaxis indicated for strokes?
    not clear
  20. low magnesium can cause what?
    • arrhythmia
    • seizure
    • preterm labor
  21. seizure vs syncompe loss of conscienscness?
    • seizure--has post ictal
    • incontinence
  22. rx for status epilepticus?
    if not responsive?
    not responsive
    • lorazepam
    • phenytoin
    • phenobarbital
    • anesthsia with diazepam and propfol
  23. you shud not treat for long term therapy with  first time seizure unless
    • status epilepticus
    • abnormal eeg
    • strong family history
  24. rx for absence?
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