Bridy lesson 17

  1. awe
    If something fills you with awe, you are amazed by it.
  2. concentration
    Concentration is focusing your attention on a single thing.
  3. dilemma
    A dilemma is a problem or a difficult situation.
  4. commendable
    If something is commendable, it is worthy of attention and praise.
  5. glancing
    When you are glancing at something, you are taking a quick look at it.
  6. scolding
    If you are scolding someone, you are angrily pointing out that persons mistakes.
  7. console
    When you comfort or cheer someone you console him or her.
  8. heroic
    Someone who is heroic is brave and acts like a hero.
  9. drowsy
    When you are drowsy, you feel so sleepy that you can't stay awake.
  10. burden
    A burden is a heavy load that is difficult to carry.
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