Bridy lesson 15

  1. issue
    An issue is an edition of a newspaper or magazine.
  2. advice
    If you give someone advice, you tell what you think the person should do.
  3. consult
    When you consult someone, you ask him or her for information.
  4. recommend
    When you recommend something, you tell someone that you think it is good.
  5. sensible
    Someone who is sensible makes good decisions and judgments.
  6. devise
    To devise is to figure out a way to do something.
  7. luscious
    Something that is luscious appeals to your senses, such as your sense of taste.
  8. shudder
    If you shudder, you are trembling from fear or from being cold.
  9. expertise
    If someone has expertise, he or she knows a lot about a particular topic or skill.
  10. correspondence
    If you send someone correspondence, you are communicating in writing.
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