Bridy lesson 13

  1. columns
    A column is a tall, circle structure that holds up part of a building.
  2. absorb
    Something absorbs a liquid if it soaks up the liquid.
  3. protects
    When you protect something, you keep it safe.
  4. rustling
    When objects are rustling, they are moving and making soft sounds.
  5. dissolve
    When something dissolves, it mixes completely with a liquid.
  6. particles
    Tiny pieces of something are called particles.
  7. tugged
    If you tugged something, you pulled it hard.
  8. paused
    If you paused, you stopped what you were doing for just a moment.
  9. scavenger
    An animal is a scavenger if it collects leftover and unwanted objects.
  10. self-sufficient
    If something is self-sufficient, it makes everything it needs.
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Bridy lesson 13
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