Bridy lesson 11

  1. swooned
    If you had a terrible shock or surprise that made you faint or fall, you might have swooned.
  2. astonished
    When you are amazed and surprised by something, you are astonished.
  3. envious
    If you feel envious, you want something that someone else has.
  4. rivalry
    People who have rivalry are competing against one another for something.
  5. encouraging
    An encouraging word from a friend makes you feel that you can do something well.
  6. brief
    If something is brief, it does not take much time.
  7. chuckling
    If you are chuckling, you are laughing quietly to yourself.
  8. soothing
    Something that is soothing makes you feel calm.
  9. sobbed
    Someone who sobbed cried very hard.
  10. praised
    If you praised someone, you told that person that he or she did something well.
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Bridy lesson 11
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