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  1. “Lost confidence in their past, faith in their present and hope in their future”
    H. Dela Costa
  2. “But it will never come ! The peaceful struggle must remain a dream, for Spain will never learn from her earlier colonies in South America. Spain can still win the Philippines for herself forever, if only Spain were more reasonable !”
    Rizal to Bluementritt
  3. it is evident that he believed in the inevitability of Philippine separation from Spain
  4. The reason why nationalist historians are unable to see this is because of their “failure to distinguish between what Rizal (and other Filipinos who shared his ideas) were able to say PUBLICLY and what they felt PRIVATELY”.
  5. "the demands of the ilustrado reformists were necessarily delimited by their class position," and Rizal was a reformist to the end
    Renato Constantino
  6. "Rizal never advocated independence nor did he advocate armed resistance to the government. He urged reform from within, by publicity, by public education and appeal to the public conscience."
    W. Cameron Forbes
  7. Rizal was not an enemy of the state
    Wenceslao E. Retana
  8. Noli Me Tangere as Catalyst of Revolution
    John Schumacher SJ
  9. What were some failures over the interpretation of Rizal?
    (1) failure to distinguish bet. what ______ were able to say ______ and what they felt privately(2) failure to read Rizal's Noli and his writings within context ______________ he was publishing(3) failure to see the Noli as a ________________: Sucesos til______
    (1) failure to distinguish bet. what Rizal and other Filipinos were able to say publicly and what they felt privately

    (2) failure to read Rizal's Noli and his writings within context of his personal correspondence at the time h was publishing

    (3) failure to see the Noli as a well-thought-out long-range plan
  10. Morga
  11. What was found in the Noli?
    • 1. Filipinos must bring reforms to themselves
    • 2. bring confidence to themselves, experience worth
    • 3. they should be aware of what is wrong with the Philippine society
  12. In the Noli, what was his situation toward:

    • B) Filipinos: realize their failures and advocate change
    • Spain: separation from Spain through peaceful means
    • Philippines: not ready
  13. Filipinos as bad as the friars
    Vicente Barrantes
  14. In the Noli, what was meant by nationalism?
    • - Noli did not glorify the race
    • - sketch of the present state of the country
  15. Morga was a___________________ and __________________
    book that showed the scholarly analysis of the Philippines at the Spanish contact

    last moments of our ancient nationality
  16. Simoun was to
    rouse up Filipinos to a revolutionary cosnciousness, but he ended up dying
  17. Finally, what is the message of Rizal?
    • - endure oppression and work-- active resistance to evil
    • - we must win it by deserving it, exalting reason and dignity of the person, loving what is just, what is great, even to the point of dying for it
  18. Cause:
    Result: earn freedom
    ready to fight for our rights and less tolerant of tyranny and suffer for our rights
  19. Rizal did not advocate armed revolution, but
    bring ready to shed one's own blood for the people that one will have the courage to resist any attack on human dignity
  20. Apart from an armed resistance, a revolution could mean...
    willingness to risk shedding one's own blood for the sake of the people
  21. sought freedom through practical methods, kept up with reforming inĀ  europe
    Mercelo H. del Pilar
  22. Gist of Rizal's books:
    • - loving what is good, what is great and even to the point of dying for it
    • - defend one another against all violence and injustice
    • - national unity must be undertaken by the Filipinos themselves
    • - Filipinos should act as free men and women, and demand that their dignity as such be recognized by others
  23. Why did Rizal not join the revolution?
    • - premature
    • - success is impossible for the time
    • - question of opportunity and not of principles and objectives
  24. How was Rizal revolutionary?
    goal creat a nation of Filipinos conscious of their human and national dignity and ready to sacrifice themselves to defend it
  25. Imagination In History
    Teodoro Agoncillo
  26. imagination is an important and necessary in the writing of fiction, drama and poerty
    Teodoro Agoncillo
  27. Acc. to TA, history is ________
    a recreation of the past
  28. an aspect of historical imagination, bears upon the facts in such a way that the latter becomes a tool, not the matter, of the historian
  29. a historian's imagination is fettered by facts
    there is an artistic aspect to it with much feeling, nay and PASSION

    a historian employs historical IMAGINATION to the fullest extent allowed by his sources
    true, TA
  30. History can approximated the past only if the historian is endowed by a lively imagination which recaptured the action of the past
  31. What conditions facts according to TA?
  32. insertion of statements those made by a historian's authorities or sources
  33. historical imagination: recreating the past from facts and evidences
    uses literal imagination
  34. What makes interpolation successful?
    prior knowledge of the setting

    knowledge of subsequent events and time
  35. History is not of those studies antiquity called umbratiles, for which a calm mind and industrious habits suffice. It touches the deepest problems of the human life; it requires the whole man with all his passions. Soul is as necessary to it as a poem or work of art, and the individuality of the writer should be reflected upon.
    Ernest Renan
  36. ...imagination pursuing the fact and fastening upon it

    Let science and research of the historian find the fact, and let imagination and art make clear its significance
    George Macaulay Trevelyan
  37. What are the two requirements to make interpolation?
    • 1. must have high level of probability
    • 2. must not affect the final outcome scenario that can happen in real life
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