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  1. alliteration
    repition of consanant sounds @ the begging of words
  2. assonance
    • repition of vowel sounds with different conontal sounds folowing
    • The beam of liht reveals the scene
  3. Consonance
    • repition of specific consonant sounds after differet vowel sounds
    • The least of us has passed the test
  4. Onamatopeia
    • Words that sound like there meanings.
    • BUzz
    • Zap
    • Ding
    • Ring
    • Zoik
  5. True ryme
    Words whose last syllables sound the same
  6. Assonant Ryme
    • Only where the vowhels ryme
    • beam reveals scene
  7. Consoant Ryme
    • ONly the consonants ryme
    • least
    • past
    • test
  8. Internal Ryme
    • Rhyme within a lineĀ 
    • when you're on the beach and hard to reach, only waves call your name.
  9. Sight Rhyme
    • Words that look similar but DO NOT RHYME
    • dough/tough
  10. Rhyme Scheme
    The arrangment of rhymes in a unit of the verse, noted by letters begging "a" and changing with every new rhyme
  11. Rhythm
    The sense of moement resulting from stressed and unstressed sylabbled
  12. allusion
    a referense to a supposeddly familiar place, person or thing
  13. apostrophe
    an address to a person who is not present
  14. connotation
    the emotional meaning of a word or its culturally conditioned meaning
  15. Denotation
    The dictionary definition of a word
  16. Euphemism
    An underatatement that lessens the words' effect
  17. Hyperactivebole
    Deliberatte exageration used for emphasis
  18. Metaphor
    A comparison in which two unlike objects are compared
  19. Metonomy
    THe substition of a name or idea for another to which it is related, as a cause for its effect or writers for their work
  20. Oxymoron(s)
    Two apparently contradictory terms that express a suprising paradox
  21. Parodox
    two apparantly contradictoary terms that express a suprising paradox
  22. Parody
    The purposeful satirical imitation of another poem
  23. Personification
    The assignment of human characteristics to an objects animal or idea
  24. refrain
    the repition of a lone or lines at intervals, often at the end of a stanza
  25. simile
    a comparison of two unlike objects or concepts, using like or as
  26. synaesthesia
    a blending of images grasped by the senses ex the air was crisp as saltines and just as dry
  27. syenecdoche
    the use of a part to represent a whole object or idea
  28. figurative language
    • language that can not be taken
    • literally
  29. imagrey
    words or phrases that appeal to the senses
  30. mood
    the main atmosphere or tone of a literary work
  31. tone
    the attitude of the poet towards his audience
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