Science (vocabulary)!!

  1. What does Matter mean?
    anything that has a mass and needs space.
  2. What does WHMIS stand for ?
    • (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information)
    • is another system of easy-to-see warning symbols on hazardous materials.
  3. What does Melting mean ?
    A change from a solid to a liquid .
  4. What does Evaporation mean?
    A change from a liquid to a gas.
  5. What does Condensation mean?
    A change from a gas to a liquid.
  6. What does Frezzing mean?
    A change from liquid to a solid.
  7. What does Sublimation mean? 
    A change from a solid to gas.
  8. What does Desposition mean ?
    change from gas to a solid.
  9. What does State mean?
    Matter exists as a solid,liquid,gas.
  10. What does Properties mean?
    Characteristics that can be used to describe a substance.
  11. What does Physical Properties mean?
    • can be used to identify matter..
    • (EX. color & shininess)
  12. What does Physical Change mean?
    change in appearance and state but not composition.
  13. What does Chemical Property mean?
    • describes how a substance interacts with other substances.
    • (EX.acids) 
  14. What does Chemical Change mean?
    formation of a different substance or substances.
  15. What does Pure Substances mean?
    made of only one kind of matter and has a unique set of properties that set it apart from any other kind of matter.
  16. What does Element mean?
    material that cannot be broken down into any simpler substance.
  17. What does Compound mean ?
    when 2 or more elements combine chemically.
  18. What does Periodic Table mean ?
    table which the elements are organized by their physical and chemical properties.
  19. What does Mixture mean?
    combination of pure substances.
  20. What does Mechanical Mixture mean?
    different substances that make-up the mixture are visible.
  21. What does Suspension mean ?
    A cloudy mixture in which tiny particles of one substance are together.
  22. What does Colloid mean ?
    A cloudy mixture ,the particles of a suspended substance are smaller that they ant be separated from the other substances. 
  23. What does an Atom mean ?
    the smallest part of an element that is representative of that element.
  24. What does Electrons mean?
    invisible negatively charged particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom.
  25. What does a Nucleus mean?
    positively charged center of an atom
  26. What does a Electron Shells ?
    orbit of electrons around the nucleus of an atom.
  27. What does a Proton mean ?
    positive charged particle in nucleus of an tom.
  28. What does Neutrons mean ?
    neutral particle in the nucleus of an atom
  29. What does Atomic Mass mean?
    the mass of 1 atom of an element.
  30. What does Period mean ?
    horizontal row on periodic table.
  31. What does Group mean ?
    Vertical column on the periodic table.
  32. What does Family mean ?
    vertical column on the periodic table.
  33. What does Atomic number mean?
    to the left above the elements symbol. 
  34. What does Atomic mass unit mean ?
    measure of atomic mass.
  35. What does Mass number mean ?
    the sum of the number of protons and neutrons in an atom.
  36. What does a Metal mean ?
    shiny,malleable and ductile(also conducts energy).
  37. What does Non-Metals mean ?
    can be a solid or a gas.
  38. What does Metalloid mean?
    have both metallic and non-metallic properties.
  39. What does Alkali metals mean?
    most reactive of metals.
  40. What does Alkaline-earth mean ?
    react not as strong as Alkali-metals.
  41. What does Halogen mean?
    most reactive of non-metals.
  42. What does Noble Gases mean?
    most stable and unreactive elements.
  43. What does Chemical Formula mean ?
    combination of symbols that represent a compound.
  44. What does an Ionic compound mean ?
    pure substances formed as of the attraction because particles of opposite charges called ions.
  45. What does Polyatomic mean ?
    group of polyatomics acting as one.
  46. What does Molecule mean?
    group of atoms joined by covallent bonds.
  47. What does Molecular Compound mean ?
    pure substance formed when non-metals combine.
  48. What does Chemical reaction mean?
    a reaction that takes place when one or more substances to form a new one.
  49. What does a Reactants mean?
    materials at the start of a reaction.
  50. What does Products mean ?
    new materials produced by the reaction.
  51. What does Exothermic reaction mean?
    chemical reaction that releases heat energy.
  52. What does Endothermic reaction mean?
    chemical reaction that absorbs heat energy.
  53. What does Combustion mean?
    a chemical reaction that occurs when oxygen reacts with a substance to form a new substance and give off energy .
  54. What does Corrosive mean?
    slow chemical change that occurs when oxygen in the air reacts with a metal.
  55. What does Cellular Respiration mean?
    chemical reaction that takes place in the cells in your body.
  56. What does Conservation of Mass mean?
    states that the matter is not created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.
  57. What does a Catalysts mean?
    help a substance proceed faster.
  58. What does Enzyme mean?
    catalysts involved in chemical reactions inm living things.
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