Ch. 5 Vocabulary

  1. Acquit
    To find not guilty or free from a charge
  2. Belligerent
    (adjective) 1. ready to fight;angry; 2. at war
  3. Censor
    • (noun) a person who examinesmaterials to remove parts that do notmeet a
    • set of standards;
    • (verb) to examine for the purpose ofremoving material
    • that does not meet aset of standards
  4. Defiance
    (noun) a resistance to authority or an opposing force
  5. Diligence
    (noun) 1. careful attention to one’sjob; 2. persistence
  6. Dispatch
    • (verb) to send off;
    • (noun) 1. act of sending off; 2. speed;3. a quickly sent message
  7. Embankment
    (noun) a mound of earthused to prevent flooding or to support aroadway
  8. Facet
    (noun) 1. the small, flat surface on a tooth, stone, or gem; 2. a part or phase
  9. Flourish
    (verb) to grow well or thrive
  10. Grudge
    • (verb) to hesitate to give or admitsomething;
    • (noun) a strong feeling of ill will orresentment
  11. Ilk
    (noun) type or kind
  12. Itemize
    (verb) to list one by one
  13. Mediocre
    (adjective) 1. not good or bad;2. commonplace
  14. Notable
    • (adjective) 1. worthy of notice orremarkable; 2. prominent;
    • (noun) a person who is worthy of notice
  15. Pivot
    (noun) a rod or shaft around whichsome other part rotates or swings;(verb) to rotate or swing
  16. Rascal
    (noun) a mischievous person or animal
  17. Sage
    (adjective) wise or showing keen judgment;(noun) 1. a wise person; 2. an herb used for cooking
  18. Sprightly
    (adjective) lively, active, or animated
  19. Taut
    (adjective) 1. pulled or drawn tight;2. emotionally or mentally strained or tense
  20. Vacuum
    • (noun) 1. a completely empty space;2. an absence or emptiness; 3. a machine for cleaning by use of suction;
    • (adjective) containing air or other gas atreduced pressure
  21. Chide
    (verb) to voice disapproval in a mild way
  22. Contentious
    (adjective) quick to argue or quarrel
  23. Filibuster
    (verb) to attempt to keep a billfrom passing in a legislature by the use ofexcessive speeches
  24. Hypothetical
    (adjective) based on an unprovedidea
  25. Invincible
    (adjective) incapable of beingovercome or beaten
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