A&P Final Review: Digestive System

  1. The ___ is a "J" shaped organ that serves as a temporary storage structure for food (D)

    F. Stomach
  2. 80-90% of digestion and nutrients absorption occurs in ____

    F) E. Small Intestine
  3. The ____ contains the involuntary "internal" sphincter and the voluntary "external" sphincter.

    E. Anus
  4. The ___ is a common passageway for food, liquid and air.

    . Anus
    D. Pharynx
  5. The process of mastication occurs in the (A)

    F. Oral Cavity
  6. The ___ begins at the ileocecal sphincter and ends at the anus

    B. Large Intestines
  7. The ___ is a muscular tube that runs through the mediastinum

    A. Esophagus
  8. True or False
    Haustra are pouches occurring within the large intestines
  9. True or False
    Pancreatic lipase aid in fat digestions
  10. True or False
    The pancreas produces bile
  11. True or False
    Parietal cells produce hydrogen acid and intrinsic factor
  12. True or False
    Food mixed with gastric juices produces chyme
  13. True or False
    The appendix serves important immune functions
  14. True or False The hardest substance in the body is tooth enamel
    • True
    • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body
  15. True or False
    A lump of partially digested food is called bolus
    • True
    • Bolus is a lump of partially digested food
  16. True or False
    The serous membrane around the abdomen is the pleura
  17. True or False
    Gustatory organs are also known as taste buds
  18. The appendix is located

    B. Along the transverse colon
  19. The first portion of the small intestine receiving chyme from the stomach is the

    D. Duodenum
  20. The Gallbladder

    B. Stores bile before it is delivered to the duodenum
  21. Peristalsis

    B. Are waves of contraction that push materials along the length of tract
  22. Function of the digestive system include

    D. All of the above
  23. The tunic that contains blood vessels, nerve fibers and small glands is

    C. Submucosa
  24. The finger like projections inside small intestines that absorb nutrients

    B. Villi
  25. The Main digestive function of the liver is

    A. Bile production
  26. also called the throat, received the food bolus from the mouth and transport it and liquids to the esophagus during swallowing
  27. it's located behind the trachea, a muscular tube extending from the pharynx to the stomach
  28. The final route that undigested and unabsorbed food takes before it is eliminated is the
    Large Intestine
  29. The small sacklike structure located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen is called
  30. It's the most important digestive gland, produces enzymes that breakdown digestive food

    Neutralizes ACL 
  31. What is the Gastrointestinal Tract
    Long tube that starts at the mouth, extends through the body and ends at the anus
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A&P Final Review: Digestive System
A&P Final Review: Digestive System