A&P Final Review: Nervous System

  1. Smells or taste depends on ___, which responds to chemicals

    E. Chemorecepotors
  2. Lips and fingertips contain ____ which responds to pain.

    C. Nocioceptors
  3. Chilled or heated rooms would be detected by ____ in the skin.

    A. Thermoreceptors
  4. Specialized receptors called ____ occur in skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to provide information about body position, movement and balance.

    D. Proprioceptors
  5. Vision depends on ____

    D. Photorecepters
  6. ___ responds to physical forces, such as pressure and movement

    C. Mechanoreceptors
  7. The plexus that supplies nerves to the upper extremity is the

    D. Brachial plexus
  8. The total number of spinal nerves is

    C. 31
  9. This nerve is responsible for movement of the tongue

    B. Hypoglossal
  10. The Largest portion of the brain is

    B. Cerebrum
  11. The Pineal body secrets

    D. Melatonin
  12. Broca’s area of the brain controls

    D. Speech
  13. Cerebrospinal fluid flows through

    A. Subarachnoid space
  14. The outermost layers of meninges is also known as the “tough mother”

    C. Dura Mater
  15. This structure is known as the “horses tail”

    D. Cauda Equina
  16. This nerve sends messages to the brain

    B. Both A & C
  17. The division nervous system responsible for “fight or flight”

    B. Sympathetic
  18. Neurotransmitters are stored in vesicles

    C. at the end of axons
  19. The nervous system

    D. All of the above
  20. True or False
    Myelin Sheaths around axons to allow quick nerve impulses
  21. True or False
    Damaged nerve cells in the brain can be repaired
  22. True or False
    The space between axon and muscle is a synaptic cleft
  23. True or False
    Histamine is a neurotransmitter that stimulates muscle
  24. Folds in the cerebrum are called gyri
  25. Color vision is a function of rod cells
  26. The shell shaped structure in the ear responsible for balance is called the cochlea
  27. True of False
    Epinephrine is released during the “fight or flight” process
  28. True of False
    The somatic nervous system acts on cardiac muscles
  29. True of False
    Increased heart rate and blood pressure is parasympathetic
  30. True or False
    The parasympathetic system produces less generalized effects
  31. True of False
    Muscle spindles stop muscle from contracting too rapidly
  32. True of False
    The optic nerve (CN II) is a sensory nerve
  33. True or False
    The sleep-wake cycle is also called the Circadian Rhythm
  34. True or False
    The hypothalamus is the “relay station” for sensory information
  35. True of False
    The right side of the body controls the left side of the body
  36. True or False
    The central nervous system consist of brain and spinal cord
  37. The divisions of the Nervous Systems are
    • CNS
    • PNS
  38. Involuntary, predictable response to a stimulus are called _____.
  39. These are sensitive to light and located in retina of the eye?
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A&P Final Review: Nervous System
A&P Final Review: Nervous System