Mesocricetus sp.

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  1. What are Mesocricetus?
  2. Where are hamsters originally from?
    europe to asia
  3. Which hamster is the most common?
  4. What will hamsters do if the temperature drops?
    will hibernate
  5. Are hamsters nocturnal?
  6. How do hamsters mark their territory?
    rub on things - sebaceous glands on the side of their body
  7. How much do hamster weigh?
    90 - 175 grams
  8. Do hamsters defecate/urinate in set areas or all over their cage?
    in set areas
  9. Describe a hamster urine.
  10. Are hamsters easy to sex?
  11. How do we tell the sex of hamsters?
    the anogenital distance
  12. How long can we house hamsters together?  What happens if we house them past a certain age?
    • can house together if they are <4 weeks old
    • >4 weeks old they will fight and try to kill each other
  13. Do hamsters often bite when handled?
    yes, never surprise them
  14. Can we scruff a hamster?
  15. How long is a hamsters estrous cycle?
    4 days
  16. What do we see when a hamster is going into estrus?
    mucoid discharge - don't confuse with puss
  17. What do we see when a hamster is ovulating?
    copious, opaque discharge
  18. When do hamsters reach puberty?
    4 - 6 weeks
  19. When do we start breeding hamsters?
    once they are older than 10 weeks
  20. How do we breed hamsters?
    • bring female to male
    • separate if they start to fight or after 30 minutes
  21. How long is gestation in hamsters?
    16 days
  22. How many hamsters are in a litter?
    5 - 10 in a litter
  23. Is infanticide common in hamsters?
  24. How long should we leave the hamsters alone once they are born?
    10 days - 2 weeks
  25. When are hamsters weaned?
    3 weeks
  26. Are hamsters hardy animals?
  27. Is trauma a common problem in hamsters?
    yes, they get thrown when they bite or they get hurt when they escape from their cages
  28. Antibiotic toxicity is common.  What antibiotics should we stay away from to avoid this problem?
    • avoid procaine products (like penicillin) - can affect the heart
    • avoid gram positive antibiotics
  29. What are some common diseases of hamsters?
    • wet tail
    • demodicosis
    • pinworms
    • may carry lymphocytic choriomeningitis
    • abscesses
    • bite wounds
    • tooth problems
    • bacterial infections
  30. What is wet tail?
    • ileitis
    • causes bad diarrhea
    • most common disease
  31. What kind of demodicosis is common in hamsters?
  32. Where can we collect blood in a hamster?
    • cardiac puncture
    • orbital sinus
    • lateral tail vein
    • cephalic vein
    • saphenous vein
  33. What are the most common places to collect blood in a hamster?
    • cephalic vein
    • saphenous vein
  34. How do we prep a hamster for surgery?
    • anesthetize
    • empty cheek pouches
    • clip fur
    • scrub skin
    • keep warm
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