Practice Test

  1. radipaque agents appear _____ on a film.
  2. Linear curves show:
    response that is directly related. 
  3. When interviewing a patient, What is it that the health care proffesional can observe?
    objective signs
  4. The effective energy of an x-ray beam in increased by increasing the:
    • KvP and added filtration
    • -added filtration keeps the low energy photons away.
  5. Drugs that may be used to prolong blood clotting time are:
  6. Among the following components which are part of the gantry of a CT imaging system?
    x-ray tube and detector array
  7. Which of the following are included in whole-body dose equivalents?
    Gonads, lens
  8. What does an AP obl projection of the elbow demonstrate?
    • radial head free of superimpositon
    • cepitulum of the humerus
  9. Which of the following x-ray circuit devices operates on the principle of mutual induction?
    high voltage transformer, filament transformer
  10. mutual induction:
    2 coils are in close proximity and a current is supplied to one of the coils. 
  11. Example of self induction:
  12. another name for hirschsprung's disease is:
    congenital megacolon
  13. Advantages of high frequency generators over earlier types of generater includes:
    • -smaller size
    • -constant potential
    • -lower patient dose
  14. A radiograph exposed using a 12:1 ratio grid may exhibit loss of density at its lat edges b/c the:
    • SID was to great
    • --this causes grid cut-off
  15. If the CR was off-center there would:
    uniform loss of density
  16. In amorphous selenium flat-panel detectors, the term amorphous refers to a:
    • crystalline material lacking typical crystalline structure
    • these are used in DR
  17. The SC joints will be best demonstrated in which of the following positions?
    anterior obliques
  18. The output phosphor can be couples w/ the vidicon TV camera or CCD via:
    fiber optics, an image distributor or lens
  19. The control dosimeter that accompanies each shipment of personel radiation should be:
    stored away from all other radiation sources.
  20. Conitinous rotation of the CT x-ray tube and detector array, w/ simultaneous movement of the CT couch, has been accomplished through the implementation of:
    slip rings
  21. Late effects of radiation are considered to:
    have no threshold, be directly related to dose.
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