1. Back
    Water, coke, etc. serve w/ a drink/ beer.
  2. Beer with
    Beer with a glass
  3. Comfortable
    Add Southern Comfort
  4. Dark, after
    Add Blackberry Brandy
  5. Dark, in the
    Add 1/2 oz. of Bacardi/ Myers/ Kahlua
  6. Desert Dry Martini
    Wave Vermouth bottle over mixing cup
  7. Diaper, beer with a
    Beer w/ a napkin
  8. Doggie Style
    Salt the rim of the glass
  9. Double
    Twice the amount of liquor, same size glass
  10. Dusted
    Dry, as in a Martini
  11. Frappe
    Liquor over shaved ice, stemmed glass
  12. Joan Collins
    Tom Collins without cherry
  13. Mexican style
    Add tequila
  14. Mist
    Liquor over crushed ice, stemmed glass
  15. Naked Rita
    No salt
  16. Neat
    Room temperature with no ice
  17. NFL
    No Fucking Lime
  18. Pierced
    Add Vodka
  19. Pillow, with a
    Add cream
  20. Pressed 
    Add soda
  21. Quickie
    Same amount of alcohol in a smaller glass
  22. Rocks, on the
    Over ice cubes, in a rocks glass
  23. Roll
    Build in glass, pour into cup, pour back into glass
  24. Screaming
    Add Vodka
  25. Screw
    Add Orange Juice
  26. Show Me Martini
    Wave Vermouth bottle over mixing cup
  27. Straight Up
    No ice
  28. Suspended Animation
    Add 151 Rum
  29. Tall
    Same amount of alcohol in a Collins glass
  30. Topless
    No salt on the rim
  31. Topless Maggie
    No salt
  32. Transfer
    Build in mixing cup, pour into glass
  33. Uncomfortable
    Splash 7-up
  34. Up
    Stemmed glass, shake and strain
  35. Up Against the Wall
    Add Galliano
  36. Virgin
    No alcohol
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