Genetic Basics

  1. Gene
    Basic unitof inheritance within a chromosome and are composed of DNA.
  2. Allele
    1 of 2 or more differnt genes that occupy a specific locus on a chromosome.
  3. homozygous
    Possesing a pair of identical alleles at a given locus.
  4. Heterozygous
    Possesiing different alleles at a given locus.
  5. Hemizygous
    Possessing a gene on the X chromosome of a male where there is no equivelant on the Y chromosome.
  6. Mitosis
    Type of cell division in which each daughter cell is identical to the parent.
  7. Meiosis
    Is the type of cell division unique to germ cells resulting in gametes with one copy of each chromosome.
  8. Law of Independent Assortmant
    The inheritance of 1 gene does not affect the inheritance of another.
  9. Linkage
    The physical association between 2 genes located on the same chromosome.

    2 segs change places - shuffles genetic material
  10. Cont. of the Linkage description:

    Genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair.
  11. Cont. of the Linkage Description:

    Trans Position
    • Gene on the opposite chromosome of a homologous par
    • ie.
    • M & s are in trans position but M & S are on Cis position
    • M-------S
    • N-------s
  12. Genotype
    Is the actual genetic make up.
  13. Phenotype
    Is the observed trait
  14. Give an example of a phenotype and genotype using K & k and how would you know?
    • Unknown RBC + Anti-K = positive reaction
    • Unknown RBC + Anti-k = positive reaction

    • Phenotype would be: K+k+ (single dose of EACH antigent)
    • Genotype would be:Kk (heterozygous
  15. Locus
    The site of a gene on a chromosome.
  16. Chromosome
    The structures within a nucleus that contain a linear thread of DNA, which transmits genetic info. Gene are arranged along a strand of DNA and constitute a portion of the DNA.
  17. Recessive Traits...
    1st generation is skipped.  
  18. Autosomal Trait
     males and females are equally affected
  19. Dominant Trait...
    1st generations will NOT be skipped
  20. Most blood groups are what?
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