CRJ 200

  1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome onboard your Delta connection flight to Minneapolis.
    I am Katheryn, your flight attendant today.
    Captain MURPHY DOG is in command of our flight today, assisted by First Officer WALKER
  2. Located in the seat back pocket in front of you is a passenger safety card describing the safety features of the Canadair Regional Jet.
    • Please follow along as I cover some very important information.
    • *****
  3. There are four clearly marked exits on board:   
    • 2 forward doors and 2 overwing exits.
    • Please locate the exits nearest you.
    • In some cases, they may be behind you.
  4. *****
    In the event of a power loss, follow the floor illumination system to the exits.
  5. The cabin is pressurized for your comfort and safety.
    In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically fall from the panel above your head.
  6. Pull the mask firmly towards you to start the flow of oxygen.
    Place it over your nose and mouth and secure with the elastic strap.
    • Although the bag will not inflate, oxygen is flowing.
    • Please secure your mask before assisting others.
  7. Your seat belts should be worn low and tight.
    To fasten your seat belt, insert the flat metal fitting into the buckle until it clicks.
    • To tighten, pull on the loose end of the strap.
    • To release, lift up on the buckle and pull apart.
  8. Infant life vests are located in a forward overhead bin identified with a placard.
    • To use the infant life vest, tear open the pouch and remove the vest.
    • Place the infant’s arms through the holes of the vest.
  9. Secure the 3 straps by inserting the plastic fitting into the buckle; tighten by pulling on the yellow tabs.
    Remove the yellow tab on the battery to activate the light in the water.
    Once outside the aircraft, inflate both chambers of the infant life vest by pulling on the tabs or by manually blowing into the tubes.
  10. Your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device.
    To use, pull the cushion from the seat, place your arms through the straps, and grab your wrists.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in the cabin and lavatories at all times.
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