1. Ephemeral
    Lasting one day only.
  2. Cachet
    An indication of approval carrying great prestige.
  3. Impresario
    The person who puts on or sponsors an event.
  4. Rankle
    To cause anger, irritation or deep bitterness.
  5. Limpid
    Clear, transparent.
  6. Pejorative
    Having negative connotations, tending to enrage or belittle.
  7. Panoply
    A magnificent or impressive array.
  8. Edify
    To instruct or improve especially in moral or religious matters. Uplift
  9. Protracted
    Prolonged in time or space.
  10. Indefatigable
    Incapable of being fatigued.
  11. Erudite
    Possessing extensive knowledge, acquired chiefly from books.
  12. Dilettante
    A person having a superficial knowledge in an art or branch of knowledge. Dabbler.
  13. Insouciant
    Light hearted or unconcerned.
  14. Soporific
    Something that causes you to tall asleep.
  15. Taciturn
    Tempermentally disinclined to talk. (Pride and Prejudice)
  16. Salacious
    Lustful, provoking lust in others.
  17. Lecherous
    Inordinate attraction to sexual activity.
  18. Immanent
    Indwelling, inherent.
  19. Sisyphean
    Pointless, endless. (task)
  20. Collude
    To act in secret concert with someone to trick a third party.
  21. Malinger
    To pretend or exaggerate illness to avoid work.
  22. Inexorable
    Not to be persuaded, moved or stopped.
  23. Consummate
    To make perfect, or right.
  24. Lugubrious.
    Mournful, dismal, or gloomy
  25. Parsimonious
    Frugal to the point of stinginess.
  26. Inculcate
    To teach or impress by repetition.
  27. Levity
    Excessive or unseemly frivolity.
  28. Didactic
    Designed or intended to teach.
  29. Hegemony
    Preponderate influence or authority over others; domination.
  30. Prosaic
    Everyday, ordinary, dull or unoriginal. Commonplace.
  31. Cynosure
    Center of attraction.
  32. Celerity
    Rapid of motion or action. "Hop to it!"
  33. Vicissitude
    The quality or state of being changeable.
  34. Vitiate
    To make faulty, to debase in moral or ethical standards.
  35. Factitious
    Produced by humans rather than natural sources.
  36. Solipsism
    A theory holding that the self can know nothing but itself.
  37. Compunction
    An anxiety arising
  38. Disinterested
    Free from selfish motive or interest unbiased
  39. Anamycal
    Being adverse, often by reason of hostility. Having the disposition of an enemy.
  40. Licentious
    Lacking sexual restraints. Lacking moral or legal restraint.
  41. Equivocal
    Subject to 2 or more interpretations, usually used to mislead.
  42. Ascetic
    Practicing strict self denial, as a measure of personal and especially spiritual denial.
  43. Magnanimity
    Nobleness and generosity of spirit.
  44. Palliate
    To ease the symptoms without affecting the cure.
  45. Germane
    Closely akin to, relative.
  46. Non-Sequitur
    (It does not follow) Makes no sense.
  47. Saturnine
    Of a gloomy or surly disposition.
  48. Perfunctory
    Characterized by routine or superfidality. Just going through the motions.
  49. Martinet
    A strict disciplinarian. (too much)
  50. Superannuated
    Outmoded or old fashioned, incapacitated due to age.
  51. Peremptory
    Putting and end to, or preluding a right or debate.
  52. Precipitate
    Falling, flowing or rushing with steep decent. Exhibiting violent or unwise speed.
  53. Redress
    Relief from distress, seeking a remedy.
  54. Denizen
    One that frequents a place.
  55. Badinage
    Playful repartee or banter, flirtatious in nature.
  56. Modicum
    Small portion or limited quality.
  57. Protean
    Having a varied nature, ability to assume different forms. Changeable.
  58. Cognoscenti
    People who have expert knowledge in the subject. Those in the know, connoisseur.
  59. Perfidious
    Faithless or disloyal.
  60. Prerogative
    An exclusive right, power or privilege, generally based on caste.
  61. Sartorial
    Related to clothes.
  62. Recrudesce
    To break our or become active again. To flair up.
  63. Inveterate
    Firmly established by consistency.
  64. Extirpate
    To pull up by the root, get rid of.
  65. Abstemious
    Marked by restraint, especially in the consumption of food or alcohol.
  66. Bacchanalian
    Wild rebellion.
  67. Mot Juste
    The exact right word.
  68. Cupidity.
    Inordinant desire for wealth.
  69. Abjure
    To reject solemnly, to obstain from.
  70. Non pareil
    An individual of unequaled excellence.
  71. Insidious
    Waiting for a chance to entrap, harmful but enticing.
  72. Explicate
    To give a detailed explanation of.
  73. Ostensible
    Being such in appearance, plausable, rather then demonstratively true or real. Seeming to be so, but not being so.
  74. Nugatory
    Of little or not consequence.
  75. Fledgling
    An immature or inexperienced person.
  76. Esoteric
    Designed for or understood by the specially initiated.
  77. Jeremaid
    A long lamentation, tale of woe.
  78. Zeitgeist
    The general intellectual, oral and cultural climate of an era.
  79. Raison d'etre
    (Reason to be) Reason for existence.
  80. Proscribe
    Forbidden, prohibited.
  81. Apocryphal
    Of doubtful authenticity.
  82. De Requeur
    Prescribed, required by fashion, custom or etiquette.
  83. Dissafected
    Discontented or resentful, rebellious.
  84. Festoon
    Garland or to decorate with garlands.
  85. Abscond
    To depart secretly and hide oneself.
  86. Hoi Palloi
    Normal, middle class.
  87. Cargot
    A more or less secret vocabulary peculiar to a particular group.
  88. Enfant Terrible
    (Terrible child) A young and successful person who is strikingly unorthadox.
  89. Prolix
    Unduly prolonged or drawn out, using and excess of words.
  90. Corpulent
    Obese, or having a large bulky body.
  91. Oeillade
    A suggestive "come hither" flirtatious look, ogle.
  92. Evanescent
    Tending to vanish like vapor, fleeting.
  93. Dissolute
    Lack of moral restraint. (sex, drugs.)
  94. Implacable
    Not capable of being appeased, significantly changed or mitigated.
  95. Disingenuous
    Giving false appearance of simple frankness.
  96. Impervious
    Not allowing passage or entrance. Incapable of being damaged or harmed.
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