Civics Vocabulary.

  1. Citizen
    Community member who owes loyalty to the government and is entitled to protection from it.
  2. Civics
    The study of the rights and duties of citizens.
  3. Service Economy
    Where the majority of people earn their living by providing a service rather than manufacturing a product.
  4. Citizenship
    Rights and duties of members of a state.
  5. Absentee Ballot
    one that allows a person to vote without going to the polls on Election Day.
  6. Acquittal
    a vote of not guilty.
  7. Affirmative Action
    programs intended to make up for past discrimination by helping minority groups and women gain access to jobs and oppurtunities.
  8. Alien
    a noncitizen.
  9. Ambassador
    an official representative of a country's government.
  10. Amendment
    any change in the Constitution.
  11. Amnesty
    a pardon to a group of people.
  12. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    annual cost of credit expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed.
  13. Anti-Federalists
    those who opposed ratification of the Constitution.
  14. Antitrust Law
    Legislation to prevent new monopolies from forming and police those that already exist.
  15. Aparatheid
    system of laws that seperated racial and ethnic groups and limited the rights of blacks in South Africa.
  16. Apathy
    lack of interest.
  17. Appeals Court
    a court that reviews decisions made in lower district courts.
  18. Appellate Jurisdiction
    the authority of a court to hear a case appealed from a lower court.
  19. Appropriations Bill
    legislation earmarking funds for certain purposes.
  20. Arbitration
    situation in which union and company officials submit the issues they cannot agree on to a third party for a final decision.
  21. Archives
    files of older stories.
  22. Arraignment
    a hearing in which a suspect is charged and pleads guilty or not guilty.
  23. Articles of Partnership
    formal legal papers specifiying the arrangement between partners.
  24. At-Large Election
    an election for an area as a whole; for example, statewide.
  25. Authoritarian
    a government in which one leader or group of people holds absolute power.
  26. Automatic Stabilizer
    program that when needed provides benefits to offset a change in people's incomes.
  27. Bail
    a sum of money used as a security deposit to ensure that an accused person returns for his or her trial.
  28. Bankruptcy
    inability to pay debts.
  29. Balance of Trade
    the difference between the value of a nation's exports and its imports.
  30. Balanced Budget
    annual budget in which expidentures equal revenues.
  31. Ballot
    the list of candidates on whihc you cast your vote.
  32. Bicameral
    a legislature consisting of two parts, or houses.
  33. Bill of Attainder
    a law that punishes a person accused of a crime without a trial or a fair hearing in court.
  34. Board of Directors
    people elected by the shareholders of a corporation to act on their behalf.
  35. Bond
    contract to repay borrowed money with interest at a specific time in the future.
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