Kidd BG

  1. The Kidd system has 3 antigens. What are they and where do they reside?
    • Jka
    • Jkb
    • Jk3

    This locus is on Chromosome 18
  2. What is the prevalence of the rare Jk(a-b-) phenotype and what do they lack?
    Found most frequently in Polynesian and Chinese poplultions.

    They are missing the Jk3 antigen due to a mutation at the JK locus.
  3. and Jkb differ by one single amino at position 280 on the Jk molecule. How can you tell which will be inheritied?
    • Jka will produce Aspartic Acid
    • Jkb will produce Asparagine
  4. What type of antibodies are typically produced Jkand Jkb, their clinical significance.
    They are Clinically Significant - Most fequently cause Delayed HTR.


    Frequently seen with other alloantibodies.
  5. For Jka and Jkb list: Optimal Temp, Reatction Phase and if Enzyme effects.
    Agglutination is at 37oC

    AHG Phase

    Enzymes enhance

    They Do bind Complement!
  6. Why is it important to check the patient hisotroy of those athat are Jk(a-b-)?
    If they have been transfused before previously, the subsequent unit given may produce an anestetic respons where the antibody begins to attach tho those transfused cells. So, if at first they don't have a response, they may produce an Anti - Jk3 which is clinically significant.
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