Lutheran BG System

  1. What chormosome is the LU locus on and what is it linked to?
    • Chromosome 19
    • Linked to the SE locus.
  2. What product is produced from the SE locus?
  3. At position 77, what does Lua show?
  4. At position 77, what does Lub show?
  5. 3here are 3 modes of inheritance for the LU system. Name 1 and a description.
    InLu dominant supperssor gene at another locus suppress expression of the Lu antigen. Does not make Anti-Lu3. Other Lu antignes will be extremely weak
  6. What is another mode of inheritiance for the LU system?
    X-Linked dominant - which also suppreses the gene. Extremely weak Lu antignes and does not make Anti-Lu3.

    similar to the dominant InLu.
  7. What is the final 3rd mode of inheritance for the LU system?
    Recessive - The inheritance of 2 recessive null genes at the LU locus. This DOES produce Anti-Lu3 and NO antigens are pressent.
  8. Of Lua and Lub which is high incidence and which is low.
    • Lua is low incidence
    • Lub is high incidence - Which means the majority of individual will express this antigen on their RBC's.
  9. Lua is what type of antibody?
    Typically it is a naturally occurring antibody.
  10. Lub is what type of antibody?
    Usually is an Alloantibody and is clinically significant!
  11. What is the significance of Anti-Lub?
    This has caused Transfusion reactions and Mild HDN.

    If blood is needed, you would need to contact the reference lab.

    You must provide antigen negative blood!
  12. ForĀ  Lub give:
    Clinical Significance
    Antibody Class
    Optimal Temp
    Raction Phase
    Enzyme affectiveness
    • Lub :clinically significant
    • IgG
    • Can react at all temp ranges.
    • Phase: RT & AHG
    • Enzymes: no change either way
  13. For Lua list:
    Clinical Significance
    Antibody Class
    Optimal Temp
    Reaction Phase
    Enzyme Affectiveness
    • Not clinically significant
    • IgM can be IgG
    • RT
    • RT & AHG
    • No change with Enzymes
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