1. what is the inheritance of haemophilia A? which factor deficiency? which pathway?
    • X linked recessive - so more men
    • factor 8
    • intrinsic pathway
  2. what is haemophilia B otherwise known as?
    • Christmas disease
    • factor 9 deficiency
  3. how do you treat haemophilia a?
    replace F8 with recombinant F8
  4. what are the symptoms of haemophilia?
    • bleed into joints: haemarthrosis
    • bleed into muscles: haematoma which lead to NERVE palsy and COMPARTMENT syndrome due to PRESSURE
  5. how should vaccines be given to haemophiliacs?
    • subcute
    • never im as bleed!
  6. what 2 tests are done for diagnosis of haemophilia? and results?
    • increased APTT
    • reduced factor
  7. if someone has a warfarin allergy, what can they use instead?
    phenindione: MOA vit K antagonist
  8. which rash is assoc. with antiphospholipid syndrome?
    livedo reticularis on legs
  9. what is the treatment for A severe pulmonary embolism affecting a central pulmonary artery ?
    • thrombolysis or even embolectomy
    • emergency!! don't delay for imaging
  10. what type of anaemia would you expect an epileptic on phenytoin to have? and why?
    • megaloblastic anaemia
    • phenytoid impairs folate metabolism: get functional folate deficiency
  11. from a FBC, how would you differentiate an iron deficiency anaemia from thalassaemia?
    in thalassaemia: inc red cell count
  12. what is HbA2?
    made of 2alpha and 2delta globins due to lack of beta globins in b-thalassaemia
  13. which disorders can cause hypersegmented neutrophils?
    • megaloblastic anaemia
    • uraemia
    • liver disease
  14. when do target cells come apparent?
    • iron deficiency
    • haemolysis
    • Hbopathies
    • Liver disese
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