Qrt 2 Basic Neuro CH 3

  1. What is the length of the spinal cord in relation to the spinal segments and in cm?
    • Foramen magnum to L2
    • 42 to 45 cm
  2. During what period of development does the spinal cord fill the entire length of the spinal cord?
    Third Month
  3. What segmental level does the spinal cord end at birth?
    L1 or L2 (occasionally L3)
  4. Where at what levels is the cervical enlargement located and where is it the largest?
    • C3-T2 (spinal nerves)
    • C6-C7 Widest
  5. Where is the lumbar enlargement located?
    L1-S3 (spinal nerves)
  6. What is the end of the spinal cord called?
    Conus medullaris
  7. Where is endosteal dura located?
    "attached" to the the inner cranium extending down to C3
  8. What type of dura lies deep to the endostial dura?
    Neural dura
  9. What two types of meninges are morphologically related and what are they called? 
    Arachnoid and Pia

    Lepto meninges
  10. Describe the filum terminale?
    Extension of the Pia matter to the end of the dural sac. It then passes through the dural sac where the arachnoid and dura wrap around it. It then passes into the coccyx and becomes the coccygeal ligament. It then attaches to the tip of the coccyx
  11. what are the denticulate ligaments made of and what do they connect?
    • Made of collagen 
    • connect pia and subarachnoid matter
  12. Where does the lumbar cistern end?
  13. What artery are the posterior and anterior spinal arteries derived from?
    Vertebral artery
  14. What reinforces the anterior Spinal Artery?
    Intercostal arteries
  15. What reinforces the anterior on posterior arteries?
    Radicular arteries 
  16. What reinforces the anterior spinal artery in the lumbar enlargement area of the spinal cord?
    Major segmental medullary artery
  17. What do the anterior and posterior external vertebral venous plexus communicate with?
    basivertebral vein
  18. What does the posterior external vertebral venous plexus communicate with that the anterior does not?
    occipital veins, vertebral beins, and deep cervical veins
  19. Where do the internal vertebral plexus lie?
    epidural space
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