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  1. The first transmission over the ARPANET was between USC and Stanford (T/F)
  2. The Internet is a collection of interactive documents available on the World Wide Web. (T/F)
  3. The first web browser was built for ARPA and was known as Mosaic (T/F)
  4. Unix is an operating system variant of Linux (T/F)
  5. To send an existing email message to someone who is not part of the original distribution list, use:
  6. When sending an email message to multiple recipients, separate their email addresses with:
    semicolon (;)
  7. Which of the following is NOT an example of a Web 2.0 application?
    USF's website
  8. Which of the following internet protocols is used to transfer the contents of web pages between computers?
  9. For the file C:\Program Files\Firefox\firefox.exe , what is the drive?
  10. Which program is used to terminate "frozen" applications or services?
    Windows Task Manager
  11. Which of the following is the approximate total size of the C: drive on one of the computers in  our classroom
    100 GB
  12. Which of the following describes a font with a thin line at the top or bottom of characters?
  13. Web pages are written in _______
  14. Which of the following forces the insertion point of additional text to the top of the next page?
    hard page break
  15. Which feature will automatically recognize and continue a pattern for us?
  16. To see which cell is currently active, I would either look for the Active cell pointer or look at the reference in the _____________ box.
  17. What is the term for only showing values of a list that meet a criterion?
  18. Querying means to ask questions of a database and receive answers in the form of records, summaries or calculations that meet the query criteria.
  19. 0/1By _____ between tables, MS Access will reject any operation that could remove a field from one table that is needed in another table.
    enforcing referential integrity
  20. The Access view that permits you to change data types (e.g. from Text to Date/Time) is called the ____ view.
  21. If I only want to display sales with amounts that exceed $50, I can achieve this by modifying the ________ in the design view for the associated query.
  22. I have an Excel spreadsheet that includes an inventory of all of USF's computer equipment. What is the most efficient way for me to populate a table in MS Access that contains all of that information?
    Use the Import capability in Access to import the data from the Excel spreadsheet.
  23. All of the information entered for a particular person or about a particular thing is called a:
  24. In MS Access, what are the two views we use to enter data into tables?
    forms, datasheets
  25. What is the name of the field that makes each record in an Access table unique?
    primary key
  26. What is the standard data type for the Primary Key of any given Access table?
  27. Each MS Access document's filename ends with what extension?
  28. What is the name of the table view that permits us to easily see and change the data types associated with each field and to establish drop-down lists that can then be used to select values of data elements in the table?
    design view
  29. What is the name of malicious software (malware) that attacks specific “holes” in programs or the operating system on your computer?
  30. Which of the following is the name for malware that is self replicating (that is, it spreads on its own)?
  31. What am I doing if I create an authentic looking email to convince you to provide financial/account information, then steal that?
  32. What are semantics, in the context of computer programming?
    the meaning of the program instructions
  33. What is the output of the following C# code?int iLength = 5;
    int iWidth = 10;
    int iArea = iLength * iWidth;
    Console.Write("The area is: " + iArea);
    the area is: 50
  34. A method allows the reuse of code and often accepts input argument(s) known as parameters. (t/f)
  35. What is syntax, as it pertains to a computer programming language?
    The rules of "grammar" that define how symbols and words can be combined in a particular programming language.
  36. What data type must the variable "Area" be for the following code to work as written:Area = txtArea.Text; 
  37. What are the two different modes we used in class for writing and executing C# code.
    command line and windows form
  38. Decision or branching structures in computer programming are called _______.
    if statements
  39. Which code stores the User's input from the Console into the variable below:
    string sFirstName; 
    sFirstName = Console.ReadLine();
  40. Which is the backdrop of your computer?
  41. For the file C:\Program Files\Firefox\firefox.exe,
    what is the filename?
  42. When Outlook is open, the far left side of the
    screen is called what
    navigation pane
  43. To view the contents of an email message without
    opening it in Outlook, we use the
    reading pane
    To make sure that all invitees to a meeting are
    available during a proposed time slot, use the ______________ on the
    scheduling assistant icon
  45. By default, the left and right margins are set to:
  46. Which of the following forces the insertion point to
    the top of the next page?
    hard page break
    A(n) ______________ occurs when the first line
    of a paragraph is isolated at the bottom of a page and the rest of the
    paragraph continues on the next page.
  48. Which tab contains Page Setup and Paragraph
    page layout
  49. Which of the following describes the complete set of
  50. Which type of tab stop positions text immediately to
    the right of it?
  51. To see which cell is currently active, I would
    either look for the Active cell pointer or look at the reference in the
    _____________ box.
    __ A formula already programmed into Excel is a:
  53. If cell C3 contains the expression =B3, this is an
    example of _________ referencing. If I then copy the contents of cell C3 into
    cell C4, cell C4 will contain ________.
    relative, =B4
  54. A line that "fits" a set of data is called
    a ____________.
  55. The _________ command lets you specify the order in
    which rows in a table appear.
  56. The first step in designing
    a database is to identify the _______
    purpose and data
  57. ___________are used to gather
    information about data already in the database. 
  58. In Access, what are two methods of entering data into
    direct entry, form
  59. Which of the following
    objects would we create using a Wizard?
  60. What does SQL stand for?
    standard query language
  61. Which of the following is
    not a method for entering data
    design view
  62. What is the name for malware that is downloaded to a
    computer, then sends information about the user to a 3rd party?
  63. What
    corporation’s software is usually the target of a virus?
  64. What am I doing if I send an email that looks like
    it came from someone else?
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