world history final

  1. name the two major mountain ranges of the U.S. Which is the older
    • Appalachians and Rockys
    • Appalcahians are older
  2. name and describe the major climates of the us and where they are dominant
    • miswer-cont.
    • west-med. arid
    • south- humid subtropical
    • mid atlantic-cont
    • new england - maritime cont.
  3. name the five great lakes
    huron erie ontario superior michigan
  4. give a major activity of the people of new england
    fishing, forestry
  5. name the new england states
    maine,new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut
  6. why is farming not a major activity of the new england
    to cold for farming and glaiers scraped of all of the good topsoil
  7. name the southern states
    miss., lousiana, arkansas, texas, oklahoma, virginia,west virginia, N.Carolina, S.Carolina, georgia, florida ,kentucky,tenn.,alabama
  8. what is a major activity of the people of the south
    agriculture, oil
  9. why is farming a major occupation of the south
    good rain, good soil, long growing season
  10. name the midwestern states
    ohio, indiana, illonois, michigan, wisconsin, minesota, iowa, north dakota, south dakota, nebraska,kansas,missouri
  11. what is a major activity of the south
    factories farming
  12. most of the midwest is what type of topography
  13. name the western states
    hawaii, alaska, cali., oregon, washington, idaho, montana,wyoming, utah
  14. give a major activity of people in the western region
    agriculture, tourism, entertainment
  15. what is a rain shadow
    side of the mountain that doesnt get any rain
  16. what causes most of the west to be dry
    because the mountains protect it from the winds coming of the ocean
  17. what is are the coastal areas like climatically
  18. what region of te us has the most earthquake and volcanic activity
    the west
  19. what feature caused the great lakes and caused the soil to be poor in new england
  20. tell what regions were settled by the spanish, french, and english
    west- florida, french- lousiana, english-new england, florida-spanish
  21. what is the french speaking part of Canada
  22. name the canadian capital
  23. what is the capital of mexico
    mexico city
  24. name the five caribbean island nations
    cuba, jamaica, bahamas, haiti, dominican republic
  25. what is the largest nation in south america
  26. the driest place in the world is what desert in peru and chile
  27. the northern parts of south america have what climate
  28. what type of climate does most of western europe have
  29. what are the scandanavian countries
    iceland norway sweden denmark
  30. most of northern and central europe have what type of climate
  31. what is the climate of most of southern europe
  32. what mountains separate europe from russia
  33. what is the only climate not found in Russia
  34. what is a plain
    nearly flat areas of land
  35. plateau
    flat topped tableland that rises above surounding plains
  36. praire
    wet talll grassland on fertile soil
  37. mountains
    anything higher than 1000 feet
  38. what is alluvial soil
    soil depositied by rivers
  39. name a major crop grown in new england
  40. what are two major crops grown in the south
    • soybean
    • corn
  41. list two major crops grown in the midwest
    • corn
    • wheat
  42. what are two major crops produced in the west
    fruits and vegatables
  43. what does the term contiguous states mean
    states that border each other
  44. explain whiy it is cooler the higher elevation you go
    the atmosphere is not as dense so heat escapes easily
  45. where did industrialization begin in the us and why
    new england- abundant water power, skilled workers
  46. where is the rust belt and why is the name applied to that area.
    midwest around the great lakes - industries moved away leaving the factories to rust
  47. what is a megalopolis and where is it found in our nation
    it is when a number of cities run together - it is found from boston to D.C.
  48. what region of the nation is the capital located in
    mid atlantic
  49. name the largest city in our nation and give a reason why it is
    new york - major port and financial center
  50. explain what a barrier island is
    long sandy islands separated from the main land by lagoons. protect us from huricanes and erosion
  51. explain what the continental divide is
    the crest of the rocky mountain, highest point in u.s.
  52. where is chicago located
  53. name some of the leading industries of the south
    textiles, agriculture, tourism
  54. describe arid
  55. most of the nations winter fruits and vegatables come from which states
    california and florida
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