1. abolish (uh-BOL-ish) 
    verb; to do away with or put an end to

    example: This organization is working to abolish homelessness in our community. 
  2. bombard (bom-BAHRD)
    • verb; 1. to attack with heavy gunfire or bombs; 2. to attack forcefully or
    • continuously (as with questions or requests)
    • example 1: The warships threatened to bombard the capital.
    • example 2: Jessica bombarded Daniel with questions about his new girlfrien
  3. commandeer (kom-uhn-DEER)
    • verb; to take possession of by force, especially for military purposes
    • example: Captain Wallace knew the pirates would try to commandeer his ship—and he doubted he could stop them.
  4. helm (helm)
    • noun; a tiller (bar) or wheel used to steer a ship
    • example: James took the helm and guided the ship safely through the crowded harbor.
  5. hold (hohld) 
    • noun; the cargo space inside a boat or an airplane
    • example: The ship’s hold was packed with crates of bananas. 
  6. incredulous (in-KREJ-uh-luhs)
    • adjective; feeling or showing an inability to believe; skeptical
    • example: Sarah and Shelby were incredulous. How could the school dance be canceled? It was all they had talked about for weeks!
  7. treason (TREE-zuhn) 
    • noun; the crime of attempting to overthrow one’s government or harm or
    • kill its leader, or a violation of allegiance toward one’s country or ruler
    • example: Their plot to murder the king was discovered and they were convicted of treason. 
  8. vivacious (vi-VAY-shuhs)
    • adjective; full of life and good spirits; lively
    • example: “Eliza is so vivacious,” said Shannon. “Nothing can dim her spirit.” 
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