Honors Physics Midterm 2

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  1. What is the difference between speed and velocity?
    Speed is a scalar quantity, velocity a vector
  2. What is average velocity?
    Rate of change in an object's displacement
  3. What is the difference between distance and displacement?
    Distance is a scalar quantity, displacement is a vector
  4. What is average acceleration?
    Rate of change in an object's velocity
  5. What forces are acting on an object during freefall?
    Only gravity
  6. What is the acceleration of gravity?
    -9.8 m/s
  7. How do you graph velocity vs. time from a position vs. time graph?
  8. How do you graph position vs. time from a velocity vs. time graph?
  9. How do you graph an acceleration vs. time graph from a velocity vs. time graph?
  10. How do you graph a velocity vs. time graph from a acceleration vs. time graph?
  11. What is required in a free body diagram?
    Object, all forces acting on object, forces, and magnitude of forces
  12. -Fg=
  13. What is net force?
    The overall resultant force on an object
  14. What are the two Newton's Laws of Motion learned?
    • An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion
    • The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on it but inversely proportional to its mass
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