Danish Verbs

  1. to deliver
    at aflevere
  2. to work
    at arbejde
  3. to shave
    at barbere
  4. to begin
    at begynde
  5. to visit
    at besøge
  6. to pay
    at betale
  7. to become
    at blive
  8. to blow
    at blæse
  9. to live
    at bo
  10. to use
    at bruge
  11. to ride a bike
    at cycle
  12. to share
    at dele
  13. to drink
    at drikke
  14. to love
    at elske
  15. to find
    at finde
  16. to move
    at flytte
  17. to explain
    at forklare
  18. to understand
    at forstå
  19. to get
    at få
  20. to choose
    at gide
  21. to give
    at give
  22. to please/delight
    at glæde
  23. to make
    at gøre
  24. to go
    at gå
  25. to have
    at have
  26. to be called
    at hedde
  27. to download
    at hente
  28. to help
    at hjælpe
  29. to hang
    at hænge
  30. to hear
    at høre
  31. to interest
    at interessere
  32. to invite
    at invitere
  33. to know
    at kende
  34. to look
    at kigge
  35. to cope with
    at klare
  36. to come
    at komme
  37. to cost
    at koste
  38. to buy
    at købe
  39. to drive
    at køre
  40. to make noise
    at larme
  41. to make
    at lave
  42. to play
    at lege
  43. to live
    at leve
  44. to lie
    at ligge
  45. to close
    at lukke
  46. to sound
    at lyde
  47. to listen
    at lytte
  48. to learn
    at lære
  49. to read
    at læse
  50. to run
    at løbe
  51. to meet
    at møde
  52. to enjoy
    at nyde
  53. to reach
    at nå
  54. to wish
    at ønske
  55. to practice
    at øve
  56. to fit
    at passe
  57. to plan
    at planlægge
  58. to try
    at prøve
  59. to rain/count
    at regne
  60. to travel/raise
    at rejse
  61. to call
    at ringe
  62. to clean up
    at rydde op
  63. to smoke
    at ryge
  64. to miss
    at savne
  65. to see
    at se
  66. to send
    at sende
  67. to sit
    at sidde
  68. to say
    at sige
  69. to switch/change
    at skifte
  70. to shine
    at skinne
  71. to write
    at skrive
  72. to hurry
    at skynde
  73. to scold
    at skænde
  74. to relax
    at slappe af
  75. to turn off
    at slukke
  76. to taste
    at smage
  77. to talk
    at snakke
  78. to snow
    at sne
  79. to sleep
    at sove
  80. to play
    at spille
  81. to eat
    at spise
  82. to ask
    at spørge
  83. to stop/pause
    at standse
  84. to start
    at starte
  85. to stop
    at stoppe
  86. to vacuum
    at støvsuge
  87. to stand
    at stå
  88. to respond
    at svare
  89. to swim
    at svømme
  90. to appear
    at synes
  91. to sell
    at sælge
  92. to set/put
    at sætte
  93. to search
    at søge
  94. to take
    at tage
  95. to speak
    at tale
  96. to believe/think
    at tro
  97. to train
    at træne
  98. to turn
    at tænde
  99. to think
    at tænke
  100. to perform/carry
    at vare
  101. to wash
    at vaske
  102. to wait
    at vente
  103. to wake up
    at vække
  104. to wake up
    at vågne
  105. to open
    at åbne
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