Matthews geo test

  1. What is the definition of geography
    The study of earths physical and cultural features 
  2. Define culture 
    A learned system of shared beliefs and ways of doing things that guide a persons daily behavior
  3. What is a tsunami
    A large damaging wave, usually caused by an undersea earthquake
  4. What is a region
    The area where fresh water from a river mixes with salt water from a sea or ocean 
  5. What is estuary
    And area of the earths surface with two or more shared characteristics
  6. What is a climate
    The whether conditions in a area over a long period of time
  7. What is landlocked
    Something completely surrounded by land with no direct access to the ocean
  8. What is erosion
    The wearing away of rock or dirt by water, wind or ice
  9. What is latitude
    Imaginary grid lines that Run east to west and measure distance north and south of the equator
  10. What is the constitution 
    A written document that outlines the basic laws and principles that are used to govern a country
  11. What is the prime meridian 
    An imaginary grid line that lies at zero degrees longitude and passes through Greenwich, England 
  12. What is Fauna
    TheThad animal life in a particular region or country
  13. What is flora
    The plant life in a particular region or country
  14. What is relative location
    the approximate geographic location in terms of where it is in relation to another location or land feature
  15. What is absolute location
    The exact geographic location
  16. What is suffrage
    The right to vote
  17. What is an amendment
    An addition to the constitution 
  18. What is an archipelago
    A chain of islands in the sea
  19. What is an atlas 
    A book that contains detailed maps of many places
  20. What is a peninsula
    A piece of land with water that surrounds the islands three sides
  21. What is a fact
    An idea of concept that is known to exist by observing or something that is know to have happen
  22. What is bias
    A preference that inhabits fair judgement
  23. What is a reservoir 
    A man made lake
  24. What's a mayor
    The elected head of government at city level
  25. What is sovereignty
    The legal authority and control of a particular place
  26. What is a monarchy
    A government ruled by a king or queen
  27. What is a jury
    A group of citizens chosen to participate in a trial and decide whether a defendent is innocent or guilty
  28. What is a governor 
    The chief executive at the state level
  29. What is a rain forest
    A warm, wet forest that receives more than 80 inches of rain per year
  30. What is martial law
    Military control of all government functions
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