Biomedical Core

  1. There are three structures that make up the basal nuclei
    caudate nucleus


    globus pallidus
  2. The cerebrum or cerebral cortex is the most
    distinctive part of the brain.
  3. All consciousness resides in the ______ ______. If a sensation is perceived, it's because the information was relayed to the ______ ______.
    cerebral cortex; cerebral cortex
  4. If you want to make a movement, and then you make it, the movement was planned in the
    cerebral cortex and the cells of the cortex sent a signal through the corticospinal tract to the motor neurons of the spinal cord.
  5. Landmarks on the cortex, ____ and _____, can be used to reliably locate different brain regions, each with a different function.
    gyri (bumps)

    sulci (grooves)
  6. Frontal lobe
    in the front
  7. Temporal lobe
    under the temple
  8. Occipital lobe
    sits next to the occipital bone.
  9. Parietal lobe
    lies next to the parietal bone of the skull.
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