Literary Terms #1

  1. Allegory
    story with two or more levels of meaning
  2. Allusion
    reference to a literary work
  3. Anecdote
    breif story to entertain
  4. Antagonist
    character against the main character
  5. Characteriztion
    the way an author reveals characters (direct or indirect)
  6. Climax
    the high point of interest or suspense
  7. Conflict
    the sruggle between opposing forces (internal or external)
  8. Dialect
    language of a particular region or group
  9. Flashback
    information from the past
  10. Foreshadowing
    hint or clue about what is going to happen
  11. Genre
    type of literature
  12. Hyperbole
    deliberate exaggeration to make a point
  13. Imagery
    words or phrases that appeal to the senses
  14. Irony
    • Verbal: means opposite of what is said
    • Dramatic: audience knows something the characters don't
    • Of Situation: what happens is the opposite of what was expected
  15. Metaphor
    direct comparision
  16. Mood
    feeling created in the reader
  17. Personification
    nonhuman subjects given human characteristics
  18. Plot
    sequence of events
  19. Point of Veiw
    author's position in the story
  20. Protagonist
    main character
  21. Satire
    literary work that ridicules
  22. Setting
    time and place of the story
  23. Style
    author's way of writting
  24. Symbol
    stands for something else
  25. Theme
    main idea or central message
  26. Tone
    writters attitude toward the subject
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