GU Test 2

  1. what is nephrotic syndrome
    • it is not a disorder there is a group of signs
    • protein in urine
    • low serum protein
    • high cholesterol
    • edema
  2. causes of nephrotic syndrome
    disorders or conditions that damage the kidney
  3. UA and CMP results for nephrotic syndrome
    • UA
    • large amounts of urine and presence of fats
    • CMPdecreased albumin
    • high cholesterol
  4. What is urinary tract trauma
    injury to structures of the urinary tract
  5. What is a sign of bleeding
    low B/P
  6. what is prostate cancer
    malignant tumor of the prostate gland
  7. what are the signs of prostate cancer
    asymptomatic till advance stage 3-4
  8. what are bladder tumors
    benign papillomas so noncancinomas
  9. tx for benign tumors
    • tissue burning
    • removal
  10. recurrence rate of bladder tumors
  11. what is polycystic kidney disease(PKD)
    genetic disorder that cluster cysts in the kidney
  12. What does Polycystic kidney disease(PKD) cause
    • Hypertension due to renin being released
    • Kidney failure over time
  13. what are renal cysts
    cysts form in the kidney causing less nephrons to work
  14. what are renal tumors
    adenocarcinoma that develop unilaterally
  15. where do the renal cell carcinoma usally come from
    proximal convoluted tubules
  16. early clinical manifestations of renal tumors
    intermittent painless hematuria
  17. late clinical manifestations of renal tumors
    • weight loss
    • dull flank pain
    • palpable mass in flank area
  18. what is a radical nephrectomy
    removal of entire kidney, nearby adrenal gland, nearby lymph nodes and surrounding tissue
  19. what is a nursing consideration for radical nephrectomy
    watch for bleeding
  20. what is important to mention for discharge planning after a radical nephrectomy
    protect the kidney thats left
  21. what is a lames term for hydronephrosis
    water in kidney
  22. what is hydronephrosis
    dilation of the renal pelvis holding in fluid
  23. what is a slow onset clinical manifestation of hydronephrosis
    dull flank pain
  24. what is a sudden onset clinical manifestation of hydronephrosis
    severe stabbing pain
  25. what is pyenephritis
    an inflammation of the structures of kidneys
  26. clinical manifestation for pyenephritis
    high fever, chills, n/v, malaise and fatique
  27. what is the difference of low grade fever and high grade fever
    • high grade fever above 100.4
    • low grade fever below 100.4
  28. what is a UTI
    presence of micro organisms within the urinary tract that may be difficult to distinguish between combination, colonisation or infection
  29. who gets the most amount of UTI's
  30. UTI in the kidney is called
    • Acute Pyelonephritis
    • Chronic Pyelonephritis
  31. UTI in the bladder is called
  32. UTI in the urethra is called
  33. UTI in the prostate is called
  34. UTI in the epididymis/testis is called
  35. clinical manifestations of Urethritis
    • painful urination, burning
    • cloudiness or blood in urine
    • NO FEVER
  36. clinical manifestations of cystitis
    • inflammation of bladder
    • urgent urination and WBC in urine
  37. clinical manifestations of pyelonephritis
    FEVER, lion pain, bacteraemia
  38. what is the most common bacteria to cause UTI's
    Escherichia coli (E. Coli)
  39. why do females have a high incidence of UTI's
    Short urethra
  40. Some ways to diagnose UTI's
    • urine dip
    • UA Culture and sensitivity
  41. What are the principals of management for UTI's
    • Identify the infecting organism et institute appropriate tx
    • identify predisposing factors and treat if possible
  42. what is Prostatitis
    inflammation and infection of the prostate gland
  43. what is urethral stricture
    narrowing of the urethral lumen
  44. clinical manifestations for urethral stricture
    weak urinary stream
  45. what is BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy
    enlargement of the prostate gland from unknown cause
  46. who is BPH most common in
    men older than 55 years old
  47. what is Avodart for
    shrinking the prostate
  48. what is Hytrin for
    decrease contraction and helps alleviate symptoms of enlarge prostate
  49. what is urolithiasis
    formation of urinary calculi (kidney stones)
  50. tx for urolithiasis warn pt about lithotripsy
    • pre med pt before tx
    • warn about 24-48hrs of hematuria
  51. what is a nursing consideration for urolithiasis
    Strain all urine
  52. what is urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  53. what is specific urethritis
  54. how do nurses cause urethritis
    putting in a catheter
  55. antibiotic for specific urethritis
  56. liquid color of specific and non specific urethritis
    • specific milky, or green
    • non specific clear
  57. what is cystitis
    inflammation of the wall of the urinary bladder
  58. what is interstitial cystitis
    chronic inflammation of the wall of the bladder
  59. who has a higher chance of getting interstitial cystitis
    women age 18-30
  60. what is the only med approved by the FDA for interstitial cystitis
  61. what is elmiron
    medication for interstitial cystitis
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