Social Studies 1-24

  1. what country is belong china until 1949?
  2. in 1998 thousands of Chinese people gathered in a 100 acre square 
    tianamen square

    • the protest ended when chinese army attacked the protesters 
  3. china is also the world largest producer of the crop
  4. how did japan over come those disadvantages 
    • it has a skilled work force
    • the country inports the raw materials they need
    • they developed industry 
  5. what is a  world famous form of japanese poetry 
  6. What was maos 5year plan to speed to speed up china ecomomic develoument 
    the greet leap forward
  7. why did mao luanch the cultural revalution
    he was afraid that his followers hunted down and puished people who opposed him or like western ideas
  8. how did japan grow 
    received loans from the U.S.

    encourage free Enterprise 
  9. what was waged by peasants in china it cost 20 million lives and was finally crushed in 1868
    the taping rebellion
  10. who is a peasant who became an important communist leader during the long march 
    mao zedong 
  11. a Chinese leader who founded the communist party he made china a republic in 1911 
    sun y at-sen
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