1. What is the purpose of the gospel?
    It brings salvation to everyone who believes by revealing a righteousness by faith. (Romans 1:16 & 17)

    In Romans 1:16: "is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes."

    Romans 1:17: "reveals a righteousness by faith."
  2. The gospel reveals the answer to what question?
    How did God save mankind?
  3. Why did mankind need saving?
    When Adam disobeyed God, man inherited the "dual problem" of sin. 

    • Romans 5:18 & 19-Inheritance of sin through Adam
    • Romans 1:1 to 5:11 - Sins committed
    • Romans 5:12 to 8:39 - Sin principle (cycle of sinning and being forgiven. John 8:34 we become slaves to sin)
  4. What are the consequences of man's dual problem of sin?
    • Changed standing before God. (unrighteous)
    • Guilty conscience.
    • Accuser who demands my death.
  5. How many have sinned?
    • Romans 3:23 & 24 All have sinned.
    • Romans 3:9-12 No one is righteous.
  6. Why can't we trust our hearts?
    Jeremiah 17:9 Because our hearts are deceitful.
  7. What is the gospel?
    • I Corinthians 15:1-5
    • That Jesus died, was buried and is resurrected.
  8. What are your assumptions about the gospel?
    • ~Paul's account of the gospel is truth.
    • ~The term "gospel" is used uniformly throughout the Bible.
    • ~Paul's gospel is not preached in Christian churches today.
  9. What is my point of view?
    • ~Christian
    • ~Seventh-Day Adventist Christian who has been socialized to believe in 28 fundamental beliefs.
    • ~Female
    • ~Black
    • ~Someone who frequently feels oppressed
    • ~I'm interested in learning how the gospel relates to healing and comforting the oppressed.
  10. Where are you drawing your evidence to support your assertions about the gospel?
    • ~KJV & NIV Bible
    • ~Later on...research
  11. What major concepts need to be defined in order to understand the gospel?
    • Corporate oneness
    • Solidarity
    • Agape Love
    • In Christ Motif
    • Upside Down Kingdom
    • Works
    • Faith
  12. What are the implications if this gospel is accepted? 
    • Peace and Joy (Romans 5:1)
    • Eternal Life  (John 3:16)
  13. What inferences have you made from your study on the gospel?
    • The gospel is the good news about the plan of salvation.
    • When the gospel is preached in the whole world, then the end will come.
    • All those who obey the gospel will be saved.
    • The foundation of the Gospel is God's unconditional love.
  14. What is the foundation of the gospel?
    God's unconditional love (John 3:16)
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