Vocab 6-11

  1. sectarian
    narrowly confined to a particular group
  2. peregrination
    travel by walking
  3. accoutrement
    an accessory item of dress or equipment
  4. contrive
    to plan cleverly
  5. hubris
    overbearing pride
  6. platitude
    an obvious remark
  7. venerate
    to respect or revere
  8. scullion
    a servant for menial tasks
  9. quotidian
  10. prognosticate
    to predict
  11. antediluvian
    extremely old
  12. stringent
  13. haughty
    condescendingly proud
  14. sanctimonious
    showing false piety or righteousness
  15. imbroglio
    a difficult and embarrassing situation
  16. gibberish
    n. nonsense
  17. inimical
    adj. unfriendly
  18. nexus
    n. a link, tie, or bond
  19. coeval
    adj. of the same time period
  20. dilatory
    adj. tending to delay or procrastinate
  21. convoluted
    adj. complicated
  22. entreat
    v. to earnestly request or petition
  23. anecdote
    n. a short account of an incident
  24. incumbent
    adj. obligatory
  25. churlsih
    adj. boorish or vulgar
  26. promulgate
    v. to announce
  27. staid
    adj. showing dignity and often strait-laced propriety
  28. livid
    adj. extremely angry
  29. lurid
    adj. shocking
  30. cogent
    adj. convincing
  31. Pander
    to exploit weaknesses of others
  32. Otiose
  33. Puerile
  34. Aleatory
    dependent on luck or chance
  35. Asperity
    roughness or harshness
  36. Unimpeachable
  37. Renunciation
  38. Inveigh
    to disapprove angrily
  39. Lionize
    to assign great social importance to
  40. Allay
    to relieve
  41. Vitiate
    to corrupt morally
  42. Recalcitrant
    stubbornly resistant
  43. Exegesis
    an explanation of a text
  44. Ameliorate
    to make better
  45. Profligate
    wasteful and immoral
  46. provocative
    tending to excite or stimulate
  47. bumpkin
    an unsophisticated, awkward person
  48. toady
    a person who flatters for personal gain
  49. culpable
    deserving blame or condemnation
  50. hortatory
  51. penultimate
    next to last
  52. orotund
    full and rich in sound (in speech)
  53. blithe
    carefree and lighthearted
  54. soporific
    tending to induce sleep
  55. pervasive
  56. benign
  57. frenetic
    wildly excited
  58. recrimination
    a counteraccusation
  59. indecorous
    lacking good taste
  60. corroborate
    to strengthen by adding evidence
  61. majordomo
    a chief butler or assistant
  62. untenable
    impossible to defend or justify
  63. perambulate
    to walk about
  64. veneer
    a thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or coarse
  65. timorous
  66. luminous
    emitting light
  67. circuitous
  68. perquisite
    a tip or payment in addition to regular wages
  69. probity
  70. polemical
    relating to controversy or argument
  71. tacit
    indicated but not expressed
  72. largesse
  73. indolent
  74. circumlocution
    unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
  75. depredate
    to plunder and pillage
  76. canard
    a deliberately misleading story
  77. wont
  78. etymology
    the history of a word
  79. cortege
    a group of attendants
  80. solecism
    a deviation or error in speech, manners, or deeds
  81. demotic
    relating to ordinary people
  82. simian
    related to or resembling an ape or monkey
  83. impresario
    an entertainment producer or manager
  84. requisite
  85. bulwark
    a defensive wall or embankment
  86. malaise
    vague bodily or emotional discomfort or uneasiness
  87. disingenuous
  88. crescendo
    a gradual increase in intensity, force, or volume
  89. intransigent
  90. dogged
    unrelenting; persistent
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