beginners points .txt

  1. Point Location
  2. 15 OLeary Square -.
    Adelina Grove
  3. 15 Shored itch High Street Station -.
    Braithwaite StreetlF ormerly Wheler Street
  4. 14 Cafe Bangia
    Brick Lane
  5. Feet East
    Brick Lane
  6. 16 Saint Georges Baths -.
    The Highway
  7. 9 Booth House ( Salvation Army
    Whitechapel Road 8
  8. 34 Whitechapel Sports Centre
    Durward Street
  9. 15 Ivory House - - 24 Prescott Street
    East Smithfield/Saint Katherines Dock
  10. 22 Brick Lane
    Osborn·StreeUSwanfield Street
  11. 54 Guoman Tower Hotel
    Saint Katharine's Way 50
  12. 32 Rosalind Green Hall
    Stepney Green
  13. 27 Charles Dickens College
    Wheler Street 26
  14. 19 Travelodge Tower Bridge Hotel
    1 Goodmans Yard
  15. 18 Travelodge London City Hotel
    1 Harrow Place 18
  16. 20 Sun Newspaper
    1 Pennington Street
  17. 40 News International
    1 Pennington Street 40
  18. 7 Mangos Club
    110 Pennington Street
  19. 8 Gun lNharf
    124 Wapping High Street 8 New
  20. 15 Sleep Inn City of London Hotel
    24 Prescott Street
  21. 14 Half Moon Young Peoples Theatre
    43 White Horse Road
  22. 10 Artful Dodger PH
    47 Royal Mint Street 9
  23. 22 Rainbow Sports Bar
    72 Shoreditch High Street 21
  24. 8 Skyline Plaza Building
    80 Commercial Road 8 Haz
  25. Restauran
    9 Cutler Street
  26. Black Eagle Brewery
    91 Brick Lane
  27. 18 All Star Lanes
    95 Brick Lane
  28. 25 Oops Club
    Alie Street
  29. Carlton Square
    Argyle Road
  30. 2 Pensions Management Institute
    Artillery Lane 2
  31. Petticoat Square
    Artizan Street
  32. Loom House
    Back Church Lane
  33. Mile End Hospital
    bancroft Road
  34. Harpley Square
    Bancroft Road
  35. Harpley Square
    Bancroft Road
  36. London independent Hospital
    Beaumont square
  37. 2 Leman Street
    Braham Street/Dock Street 2
  38. 44 Vi be Bar
    Brick Lane
  39. 3 Trumans Brewery
    Brick Lane
  40. 5 Brick Lane Police Station
    Brick Lane
  41. London Wool & Fruit Exchange
    Brushfield Street 23 Avis
  42. 25 Bishops Square
    Brushfield StreeUSpital Square 24
  43. 47 Shadwell Station
    Cable Street
  44. Twine Court
    Cable Street
  45. Shadwell Fire Station
    Cable Street 1
  46. Ford Square
    Cavell Street
  47. 7 Saint Hildas East Community Centre
    Club Row 7 Half
  48. 2 Congregation of Jacob Synagogue
    Commercial Road
  49. 20 Albert Gardens
    Commercial Road
  50. Gunmakers Hall
    Commercial Road
  51. Richard Street
    Commercial Road
  52. Watney Market
    Commercial Road
  53. Whitechapel Fire Station
    Commercial Road
  54. Royal Proof House
    Commercial Road 10 Ocean Estate
  55. 17 Arbour Square -.
    Commercial Road 17 Tubby Issacs -. Goulston Street
  56. 2 Steels Lane Health Centre
    Commercial Road 2 Battle
  57. Anthony Street
    Commercial Road 3
  58. Lahore 2 Restaurant
    Commercial Road 5
  59. 4 Huguenot Gate
    Commercial Street
  60. 11 Spitfire rnk.Vb W3311 Gate
    Commercial Street 11
  61. 14 Old Spitalfields Market
    Commercial Street 14
  62. John Balch Gate
    Commercial Street Dean
  63. Winterton House
    Deancross Street
  64. 11 Florin Court
    Dock Street
  65. of Cable Street Memorial
    Dock Street 2 W'hitechapel
  66. Vallance Road
    Dunbridge Street
  67. 6 Secrets 4 Club
    East Smithfield
  68. 26 Royal Mint Court
    East Smithfield
  69. 4 Thomas More Street
    East Smithfield
  70. 22 Shored itch House Club
    Ebor Street
  71. Estate
    Ernest Street
  72. Deancross Street Tayaabs Restaurant
    Fieldgate Street Five Acre
  73. wiltons music hall
    Grace Alley
  74. Peck's yard
    Hanbury Street
  75. 9 Silvermans Army Surplus
    Harford Street 9 Cork
  76. KPM Sales
    Hemming Street
  77. Hooper Square
    Hooper Street
  78. Square
  79. 41 Whites Club E1
    Leman Street
  80. 11 Old Dispensary PH
    Leman Street 10
  81. Empress Restaurant
    Leman Street 36
  82. City Apartments
    lNhite Church Lane 39
  83. 47 Whitechapel Art Gallery
    lNhitechapel High Street
  84. Mission
    Maples Place
  85. 34 Queen Mary & Westfield College E1
    Mile End road
  86. Moon PH
    Mile End Road
  87. 10 Genesis Cinema
    Mile End Road
  88. Anchor Retail Park
    Mile End Road
  89. Mile End Snooker Centre & Social Club
    Mile End Road
  90. 3 LOasis PH
    Mile End Road 3
  91. Bancroft Road
    Mile End Road/Globe Road
  92. Shoreditch High Street
    Norton Folgate/Kingsland
  93. City hotel
    osborn steet
  94. 26 Allen Gardens
    Pedley Street/Buxton Street 26
  95. 47 Code Street
    Pedley StreetlBuxton Street
  96. 8 Times Newspaper
    Pennington Street
  97. Hollywood Lofts
    Quaker Street
  98. Guoman Tower Hotel
    Saint Katharine's Way
  99. 5 International House
    Saint Katharine's Way 5
  100. 58 Royal Naval Reserve
    Saint Katharine's Way 57 93
  101. Crowne Plaza hotel Shoreditch
    Shoreditch high steet
  102. Drunken monkey bar
    Shoreditch high street
  103. 12 Sidney Square
    Sidney Street
  104. Square
    Smeaton Street
  105. Dockside Hotel
    Sutton Street
  106. Bethnal Green Overground Station
    Tapp Street 4 New
  107. 15 Bill Faust House -.
    Tarling Street
  108. John Orwell Sports Centre
    Tench Street
  109. Wapping Youth Club
    Tench Street
  110. 9 Free Trade lNharf
    The Highway
  111. Chigwell Hill
    The Highway
  112. King Henrys Terrace
    The Highway
  113. Douthwaite Square
    Torrington Place
  114. 13 Lahore Restaurant
    Umberston Street 13
  115. 2 Streetwise
    Vallance Road
  116. Thomas More Square
    Vaughan Way
  117. Portland Square
    Vinegar Street
  118. wapping station
    wapping high street
  119. Crane Wharf
    Wapping High Street
  120. 17 Captain Kidd PH -
    Wapping High Street 16 Troxy Club - 490 Commercial Road
  121. 20 Wapping Police Station
    Wapping High Street 19
  122. 55 Prospect of Whitby PH
    Wapping Wall
  123. Glamis Road
    Wapping Wall/Cable Street
  124. Square
    Westport Street
  125. Loungelover
    Whitby street
  126. 12 Beaumont Square
    White Horse Lane
  127. 4 Trafalgar Gardens
    White Horse Lane 3
  128. 36 Blind Beggar PH
    Whitechapel Road
  129. 2 Davenant Centre
    Whitechapel Road
  130. Leyton fire station
    church road
  131. ruckolt road
    east way
  132. burwell road
    Lea Bridge Road
  133. church road
    Lea Bridge Road
  134. lea valley ice centre
    Lea Bridge Road
  135. leyton Fc
    Lea Bridge Road
  136. coronation gardens
    Oliver Road
  137. leyton orient fc
    Oliver Road
  138. spitalfields market
    sherrin road
  139. Regents Canal House
    -. Commercial Road Spinnaker
  140. Drummonds on the Quay Bar
    -. Marsh Wall
  141. Poplar Business Park
    -. Prestons Road West
  142. Ideastore
    1 Vesey Path/East India Dock Road 2 Tiller Road -. Westferry Road
  143. Cineworld
    11 Hertsmere Road
  144. Britannia International Hotel
    13 March wall
  145. Papermill Wharf
    50 Narrow Street
  146. Blair Street
    Abbott Road
  147. Emery Theatre
    Annabel Close
  148. York Square
    Barnes Steet
  149. Limehouse station
    Bekersbourne street
  150. Abbot Road
    Blackwall Tunnel Northern approach/East India Dock Rd
  151. ibis hotel
    blackwall way/baffin way
  152. Athol Square
    Blair Street
  153. Langdon Park Sports Centre
    Byron Street
  154. East India Station
    C192 East India Dock Wall Road/Nutmeg Lane/Blackwall way
  155. Cabot Hall
    Cabot Square Canary Wharf 2
  156. Ambassador Square
    Cahir Street
  157. Daily mirror
    Canada sqare canary wharf
  158. HSBC Tower
    Canada Square
  159. Cannon Workshops
    Cannon Drive
  160. Poplar DLR Station
    castor Lane
  161. Chun Yee Society
    Chinese School on Sundays Birchfield Street
  162. 10 Poplar Boys & Girls Club
    Chrisp Street
  163. Market Square
    Chrisp Street
  164. Langdon Park DLR
    Chrisp! Street/Hay Currie Street
  165. Barclays Bank HQ
    Churchil Place
  166. Basin approach
    commercial Road
  167. Travelodge Docklands Hotel
    Corriander avenue
  168. Blackwall Station
    Ditchburn Street
  169. Asda
    East Ferry Road
  170. mudchute station
    east ferry road
  171. Millwall Park
    East Ferry Road
  172. alla saints station
    east idia dock road
  173. Inner London Hotel
    East india dock road
  174. Grace miracle ministries
    East india dock road
  175. poplar central Mosque
    East india dock road
  176. Poplar Fire Station
    East India Dock Road
  177. Richard Green Statue
    East India Dock Road
  178. Chrisp Street
    East India Dock RoadNiolet Road 2
  179. Radisson edwardian Docklands Hotel
    Fairmont Avenue
  180. Acme Studios
    Gillender Street
  181. Watermans Arms
    Glenaffric Avenue
  182. Marriott Docklands Hotel
    Hersmere Road
  183. Narrow Street
    Horseferry Road
  184. Jack Dash House'
    Lawn House Close/Marsh Wall
  185. Lotus Floationg Restaurant
  186. Harbour Exchange Square
  187. PH -. Harbour Exchange Square Limehouse Youth Centre
    Limehouse Causeway City Pride PH -. Marsh Wall
  188. Tequila Wharf
    Lowell Street
  189. Isle of Dogs police station
    Manchester road
  190. George Green Centre
    Manchester Road
  191. Glenworth Avenue
    Manchester Road
  192. South Quay Station
    March wall
  193. Hilton Hotel canary wharf
    Marsh wall
  194. Limeharbour
    Marsh wall
  195. Lanterns Court
  196. Greenwich View
  197. Tower Hamlets town Hall
    Mulberry Olace
  198. Narrow street bar and restaurant/Grodon Ramsay
    Narrow Street
  199. Roy Square
    Narrow Street
  200. Saint Georges Square
    Narrow Street
  201. Bootys Wine Bar
    Narrow Street
  202. Grapes PH
    Narrow Street
  203. Seagull Statue
    Narrow Street
  204. East London Traffic Control Centre
    Naval Row
  205. Steamship PH
    Naval Row
  206. Virginia Quay
    Newport Avenue/Leamouth Circus
  207. Cabot Square
    North and South Colonnade/West india avenue
  208. canary wharf
    north colnnade/south colonnade
  209. financial services authority
    North Colonnade
  210. Canada Square
    North Colonnade/South clonnade
  211. Canary wharf DLR Station
    North Colonnade/South clonnade
  212. Cruising Association
    Northey street
  213. Mudchute park and farm
    pier street
  214. Vietnamese pastoral centre
    poplar high street
  215. popular coroners court
    popular high street /cottage street
  216. Robin Hood Gardens
    Robin Hood Lane
  217. The missin
    salmon Lane
  218. Poplar High Street
    Saltwell Street/Robin Hood Lane
  219. Caledonian Wharf
    Saunders Ness Road
  220. Plymouth Wharf
    Saunders Ness Road
  221. Lanark Square
    Selsdon Way
  222. Northern & Shell Tower
    Selsdon Way
  223. Themoplyee Gate
    Spindrift Avenue?chapel House street
  224. Urban Bar
    Three Colt Street
  225. Tiller Leisure Centre
    Tiller Road
  226. Billigsgate market
    trafalgar Square
  227. Transom Square
    Tyndale CourtNvestferry Road
  228. Limehouse police station
    west india dock road
  229. Four seosons Hotel
    Westferry circus
  230. Westferry Printers
    Westferry Road
  231. Saint Davids Square
    Westferry Road
  232. Docklands S
    Westferry Road
  233. India Dock Road
    Westferry Road
  234. Oporto PH
    Wet India Dock Road
  235. Salmon Lane
    White Horse Road/Commercial Road
  236. 6 British Transport Police
    Alan Hocken Way 6 Poland House - 293 Stratford High Stre
  237. 22 WPC Nina Mackay Memorial
    Arthingworth Street 17
  238. Ham Lane
  239. Sea House
    Canning Road
  240. Jubilee House
    Great Eastern Road
  241. Meridien Square
    Great Eastern Road
  242. London Rugby Club
    Holland Road 34 Poland House Stratford High Street
  243. Ham Station
    Memorial Avenue
  244. Stratford Station
    Meridien Square
  245. Bow County Court
    Romford Road
  246. Ibis Hotel
    Romford Road
  247. Acme Studios
    Rowse Close
  248. Queens Way House
    Rowse Close
  249. Great Eastern Road 7 Gerry Raffles Square
    Salway Road
  250. Picture House Cinema
    Salway Road 2 West
  251. Theatre Royal Stratford
    Salway Road 35 East
  252. 33 Stratford Shopping Centre
    Stratford Broadway 27 Solar House -. Romford Road
  253. Stratford Magistrates Court
    Stratford High Street 60 West
  254. 9 Duncan House
    Stratford High Street 7 Stratford Bus Station
  255. Carpenters Road
    Stratford High StreetlWhitepost Lane 3 Barnby Square -. Barnby Street
  256. 25 Stratford Police Station
    West Ham Lane 24 Chant Square -. Chant Street
  257. 15 Canning Town Station
    -. Silvertown Way
  258. Anchor House Hostel
    Barking Road
  259. Canning Town Library
    Barking Road
  260. Rathbone Market
    Barking Road
  261. Celia Hammond Animal Trust
    Barking Road
  262. Silvertown Way
    Canning Town Roundabout 2
  263. 3 Bradley Stone Memorial
    Caxlon Street North
  264. Peacocks Gym
    Caxton Street North
  265. Star Lane
    Manor Road
  266. Holiday Inn Express
    Silvertown Way Saint Lukes Square Jude Street
  267. Magistrates Court
    Stratford High Street
  268. Holiday Inn Hotel
    Stratford High Street Stratford
  269. Geffrye Museum
    Kingsland Road
  270. Old Shored itch Station Bar
    Kingsland Road/Old Street
  271. Bethnal Green Station
    -". Cambridge Heath Road
  272. Sunlight Square
    -. Birkbeck Street
  273. Days Inn Shored itch
    -. Hackney Road
  274. Browns Club
    1 Hackney Road
  275. Mildmay Mission Hospital
    Bakers Rents
  276. Jesus Green
    Barnet Grove
  277. Squirries Street
    Bethnal Green Road
  278. Tea Building
    Bethnal Green Road
  279. Waterloo Gardens
    Bishops Way
  280. London Chest Hospital
    Bonner Road
  281. Arnold Circus
    Calvert Avenue
  282. City View Hotel
    Cambridge Heath Road
  283. Cambridge Heath Station
    Cambridge Heath Road
  284. Patriot Square
    Cambridge Heath Road
  285. Metropolis Club
    Cambridge Heath Road 74
  286. Old Ford Road
    Cambridge Heath Road/Parnell Road
  287. Gloucester Square
    Cester Street
  288. Les Trois Garcons
    Club Row/Bethnal Green Road
  289. Columbia Road Sunday Flower Market
    Columbia Road
  290. Cyprus Street Memorial
    Cyprus S!reet
  291. Oxford House Theatre & Community Centre
    Derbyshire Street
  292. Repton Boys Club
    Dunbridge Street
  293. Weavers Fields
    Dunbridge StreeVBethnal Green Road
  294. Sweet Tea House
    Globe Road
  295. Goldsmiths Square
    Goldsmiths Row
  296. Hackney City Farm
    Goldsmiths Row
  297. Old Axe PH
    Hackney Road
  298. Premises Cafe
    Hackney Road
  299. Marksman PH
    Hackney Road
  300. Bakers Rents
    Hackney Road
  301. Columbia Road
    Hackney Road
  302. Goldsmiths Row
    Hackney Road
  303. Hadrian Estate
    Hackney Road
  304. Images Bar
    Hackney Road
  305. Ion Square
    Hackney Road
  306. Herba
    Kingsland Road
  307. Prague Bar
    Kingsland Road
  308. York Hall
    Old Ford Road
  309. Royal Victor Place
    Old Ford Road
  310. Town Hall Hotel
    Patriot Square
  311. 3 Dunloe Street
    Queensbridge Road
  312. Haggerston Park
    Queensbridge Road
  313. Saint Peters Square
    Saint Peters Avenue
  314. Gatehouse School
    Seward stone Road
  315. Greenheath Business Centre
    Three Colts Lane
  316. Bethnal Green Police Station
    Victoria Park Square
  317. Bistrotheque Jazz Bar
    Wadeson Street
  318. Pebble Centre
    Wamer Place
  319. People Show Studio
  320. Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
    Cambridge Heath Road
  321. 97 Bow Quarte
    Fairfield Road 86 Mile
  322. Homerton Hospital
    Homerton Grove
  323. Queensbridge Sports & Community Centre
    - 30 Holly Street
  324. Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association
    14a Graham Road
  325. Lansdowne Club
    195 Mare Street Shacklewell
  326. Ocean Music Venue
    280 Mare Street
  327. Spurstowe Arms PH
    68 Greenwood Road
  328. Cat & Mutton PH
    76 Broadway Market
  329. Albion Square
    Albion Drive
  330. Malvern Road
    Albion Drive
  331. Hackney Central Station
    Amhurst Road
  332. Chow Square
    Arcola Street
  333. Arcola Theatre
    Ashwin Street
  334. Clowns Church
    Beechwood Road
  335. Shacklewell Lane
    CrosswayslRectory Road
  336. British Red Cross Hackney Centre
    Dalston Lane
  337. CLR James Library
    Dalston Lane
  338. Cape House Accommodation
    Dalston Lane
  339. Cross Corner
    Dalston Lane
  340. Hackney Downs Station
    Dalston Lane
  341. Navarino Mansions
    Dalston Lane
  342. Graham Road
    Dalston Lane/Mare Street
  343. Hackney Springboard Trust
    Downham Road
  344. Fassett Square
    Graham Road
  345. Wilton Estate
    Greenwood Road
  346. Rio Cinema
    Kingsland High Street
  347. Dalston Kingsland Station
    Kingsland High Street
  348. Kingsland Shopping Centre
    Kingsland High Street
  349. Faulkners Fish Restaurant
    Kingsland Road
  350. Bomonti Russian Club
    Kingsland Road
  351. Kingsland Fire Station
    Kingsland Road
  352. Hacllney Empire
    Mare Street
  353. Candle Factory
    Mare Street
  354. Hackney Town Hall
    Mare Street
  355. Saint Josephs Hospice
    Mare Street
  356. Mare Street Studios
    Mare Street New
  357. slandon Fields Station
    Mentmore Terrace
  358. Hackney Mediation Service
    Morning Lane
  359. PC Laurence Brown Memorial
    Pownall Road
  360. Broadway Market
    Pritchards RoadlWestgate Street
  361. LMNT PH
    Queensbridge Road
  362. Hackney Museum
    Reading Lane
  363. Flowers East Gallery
    Richmond Road
  364. Richmond Road Cab Centre
    Richmond Road
  365. Ridley Road Market
    Ridley Road
  366. Studios
    Shacklewell Lane
  367. Ann Tayler Centre
    Triangle Road
  368. Bullion Room Theatre
    Wilton Way
  369. Kenton Arms PH
    39 Kenton Road
  370. Hackney Forge
    Banbury Road
  371. Homerton Station
    Berger Road
  372. Chats Palace
    Brooksbys Walk
  373. Victoria Park Harriers
    Cadogan Terrace 32 Tiger
  374. Burberry Factory
    Chatham Place 28
  375. Sutton House Museum
    Homerton High Street
  376. Royal Inn on the Park PH
    Lauriston Road
  377. Saint Thomas's Square
    Mare Street
  378. Victoria Park
    Old Ford Road/Grove Road
  379. Sutton Square
    Urswick Road
  380. General Browning Club
    Valette Street
  381. Hackney Wick Station
    Wallis Road
  382. PH
    Wick Road
  383. Thistle City Barbican Hotel
    Exchange treeVLever treeVDingley Road
  384. Merill Lynch
    Queen Isabella Way
  385. Butchers Hall
    -. Bartholomew Close
  386. London Metropolitan Archives
    . Northampton Road
  387. Golden Lane
    -. Old StreeUBeech Street
  388. Stationers Hall
    -. Stationers Hall Court
  389. City & Guilds of London Institute
    1 Giltspur Street
  390. Imperial Hall
    108 City Road
  391. Institute of Opthalmology
    11 Bath Street 6
  392. Saddlers Sports Centre
    116 Goswell Road
  393. Cardinal Tower
    12 Farringdon Road
  394. Faraday Building
    144 Queen Victoria Street
  395. London Capital Club
    15 Abchurch Lane
  396. Catholic Herald
    15 Lambs Passage
  397. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    16 Clerkenwell Green
  398. Bavarian Beerhouse
    190 City Road
  399. Stroke Association
    240 City Road
  400. City Innovation Centre
    26 Whiskin Street
  401. Holiday Inn Express
    275 Old Street
  402. Armoury House
    32 City Road
  403. Angel Gate
    326 City Road
  404. Vic Naylor Bar & Grill
    38 Saint John Street
  405. Lindsey Hotel
    4 Lindsey Street
  406. Tinseltown Diner
    44 Saint John Street
  407. Parker McMillan Bar
    47 Chiswell Street
  408. Turnrnills Club
    63 Clerkenwell Road
  409. Filthy MacNastys PH
    68 Amwell Streetllnglebert Street
  410. Queens Nursing Institute
    Albemarle Way
  411. Barbican Station
    Aldersgate Street
  412. Shipwrights Hall
    Aldersgate StreetlShaftesbury Place
  413. Ironmongers Hall
    Aldersgate StreeVShaftesbury Place
  414. Lever Street
    Bath StreeVGoswell Road
  415. Firefly Restaurant City
    Bishops Court/Old Bailey
  416. Spectacle Makers Hall
    Blackfriars Lane
  417. Apothecaries Hall
    Blackfriars Lane 37
  418. Bleeding Heart Bar
    Bleeding Heart Yard
  419. Bridewell Theatre
    Bride Lane
  420. Jerusalem Tavern
    Britton Street
  421. Cass Business School
    Bunhill Row
  422. Finsbury Tower
    Bunhill Row
  423. Bride Lane
    Cannon Street
  424. Cannon Street Station
    Cannon Street
  425. London Stone PH
    Cannon Street
  426. YHA City
    Carter Lane
  427. Chamber of Shipping
    Carthusian Street
  428. Moorfields Eye Hospital
    Cayton Street
  429. Society of Genealogists
    Charterhouse Buildings
  430. Malmaison Hotel
    Charterhouse Square
  431. Fabric Club
    Charterhouse Street
  432. Smiths of Smithfield Restaurant
    Charterhouse Street
  433. Brewery
    Chiswell Street
  434. Founders Han
    Ciotti Fair
  435. For Your Eyes Only
    City Road
  436. Wesleys House and Chapel
    City Road
  437. National Autistic Society
    City Road
  438. Honourable Artillery Company
    City Road/HAC
  439. Dans le Noir Restaurant
    Clerkenwell Green
  440. Karl Marx Library
    Clerkenwell Green
  441. 5 Match Bar
    Clerkenwell Road
  442. Saint Peters Italian Church
    Clerkenwell Road
  443. Zetter Restaurant, Bar & Hotel
    Clerkenwell Road
  444. Saint Johns Square
    Clerkenwell Road
  445. Farmers & Fletchers Hall
    Cloth Street
  446. Worshipful Company of Solicitors of the City of London
    College Hill
  447. Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants
    College Hill
  448. Corps of Commissionaires
    Cowcross Street
  449. Farringdon Station
    Cowcross Street
  450. Cooks Hall
    Deans Court
  451. Arbitrators Hall
    Dowgate Hill
  452. Dyers Hall
    Dowgate Hill
  453. Olde Mitre Tavern
    Ely Court
  454. Saint Etheldredas Church
    Ely Place
  455. YMCA London City
    Errol Street
  456. Royal Statistical Society
    Errol Street
  457. YMCA Barbican
    Fann Street
  458. Venus Club
    Farringdon Road
  459. Finsbury Square Bowling Club
    Finsbury Square 6
  460. Punch Tavem
    Fleet Street
  461. River Court
    Fleet Street
  462. Freshfields
    Fleet Streetl\Nhitefriars Street
  463. Ye aide Cheshire Cheese PH
    Fleet StreetlWine Office Court
  464. Bracken House
    Friday Street
  465. Sir John Lyon House
    Gardeners Lane
  466. Gee Street Magistrates Court
    Gee Street
  467. Boy of Glutton
    Giltspur Street
  468. Saint Bartholomews Hospital
    Giltspur Street
  469. Menca
    Golden Lane
  470. Methodist Recorder
    Golden Lane 10
  471. Indian High Commission Visa
  472. Turnpike House
    Goswell Road
  473. Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
    Goswell Road
  474. Virgin Active
    Goswell Road 12
  475. 7 Citadines Aparthotel
    Goswell Road 7
  476. Bleeding Heart Yard
    Greville Street
  477. Hydra Building
    Hardwick Street
  478. Central School of Ballet
    Herbal Hill
  479. Broken Wharf
    High Timber Street
  480. Globe View
    High Timber Street
  481. Sainsburys Business Centre
  482. Staple Inn
  483. Gresham College
    Holborn/Barnards Inn Hall 8
  484. Press Complaints Commission
    Holborn/Halton House
  485. Primrose Hill
    Hutton Street
  486. Exhibition Hall
    IFormerly Blue Hall -. Golden Lane
  487. Sion College
    John Carpenter Street
  488. Sion College
    John Carpenter Street
  489. Postmans Park
    King Edward Street
  490. Dizzy's Bar
    King William Street
  491. Centre Page PH
    Knighlrider Street
  492. King Square
    Lever Street
  493. Cross Keys Square
    Little Britain
  494. Adelaide House
    London Bridge
  495. Dry Bar
    Long Lane
  496. West Smithfield
    long Lane/Gillspur Street
  497. Club Quarters Saint Pauls
    Ludgate Hill
  498. Crown Prosecution Service
    Ludgate Hill
  499. City Forum
    Macclesfield Road
  500. Family Records Centre
    Myddelton Street
  501. EI Vino
    New Bridge Street
  502. John Wilkes Statue
    New Fetter Lane
  503. Saint Pauls Station
    Newgale Street
  504. Finsbury Leisure Centre
    Norman Street
  505. Old Street Station
    Old Street
  506. Shored itch Fire Station
    Old Street
  507. Millennium Bridge North Side
    Peters Hill
  508. Rookery Hotel
    Peters Lane
  509. Wagamama Japanese Restaurant
    Poppins CourtlFleet Street
  510. London Chamber of Commerce
    Queen Street
  511. Southwark Bridge
    Queen Street Place/Southwark Bridge Road
  512. Pancras Lane
    Queen StreeUSise Lane
  513. Senator House
    Queen Victoria Street
  514. Blackfriars PH
    Queen Victoria Street
  515. City of London Boys School
    Queen Victoria Street
  516. City of London Magistrates Court
    Queen Victoria Street
  517. Mellon Financial Ce'ntre
    Queen Victoria StreetlTimes Square
  518. Myddelton Square
    River Street
  519. Lilian Baylis Theatre
    Rosebery Avenue
  520. Sadlers Well Theatre
    Rosebery Avenue
  521. Finsbury Town Hall
    Rosebery Avenue 10 Ye
  522. Old Red Lion Theatre
    Saint John Street
  523. Saint John Bar & Restaurant
    Saint John Street
  524. Save the Children Fund
    Saint Johns Lane
  525. Patemoster Square
    Saint Pauls Churchyard
  526. Fleetbank House
    Salisbury Square
  527. Office of Fair Trading
    Salisbury Square/Fleetbank Hse
  528. Snow Hill Police Station
    Snow Hill
  529. City University
    Spencer StreetlNorthampton Square
  530. Seal House
    Swan Lane
  531. Bouverie Street
    Tudor Street
  532. Witness Box
    Tudor Street
  533. Dowgate Fire Slation
    Upper Thames Street
  534. City of London Coroners Court
    Upper Thames StreetlWalbrook Wharf
  535. Submariners Memorial
    Victoria Embankment
  536. National Childrens Bureau
    Wakley Street
  537. Dog Trust
    Wakley Street
  538. Amen Comer
    Warwick Lane
  539. Cutlers Hall
    Warwick Lane
  540. Warwick Square
    Warwick Lane
  541. Unilever House
  542. Haberdashers Hall
    West Smithfield
  543. William Wallace Memorial
    West Smithfield 24
  544. Northampton Square
    Wyclif Street
  545. Amen Corner
    Warwick Lane
  546. Apothecaries Hall .
    Blackfriars Lane 37 Cannon Street Station
  547. British Wind Energy Association
    - 1 Aztec Row
  548. Estorick Collection of Modem Italian Art
    Canonbury Road
  549. Dial a Cab
    East Road
  550. Sainsburys Business Centre
  551. Lonsdale Square
    -. Bamsbury Street/Richmond Avenue
  552. Islington West Library
    -. Bridgeman Road
  553. Essex Road Station
    -. Canonbury Road
  554. Cloudesley Square
    -. Cloudesley Road
  555. Spitfire Studios
    -. Collier Street
  556. Criterion Auction Rooms
    . Essex Road
  557. Highbury & Islington Station
    -. Holloway Road
  558. Angel Station
    -. Islington High Street
  559. Scala
    -. Kings Cross Bridge
  560. Poor School
    -. Pentonville Road
  561. Wagamama Japanese Restaurant
    . Poppins CourtlFleet Street
  562. 33 City of London Magistrates Court
    -. Queen Victoria Street
  563. Shoreditch Police Station
    -. Shepherdess Walk
  564. River Court
    120 Fleet Street
  565. Bridewell Theatre
    14 Bride Lane
  566. Faraday Building
    144 Queen Victoria Street
  567. Firefly Restaurant City
    18-20 Bishops Court/Old Bailey
  568. Ah-So Japanese Restaurant
    206 Upper Street 5
  569. Club Union House
    251 Upper Street
  570. Trolley Stop Theatre
    28 Stamford Road
  571. Centre Page PH
    29 Knighlrider Street
  572. Istanbul Social Club
    296 Caledonian Road
  573. YHA City
    36-38 Carter Lane
  574. Father Eds Lark in the Park
    60 Copenhagen Street
  575. Young Actors Theatre
    70 Bamsbury Road
  576. City of London Coroners Court
    78-83 Upper Thames StreetlWalbrook Wharf
  577. Arbitrators Hall
    8 Dowgate Hill
  578. Screen on the Green
    83 Upper Street
  579. Senator House
    85 Queen Victoria Street
  580. Guardian and Observer Newspaper
    90 Kings PlacelYork Way
  581. NCVO
    All Saints Street
  582. Almeida Theatre
    Almeida Street
  583. Almeida Theatre
    Almeida Street
  584. Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses
    BallsPond Road
  585. Bamard Park
    Bamsbury Road
  586. Young Actors Theatre
    Bamsbury Road
  587. Lonsdale Square
    Bamsbury Street/Richmond Avenue
  588. Wilton Square
    Baring Street
  589. Wilton Square
    Baring Street
  590. Hilton Hotel Islington
    Bemers Road
  591. Hilton Hotel Islington
    Bemers Road
  592. Business Design Centre
    Berners Road
  593. Business Design Centre
    Berners Road
  594. Spectacle Makers Hall
    Blackfriars Lane
  595. Rosemary Works Early Years Centre
    Branch Place
  596. Islington West Library
    Bridgeman Road
  597. 1 London Art House
    Britannia Row
  598. Bridge Wharf
    Caledonian Road
  599. Marathon Restaurant & Bar
    Caledonian Road
  600. Cally Pool
    Caledonian Road
  601. Cally Pool
    Caledonian Road
  602. Istanbul Social Club
    Caledonian Road
  603. 3 Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Station
    Caledonian Road
  604. Edward Square
    Caledonian Road
  605. Cannon Street Station
    Cannon Street
  606. London Stone
    Cannon Street
  607. London Stone PH
    Cannon Street
  608. Alwyne Square
    Canon bury Park North
  609. Alwyne Square
    Canon bury Park North
  610. Dixon Clark Court
    Canon bury Road
  611. TS Quail
    Canon bury Road
  612. Greenpeace
    Canon bury Villas
  613. Greenpeace
    Canon bury Villas
  614. Canonbury Square
    Canonbury Road
  615. Canonbury Square
    Canonbury Road
  616. Essex Road Station
    Canonbury Road
  617. Estorick Collection of Modem Italian Art
    Canonbury Road
  618. Hoffman Square
    Chart Street
  619. Cloudesley Square
    Cloudesley Road
  620. Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies
    Cloudesley Street
  621. Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies
    Cloudesley Street
  622. Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants
    College Hill
  623. Worshipful Company of Solicitors of the City of London
    College Hill
  624. Spitfire Studios
    Collier Street
  625. Union Chapel
    Compton Terrace
  626. Union Chapel
    Compton Terrace
  627. Lewis Carroll Library
    Copenhagen Street
  628. Lewis Carroll Library
    Copenhagen Street
  629. Circus Space
    Coronet Street
  630. Circus Space
    Coronet Street
  631. Paula Pryke Flower School
    Cynthia Street
  632. Little Angel Marionette Theatre
  633. Little Angel Marionette Theatre
  634. National Council of Women in Great Britain
    Danbury Street
  635. Rose Lipman Community Centre
    De Beauvoir Road
  636. Roundhouse Cafe
    De Beauvoir Road
  637. Cooks Hall
    Deans Court
  638. Dyers Hall
    Dowgate Hill
  639. Holbom Studios
    Eagle Wharf Road
  640. Holbom Studios
    Eagle Wharf Road
  641. Shepherdess Walk
    Eagle Wharf Road/City Road
  642. Dial a Cab
    East Road
  643. Edith Cavell Building
    Enfield Road
  644. George Leyboume Champagne Charlie Blue Plaque
    Englefield Road
  645. Garden Centre
    Englefield Road
  646. Garden Centre
    Englefield Road
  647. Garden Centre
    Englefield Road
  648. N1 Garden Centre
    Englefield Road
  649. Embassy Bar
    Essex Road
  650. Akari Japanese Restaurant
    Essex Road
  651. Criterion Auction Rooms
    Essex Road
  652. Embassy Bar
    Essex Road
  653. Giraffe Cafe
    Essex Road
  654. Giraffe Cafe N
    Essex Road
  655. Leroy House
    Essex Road
  656. Leroy House
    Essex Road
  657. York Way
    Euston Road
  658. Hackney Community College
    Falkirk Street
  659. Hackney Community College
    Falkirk Street 11 Cairo
  660. Punch Tavem
    Fleet Street
  661. Freshfields
    Fleet Streetl\Nhitefriars Street
  662. Ye aide Cheshire Cheese PH
    Fleet StreetlWine Office Court
  663. Florence PH
    Florence Street
  664. Florence PH
    Florence Street
  665. Bracken House
    Friday Street
  666. Sir John Lyon House
    Gardeners Lane
  667. Andersons Square
    Gaskin Street
  668. 1 Pie Comer
    Giltspur Street
  669. Islington Boat Club
    Graham Street
  670. Islington Boat Club
    Graham Street
  671. Walter Sickert Hall
    Graham Street
  672. Bluu Bar
    Haxton Squa re
  673. Bluu Bar
    Haxton Squa re
  674. Broken Wharf
    High Timber Street
  675. Globe View
    High Timber Street
  676. Hen & Chickens Theatre
    Highbury Comer
  677. Hen & Chickens Theatre
    Highbury Comer
  678. Highbury & Islington Station
    Holloway Road
  679. Yelo Bar
    Hoxton Square
  680. Lux Cinema
    Hoxton Square
  681. White Cube
    Hoxton Square
  682. White Cube
    Hoxton Square
  683. Hoxton Hall
    Hoxton Street
  684. Shoreditch Library
    Hoxton Street
  685. Primrose Hill
    Hutton Street
  686. Pitfield Street
    Hyde Road/Old Street
  687. Pitfield Street
    Hyde Road/Old Street
  688. Browns Restaurant
    Islington Green
  689. Browns Restaurant
    Islington Green
  690. Afghan Kitchen
    Islington Green
  691. Fredericks Restaurant
    Islington High Street
  692. Angel Station
    Islington High Street
  693. Fredericks Restaurant
    Islington High Street
  694. Angel Square
    Islington High StreetIT orrens Street
  695. Angel Square
    Islington High StreetIT orrens Street
  696. Sion College
    John Carpenter Street
  697. Sion College
    John Carpenter Street
  698. Dizzy's Bar
    King William Street
  699. Scala
    Kings Cross Bridge
  700. Guardian and Observer Newspaper
    Kings PlacelYork Way
  701. Chapel Market
    Liverpool Road
  702. Chapel Market
    Liverpool Road
  703. Adelaide House
    London Bridge
  704. Club Quarters Saint Pauls
    Ludgate Hill
  705. Crown Prosecution Service
    Ludgate Hill
  706. Thornhill Square
    Matilda StreetlThomhili Cres
  707. Thornhill Square
    Matilda StreetlThomhili Cres
  708. Mildmay Library
    Mildmay Park
  709. Baring Street
    Mildmay Park
  710. Waterloo Gardens
    Milner Square
  711. De Beauvoir Square
    Mortimer Road
  712. De Beauvoir Square
    Mortimer Road
  713. National Council for Voluntary Organisations
    NCVO -Regents Wharf All Saint Street
  714. EI Vino
    New Bridge Street
  715. John Wilkes Statue
    New Fetter Lane
  716. London Canal Museum
    New Wharf Road
  717. London Canal Museum
    New Wharf Road
  718. John Kennedy Court
    NeWington Green Road
  719. Cairo Studios
    Nile Street
  720. Studios
    Nile Street
  721. Britannia Leisure Centre
    Northport Street
  722. Britannia Leisure Centre
    Northport Street
  723. Old Royal Free Square
    Old Royal Free Place
  724. Packington Square
    Packington Street
  725. Packington Square
    Packington Street
  726. Kings Cross Station
    Pancras RoadlYork Wa
  727. Kings Cross Station
    Pancras RoadlYork Way 247
  728. Rosemary Branch Theatre
    Penally Place
  729. Rosemary Branch Theatre
    Penally Place
  730. 15 Chapel Bar
    Penton Street
  731. Chapel Bar
    Penton Street
  732. Clockwork Bar
    Penton Street
  733. Crafts Council
    Pentonville Road
  734. Crafts Council
    Pentonville Road
  735. Jurys Inn Hotel
    Pentonville Road
  736. Jurys Inn Hotel
    Pentonville Road
  737. Nido Student Living
    Pentonville Road
  738. Nido Student Living
    Pentonville Road
  739. Poor School
    Pentonville Road
  740. Millennium Bridge North Side
    Peters Hill
  741. Lion Boys Club
    Pitfield Street
  742. Charles Square
    Pitfield Street
  743. Charles Square
    Pitfield Street
  744. Charlie Wrights International Bar
    Pitfield Street
  745. Charlie Wrights International Bar
    Pitfield Street
  746. Gainsborough Studios
    Poole Street
  747. Gainsborough Studios
    Poole Street
  748. Penn Street
    Poole Street/Hyde Road
  749. Tibberton Square
    Popham Road Studd Street
  750. John Spencer Square
    Prior Bolton Street
  751. John Spencer Square
    Prior Bolton Street
  752. John Spencer Square
    Prior Bolton Street
  753. London Chamber of Commerce
    Queen Street
  754. Southwark Bridge
    Queen Street Place/Southwark Bridge Road
  755. Pancras Lane
    Queen StreeUSise Lane
  756. Blackfriars PH
    Queen Victoria Street
  757. City of London Boys School
    Queen Victoria Street
  758. Mellon Financial Ce'ntre
    Queen Victoria StreetlTimes Square
  759. Union Square
    Rector Street
  760. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
    Risinghill Street
  761. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
    Risinghill Street
  762. Hoxton Square
    Rufus StreeUCoronet Street
  763. Hoxton Square
    Rufus StreeUCoronet Street 58 Islington
  764. Patemoster Square
    Saint Pauls Churchyard
  765. Bastile Bar & Brasserie
    Saint Pauls Road
  766. Balls Pond Road
    Saint Pauls Road
  767. Fleetbank House
    Salisbury Square
  768. Office of Fair Trading
    Salisbury Square/Fleetbank Hse
  769. Chocolate
    Shepherdess Place
  770. Chocolate Studios
    Shepherdess Place
  771. Eagle PH
    Shepherdess Walk
  772. Shoreditch Police Station
    Shepherdess Walk
  773. Southgate Road
    Southgate Road
  774. Trolley Stop Theatre
    Stamford Road
  775. Stationers Hall
    Stationers Hall Court 17
  776. Seal House
    Swan Lane
  777. Hampton Court
    Swan Yard/Upper Street
  778. Hampton Court
    Swan Yard/Upper Street
  779. Gibson Square
    Theberton Street
  780. Gibson Square
    Theberton Street
  781. Le Sacre Coeur Restaurant
    Theberton Street
  782. Moon Street
    Theberton Street
  783. Barnsbury Square
    Thornhill Road
  784. Barnsbury Square
    Thornhill Road
  785. Islington Police Station
    Tolpuddle Street
  786. Islington Police Station
    Tolpuddle Street
  787. Candid Arts Trust
    Torrens Street
  788. Candid Arts Trust
    Torrens Street
  789. Bouverie Street
    Tudor Street
  790. Witness Box PH
    Tudor Street
  791. Friends of the Earth
    Underwood Street
  792. Friends of the Earth
    Underwood Street
  793. Masala Zone Restaurant
    Upper Street
  794. Walkabout PH N1
    Upper Street
  795. Masala Zone Restaurant
    Upper Street
  796. Screen on the Green
    Upper Street
  797. Buffalo Bar
    Upper Street
  798. Pasha Restaurant
    Upper Street
  799. Club Union House
    Upper Street
  800. Famous Cock Tavern PH
    Upper Street
  801. Islington Fire Station
    Upper Street
  802. Islington Fire Station
    Upper Street
  803. Islington Town Hall
    Upper Street
  804. Kings Head Theatre
    Upper Street
  805. Kings Head Theatre
    Upper Street
  806. Theberton Street Tyndale Mansions
    Upper Street
  807. Town Hall
    Upper Street
  808. Highbury Comer
    Upper Street UHoliway Road
  809. Highbury Comer
    Upper StreeUHolioway Road
  810. Dowgate Fire Slation
    Upper Thames Street
  811. Submariners Memorial
    Victoria Embankment
  812. Snooty Fox PH
    WaJlace Road
  813. Snooty Fox PH
    WaJlace Road
  814. Canon bury Station
    Wallace Road
  815. Canon bury Station
    Wallace Road
  816. Amen Comer
    Warwick Lane
  817. Amen Corner
    Warwick Lane
  818. Warwick Square
    Warwick Lane
  819. Unilever House
  820. 12015 Restaurant
    Weslland Place
  821. Victoria Miro Gallery
    Wharf Road
  822. Saint Peters Street
    Wharf Road/Essex Road
  823. Child Poverty Action Group
    White Lion Street
  824. Eritrea Consulate
    White Lion Street
  825. Eritrea Consulate
    White Lion Street
  826. Pride Court
    White Lion Street
  827. Pride Court
    White Lion Street
  828. Rodney Street
    Wynford Road/ Pentonvilie Road
  829. Kings Place
    York Way
  830. Kings Place
    York Way
  831. Lincoln Lounge
    York Way
  832. Copenhagen Street
    York Way/Cloudesley Place
  833. Copenhagen Street
    York Way/Cloudesley Place
  834. Peter Sellers Blue Plaque
    10 Muswell Hill Road
  835. British Darts Organisation
    2 Pages Lane
  836. Muswell Hill Synagogue
    31 Tetherdown
  837. Queens Hotel N1 0
    7 Queens Avenue
  838. Muswell Hill Road
    Archway Road
  839. Blanche Nevile School for Deaf Children
    Burlington Road
  840. Club U Wish
    Muswell Hill
  841. 39 Hill Bar
    Muswell Hill
  842. Giraffe Cafe N10
    Muswell Hill Broadway
  843. Oneills PH N10
    Muswell Hill Broadway
  844. PC Keith Blakelock Memorial
    Muswell Hill Broadway
  845. Toffs F!sh & Chip Restaurant
    Muswell Hill Broadway
  846. Gardens N10
    Muswell Hill Road
  847. Muswell Hill & Highgate British Legion
    Muswell Hill Road/Legion Hall
  848. Muswell Hill Hotel
    Muswell. Hill Road
  849. North Middlesex Sports Club
    Park Road
  850. Muswell Hill
    Priory Road
  851. 72 Raglan Hall Hotel
    Queens Avenue
  852. North London Performing Arts Centre
    Saint James's Lane
  853. Muswell Hill Synagogue
  854. 39 Saint Lukes Hospital
    Woodside Avenue
  855. West Green Road
    Green Lanesrrottenham High Road
  856. Dutch House PH
    High Road Tottenham
  857. South Tottenham Station
    High Road Tottenham 40
  858. Chestnuts Centre
    Saint Anns Road
  859. Saint Anns Hospital
    Saint Anns Road
  860. South Tottenham Station
    Saint Anns Road
  861. Seven Sisters Station
    Seven Sisters Road
  862. Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
    Town Hall Approach.Philip Lane
  863. Skinners Companys School for Girls
    117 Stamford Hill 23 Cazenove Road
  864. Rasa Restaurant N16
    55 Stoke Newington Church Street
  865. Clissold Sports Centre
    63 Clissold Road
  866. North London Mosque
    70 Cazenove Road
  867. Stamford Hill Station
    Amhurst Park
  868. Nelson Mandela House
    Cazenove Road
  869. George Downing Estate
    Cazenove Road
  870. Watermint Quay
    Craven Walk
  871. lanse Road
    Evering Road
  872. Clissold Park
    Green Lanes
  873. Stoke NeWington Church Street
    Green Lanes/Stoke Ne~ington High Street
  874. Lordship Road N16
    Lordship Park
  875. Bearsted Centre
    Lordship Road
  876. Schonfield Square
    Lordship Road 10
  877. Mildmay Club
    Newington Green
  878. Albion Road
    Newington Green 5
  879. Red Square
    Piano Lane/Carysfort Road
  880. Butterfield Green
    Shakespear Walk
  881. On Gardens Estate
    Shakespeare Walk
  882. Abney Park Cemetery
    Stamford Hill
  883. Lubavitch House
    Stamford Hill
  884. Stoke Newington Town Hall-.
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  885. Stoke Newington Sea Cadet Corps
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  886. Stoke NeWington Station
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  887. Stoke NeWington Police Station
    Stoke Newington High Street
  888. Amhurst Road
    Stoke Newington Road/Pembury Circus
  889. Stamford Hill -", High Road
    Tottenham/Stoke Newington I-ligh Street
  890. Stamford Hill/
    Upper Clapton Road 17
  891. Black Boy PH
    West Green Road
  892. Tottenham Park Road
    Belmont Road
  893. a Tottenham Hotspur FC
    Bill Nicholson Way
  894. Tottenham Hale Cab Rank
    Hale Road
  895. Tottenham Hale Station
    Hale Road
  896. Tottenham Police Station
    High Road Tottenham
  897. Thornbury Square
    . Homsey Lane
  898. Archway Tavern PH
    Archway Close
  899. Flowers Mews
    Archway Close
  900. Tufnell Park Station
    Brecknock Road
  901. Cornwallis Square
    Cornwallis Road
  902. Byam Shaw School of Art
    Elthorne Road
  903. Saint Johns Way
    Hazellville Road/Archway Junction
  904. 25 Islington Boxing Club
    Hazelville Road
  905. Mother Red Cap PH
    Holloway Road
  906. Upper Holloway Station
    Holloway Road
  907. Whittington Park
    Holloway Road
  908. Cats Protection North London
    Junction Road
  909. Archway Station
    Junction Road
  910. Archway Tower
    Junction Road
  911. Archway Sports Centre
    M,!cOonald Road
  912. Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
  913. Virgin Active N19
    Mercers Road
  914. Holloway Bus Garage
    Pemberton Gardens
  915. Roger Casement Irish Centre
    Saint Johns Way
  916. Junction Road
    Saint Johns Way/Fortess Road
  917. Green Party
    Waterlow Road
  918. McDonalds HQ & Hamburger University
    11 High Road East Finchley
  919. Mcdonalds HQ & Hamburger University
    11 High RoadEast Finchley
  920. Bobath Centre
    250 East End Road
  921. Bald Faced Stag PH
    69 High Road East Finchley
  922. Lyttelton Road
    Aylmer RoadlMarket Place
  923. Muswell Hill Police Station
    Fortis Green
  924. Fortis Green
    Fortis Green RDad
  925. The Bishops Avenue
    Hampstead Lane
  926. East Finchley Station
    High Road East Finchley
  927. Phoenix Cinema
    High Road East Finchley
  928. Belvedere Court N2
    Lyttelton Road
  929. Road Aylmer Road
    Lyttelton Road
  930. Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue
    Norrice Lea
  931. Hampstead Golf Course
    Winnington Road
  932. Norrice Lea
    Winnington Road/Lyttleton Road
  933. Mosaica @ The Factory Restaurant
    -". Clarendon Road/Chocolate Factory
  934. Alexandra Palace
    Alexandra Palace Way
  935. Phoenix Bar
    Alexandra Palace Way
  936. Westbury Avenue
    Green Lanes
  937. Mayes Road
    Homsey Park Road
  938. Woodgreen shopping centre
    Wood Green High Road
  939. Choclote factory
  940. Old Dairy PH
    . Crouch Hillri
  941. Highbury Vale Police Station
    Blackstock Road
  942. Crouch Hill Station
    Crouel) Hill
  943. Arsenal Station
    Gillespie Road
  944. Castle Climbing Centre
    Green Lanes
  945. Manor House Station
    Green Lanes
  946. Harringay Station
    Quemmore RoadlRailway Approach
  947. Finsbury Park Station
    Station Place
  948. Cats Thai Restaurant
    Stroud Green Road
  949. Rowans Bowljng
    Stroud Green Road
  950. Florentia Village
    Vale Road
  951. Freighn missions club
    Aberdeen park
  952. Avenell road
    Aubert park
  953. Highburry Square
    Avenell road/highburry hill
  954. Bank of friendship PH
    Blackstock road
  955. Gunners PH
    Blackstock road
  956. Robinson crusoe Ph
    Catherall road/ reenLanes
  957. Drayton park station
    Drayton park
  958. Isligton central library
    Fieldway crescent
  959. Patherton road
    Green lane/Wallace road
  960. Highbury clock tower
    Higburry hill
  961. Highbury fields
    Highbury crescent
  962. Highbury pools
    Highbury crescent
  963. Taverner square
    Highbury Grange
  964. Aberdeen centre
    Highbury grove
  965. Aberdeen park
    Highbury grove
  966. White house NH N5
    Highbury new park
  967. National childrends home action for children
    Highbury park
  968. Highbury barn tavern
    Highbury park
  969. Garage club
    Holloway road
  970. Highbury grove
    Saint pauls road
  971. Aberdeen road
    Sotheby Road/abderdeen park
  972. Athlone house hospital
    60 hampstad lane
  973. Jacksons Lane centre
    Archway road
  974. Woodman
    Archway Road
  975. Harringey magistrates court
    Bishops road
  976. Highgate golf course
    Denewood road
  977. Sheldon avenue
    Hampstead lane
  978. Bishopswood road
    Hampsteadd lane
  979. Cholmeley park
    Highehigh steet/Arhway road
  980. Karl marx memorial
    Highgate cemetery east
  981. South Grove
    Highgate high street
  982. Waterlow park
    Highgate high street
  983. Ghahigh omssio sa section
    Highgate highstee/the bank
  984. Flash PH
    Highgate west hill
  985. Flask PH
    Highgate west Hill
  986. Lauderdale house
    Hihgate hill
  987. D restauan
    Hmpsead Lane
  988. North hill
    North road
  989. Highgate private hospital
    Priory gardens
  990. Highate society
    South grove
  991. Pondstreet
    South grove
  992. Highgate cemetery
    Swains lane
  993. Channing sgir school
    Thebank/highgate hi stet
  994. Holloway road station
    Holloway road
  995. Beaux art building
    10 Mannor Gardens
  996. Mann & overten
    39-41 brewary road
  997. Edeon Holloway
    417 Holloway Road
  998. John mabes library
    Camden road
  999. Tufnell park recreation ground
    Campdale road
  1000. Pleasance theatre
    Carpenters mews
  1001. Celodonian Road Station
    Celedonian road
  1002. Saint marks studios
    Chillingworth road
  1003. Hihgate polica station
    Church Road
  1004. Highbury youth court
    Digswell steet
  1005. Islighton youth court
    Digswell street
  1006. Emarates stadium
    Drayton park/ homsey road
  1007. Arsenal FC
    Drayton park/Homsey Road
  1008. Hambucca Bar
    Holloway road
  1009. Big red
    Holloway road
  1010. Campaign for nucleanr disarmament CND
    Holloway Road
  1011. Highbury magistrates court
    Holloway Road
  1012. Holloway B&B
    Holloway road
  1013. Marlborough building
    Holloway road
  1014. National Youth theatre
    Holloway road
  1015. Rocket club
    Holloway road
  1016. Titanic café & restaurant
    Holloway road
  1017. Tollington way
    Holloway road
  1018. Tollington way
    Holloway road
  1019. Tufnell park road
    Holloway road
  1020. Nags Head Shopping
    Holloway Road/herslet Road
  1021. Micheal sobell sports Centre
    Homsey road/Tollington Road
  1022. Harvist Estate
    Hornsey Road
  1023. Holloway Police Station
    Hornsey Road
  1024. Angelick bar
    Liverpool road
  1025. African youth trust
    Liverpool road
  1026. Morgan M restaurant
    Liverpool road
  1027. Mersey estate
    Liverpool road
  1028. Tommy flynns
    Liverpool road
  1029. Paradise park
    Lough road/Sheringham Road
  1030. North library
    Manor gardens
  1031. Gin palace apartments
    Market road
  1032. Islington Tennis Centre
    Market Road
  1033. James Leicester hall
    Market road
  1034. Mackenzie Road
    Market Road
  1035. SCOPE N7
    Market road
  1036. SCOPE N7
    Market road
  1037. Isligton springboard Trust
    Parkhurst Road
  1038. Holloway prison
    Parkhurst road
  1039. Islington art facory
    Parkhurst road
  1040. Quays PH
    PH- 417 Holloway Road
  1041. Red rose theatre
    Seven sisters road
  1042. Freightliners city farm
    Sheringham road
  1043. Pentonville prison
    Th drive
  1044. Saint gerges theatre
    Tufnell park road
  1045. Egg club
    York way /vale royal
  1046. Market road
    York way/celedonian road
  1047. White Lodge Hotel
    1 Church Lane
  1048. Pumphouse Restaurant
    1 New River Avenue
  1049. Le Cadre Restaurant
    10 Priory Road/Homsey High Street
  1050. North Middlesex Cricket Club
    185 Park Road
  1051. Monkey Nuts Restaurant
    2 Park Road
  1052. West Indian Cultural Centre
    Clarendon Road
  1053. Park Road N8
    Crouch End Broadway
  1054. Thai-tanic Restaurant
    Crouch End Hill
  1055. The Broadway
    Crouch End Hill
  1056. MounMew Theatre School
    Crouch Hill Homsey
  1057. Ducketts Common
    Green Lanes
  1058. Tumpike Lane
    Green Lanes
  1059. Tumpike Lane Station
    Green Lanes
  1060. Tumpike Lane Station
    Green Lanes
  1061. Harringay Town Hall
    Hatherley Gardens
  1062. Homsey Town Hall
    Hatherley Gardens
  1063. Homsey Auctions
    High Street Homsey
  1064. Magic Flute Banqueting Hall
    High Street Homsey
  1065. New River Village
    High Street Homsey
  1066. Priory Road N8
    High Street Homsey
  1067. Homsey Fire Station
    Park Avenue South 6 Park
  1068. Homsey Central Hospital
    Park Road
  1069. Road Pools
    Park Road
  1070. 28 Middle Lane
    Park Road/Priory Road
  1071. Bowling Club
    Priory Road
  1072. Homsey High Street
    Priory RoadlTumpike Lane
  1073. Tottenham Lane
    The Broadway
  1074. Sips Bar & Lounge
    Toltenham Lane
  1075. Homsey Historical Society
    Toltenham Lane
  1076. Homsey Station
    Toltenham Lane
  1077. Virgin Active
    Topsfield ParadelTottenhan Lane
  1078. YMCA Homsey
    Tottenham Lane
  1079. Homsey Police Station
    Tottenham Lane
  1080. Toll Gate PH
    Tumpike Lane
  1081. Triton Square
    Drummond StreeULongford Street
  1082. Jazz Cafe
    5 Parkway
  1083. Liberties Bar
    - 100 Camden High Street/Pratt Street
  1084. Euston Square Hotel
    - 156 North Gower Street
  1085. Comer House Hotel
    - 203 Camden Road
  1086. Momington Crescent Station
    Herdwick Place/Hampstead Road
  1087. Woolworth HQ
    - Marylebone Road
  1088. Dublin Castle PH
    ,94 Parkway
  1089. Thistle Euston Hotel
    . Cardington Street
  1090. London College of Osteopathic Medicine
    -. Boston Place
  1091. Oakley Square
    -. Eversholt Street
  1092. Queen Marys Gardens
    -. Inner Circle
  1093. Baker Street Station
    -. Marylebone Road
  1094. Feng Shang Restaurant
    -. Prince Albert Road
  1095. Koko Club
    1 Camden High Street
  1096. BNP Paribas Bank
    10 Harewood Avenue
  1097. Royal College pf Physicians
    11 Saint Andrews Place
  1098. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
    -110 Gloucester Avenue
  1099. Travelodge Euston Hotel
    1-11 Grafton Place
  1100. Euston Station
    12 Stephenson Way
  1101. Princes Trust
    17 Park Square East
  1102. Diner Restaurant
    2 Jamestown Road
  1103. Consumers Association & Which Ltd
    2 Marylebone Road Peto Place2015
  1104. Cecil Sharp House
    2 Regents Park Road
  1105. Transport for London Lost Property Office
    200 Baker Street
  1106. Grant Thomton House
    22 Melton Street
  1107. Theatro Technis
    26 Crowndale Road
  1108. Greater London House
    263 Hampstead Road
  1109. Etcetera Theatre
    265 Camden High StreeVJamestown Road
  1110. Ibis Hotel NW1
    3 Cardington Street
  1111. Churdl Army Hostel
    3 Cosway Stre
  1112. Fifty Five PH
    31 Jamestown Road
  1113. RMT-National Union of Rail Maritime & Transport Workers (Unity House 17/5
    39 Chalton Street
  1114. Dorset Square Hotel
    39 Dorset Square
  1115. Danish Church
    4 Saint Katharine's Precinct
  1116. Danish Church
    4 Saint Katharine's Precinct
  1117. Belushis Bar
    48 Camden High Street
  1118. Saint Matthews Lodge
    50 Oakley Square
  1119. Fake Club
    57 Hartland Road
  1120. Engineer PH & Restaurant
    65 Gloucester Avenue/Princess Road
  1121. Utopia Village
    7 Chalcot Road
  1122. Daphne Restaurant
    85 Bayham Street
  1123. Agar Grove Estate
    Agar Grove
  1124. Albany Street Police Station
    Albany Street
  1125. Regents Park Barracks
    Albany Street
  1126. Jewish Museum
    Albert Street
  1127. Sherlock Holmes Museum
    Baker Street
  1128. Beatles Shop
    Baker Street
  1129. Variety Club of GB
    Bayham Street
  1130. Camden Road Station
    Bonny Street
  1131. Electric Ballroom
    Camden High Street
  1132. Jongleurs Comedy Club
    Camden Lock Chalk Farm Road
  1133. Dingwalls
    Camden Lock Place
  1134. Church Studios
    Camden Park Road
  1135. Carr Gomm Society
    Camden Road
  1136. Rochester Square
    Camden Road
  1137. Irish Centre
    Camden Square
  1138. Saint Pancras Coroners Court
    Camley Street
  1139. Euston Studios
    Cardington Street
  1140. Carnley Street Natural Park
    Carnley Street
  1141. Hawley Road
    CasUehaven Road
  1142. 31 Chalcot Square
    Chalcot Road
  1143. 31 Stables Market
    Chalk Farm Road
  1144. Roundhouse Theatre
    Chalk Farm Road
  1145. Gilgamesh Restaurant
    Chalk Farm Road/Stables Market
  1146. Window Cleaner Statue
    Chapel Street
  1147. Camden Lock Hotel
    Crogsland Road
  1148. Purple Turtle Bar
    Crowndale Road
  1149. Working Mens College
    Crowndale Road
  1150. Pancras Road
    Crowndale RoadlEuston Road
  1151. Potting Shed Restaurant
    Dorset Square
  1152. 3 EI Salvador Embassy
    Dorset Square/Mayfair House
  1153. Diorama Arts Centre
    Euston Centre/Regents Place
  1154. Friends House
    Euston Road
  1155. Camden Centre
    Euston Road
  1156. Euston Fire Station
    Euston Road
  1157. Evergreen House
    Euston Road
  1158. Mirrors Restaurant
    Euston Road
  1159. Wellcome Foundation
    Euston Road
  1160. YHA Saint Pancras
    Euston Road
  1161. British Library
    Euston Road/Midland Road
  1162. Crowndale Centre
    Eversholt Street
  1163. Rotunda
    Gloucester Crescent
  1164. Americana Hotel
    Gloucester Place
  1165. Dorset House
    Gloucester Place
  1166. Camden Peoples Theatre
    Hampstead Road
  1167. British Heart Foundation
    Hampstead Road/Greater BIB
  1168. H.G. Wells Plaque
    Hanover Terrace
  1169. Blandford Square
    Harewood Avenue
  1170. Travelodge London Marylebone Hotel
    Harewood Row
  1171. MTV - 17
    Hawley Crescent
  1172. Open Air Theatre
    Inner Circle
  1173. Regents College
    Inner Circle Regent Park
  1174. Holiday Inn Express NW1
    Jamestown Road
  1175. Wagamama Japanese Restaurant
    Jamestown Road
  1176. Mango Room
    Kentish Town Road
  1177. Camden Street
    Kentish Town Road/Oakley Square
  1178. Capio Nightingale Hospital
    Lisson Grove
  1179. Planetarium
    Marylebone Road
  1180. North West House
    Marylebone Road
  1181. British Home Stores HQ
    Marylebone Road
  1182. 'adame Tussauds
    Marylebone Road
  1183. Dukes Hall
    Marylebone Road
  1184. Globe PH
    Marylebone Road
  1185. Harley House
    Marylebone Road
  1186. John F Kennedy Memorial
    Marylebone Road
  1187. Marathon House
    Marylebone Road
  1188. Marylebone Magistrates Court
    Marylebone Road
  1189. Methodist Church House
    Marylebone Road
  1190. Regents Park Station
    Marylebone Road
  1191. Royal Academy of Music
    Marylebone Road
  1192. Westem Eye Hospital
    Marylebone Road
  1193. Westminster ~ouncil House
    Marylebone Road
  1194. Which? Magazine
    Marylebone Road
  1195. York Gate
    Marylebone Road
  1196. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
    Marylebone Road/Osnaburgh Street
  1197. Lisson Grove
    Marylebone Road/Saint Johns Wood Road
  1198. Landmark Hotel
    Meicombe Place/Harewood/Great entral
  1199. S Marylebone Station
    Melcombe Place
  1200. Walkden House
    Melton Street
  1201. Edinboro Castle PH
    Momington Terrace
  1202. Camden Square
    Murray Street
  1203. Cumberland Market
    Osnaburgh Street
  1204. Melia White House Hotel
    Osnaburgh Terrace
  1205. Novotel Saint Pancras Hotel
    Ossulston Street
  1206. Gloucester Gate
    Outer Circle
  1207. Regents Park Golf & Tennis School
    Outer Circle
  1208. Winfield House
    Outer Circle
  1209. Zoological Society
    Outer Circle
  1210. Park Square East
    Outer Circle/Marylebone Road
  1211. london Zoo
    Outer Circle/Regents Park
  1212. Pirate Castle
    Oval Road
  1213. Saint Pancras.lntemational Station/Eurostar
    Pancras Road Set Down/Midland Road Pickup
  1214. Rudolf Steiner House
    Park Road
  1215. Hanover Gate
    Park Road
  1216. London Central Mosque
    Park Road
  1217. York & Albany HotellRestaurant
  1218. Gloucester Avenue
    'Parkway/Regents Park Road
  1219. Dick Collins Hall
    Redhill Street
  1220. Odettes Restaurant
    Regents Park Road
  1221. English Folk Dance & Song Society
    Regents Park Road
  1222. Fourth Feathers Club
    Rossmore Road
  1223. Young Theatre School (Old)
    Rossmore Road
  1224. Beaumont Animal Hospital
    Royal College Street
  1225. Royal Veterinary College
    Royal College Street
  1226. George & Dragon Statue
    Saint Johns Wood Circus
  1227. Jelling Stone
    Saint Katharine's Precinct
  1228. Seashell Restaurant
    Shroton Street
  1229. Royal Asiatic Society
    Stephenson Way
  1230. Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
    Sussex Place
  1231. london Business School
    Sussex Place/Regents Par
  1232. Momington Sports & Leisure Centre
    Underhill Street
  1233. Crypt Youth Club
    Wellington Road/Prince Albert Road
  1234. Addison Lee Ltd
    William Road
  1235. Munster Square
    William Road
  1236. American Residence
    Winfield House
  1237. Inner Cirde
    York Bridge
  1238. Rotary Club of London
    York Gate
  1239. Agar Grove
    York Way/Saint Pancras Way
  1240. Harlesden high street
    Harrow road/ craven park road
  1241. Grand junction PH
    Acton lane
  1242. Harlesden station
    Acton lane
  1243. Willesden county court
    Acton lane
  1244. Centra Middlesex hospital
    Acton lane /abbey road
  1245. Kensal rise constitutional club
    Chamberlayne road
  1246. Kensal rise green station
    College road
  1247. Harlesden police station
    Craven park
  1248. Craven park
    Craven park road
  1249. Harlesden library
    Craven park road
  1250. College of north west London
    Denzil road
  1251. PC Ronan McCloskey memorial
    Denzil road
  1252. Willesden sports centre
    Donningtion road
  1253. Learie Constantine centre
    Dudden hill lane
  1254. Willesden new cemetery
    Franklyn road
  1255. Chelmsford square
    Hardinge road
  1256. Green man
    Harlesden high street
  1257. Jubille clock
    Harlesden high street
  1258. Donninton road
    Harlesden road
  1259. West London crematorium
    Harrow road
  1260. Millennium lodge
    Harrow road
  1261. Saint marys cemetery
    Harrow road
  1262. Harlesden high street
    Harrow road/ craven park road
  1263. Chcel house
    Neasden lane
  1264. Neasden station
    Neasden lane
  1265. Chamberlayne road
    Sidmoth road/Kilburn lane
  1266. Willesden junchtion station
    Station approach
  1267. Willesden junction hotel
    Station road
  1268. Old oak lane
    Station road
  1269. Sickle cell society
    Station road
  1270. Kensal rise station
    Station terrace
  1271. Mcvities w
    Waxlow road
  1272. Park royal fire station
    Waxlow road
  1273. Brent magistrates court
    Willsden high road
  1274. North Square
    Central square
  1275. Chandos lawn tennis club
    Chandos way
  1276. Klub extremne
    Finchley road
  1277. Jewish vegetarian society
    Finchley road
  1278. King solomans hotel
    Golders green
  1279. Woodstock avenue
    Golders green road
  1280. Soth square
  1281. Brent cros station
    Highfield avenue/station approach
  1282. Central hotel
    Hoop lane
  1283. Golders green jwesih cemetery
    Hoop lane
  1284. Jewish cemetery
    Hoop lane
  1285. Meadway gate
  1286. Golders green BBC hiipdrome( now called El-shaddai Christian centre)
    North end road
  1287. Golders green hippodrome
    North end road
  1288. Golders green station
    North end road
  1289. Ivy house
    North end road
  1290. King Alfred scholl
    North end road
  1291. North end road
    North end way
  1292. Wentworth road
    Saint gerges road
  1293. Central square
    South square
  1294. Saindt jude on the hill
    South square
  1295. Yha hampstead heath
    Wellgarth road
  1296. Cyprus airways
    Brent cross gardens/ prince Charles drive
  1297. Willsden & brondesbury park synagogue
    Brondesbury park
  1298. Dollis hill station
    Chapter road
  1299. Ckicklewood station
    Ckicklewood lane
  1300. Loot stadioum
    Claremonr road
  1301. Clifterhouse school
    Claremont road
  1302. Hendon fc
    Claremont road
  1303. Pennine drive
    Claremont road
  1304. Tilling road
    Claremont road
  1305. Cricklewood lodge hotel
    Cricklewood broadway
  1306. Crown moran hotel
    Cricklewood broadway
  1307. Virgin active
    Cricklewood Lane
  1308. Shoot up hill
    Crikclwood broadway
  1309. Gladstone park
    Dollis hill lane
  1310. Stables art gallery
    dollis hill lane
  1311. Hill bar
    Haverstock hill
  1312. Hendon youth club
    Marble drive
  1313. Dollis hill synagogue
    Park side
  1314. Cannons sports centre
    Sidmoth road
  1315. Shish restaurant
    Station parade
  1316. Willesden green station
    Station parade
  1317. Hamlet square
    The vale
  1318. Holiday inn garden court
    Tilling road
  1319. Toys R US
    Tilling road
  1320. Brondesbury Cricklewood & Willesden Grd Conservative Club
    Walm lane
  1321. Chichele road
    Walm lane/cricklllewood broadway
  1322. Abbotts hotel
    Willesden lane
  1323. True budda temple
    Willesden lane
  1324. Hampstead Britannia Hotel
    -. Fellows Road
  1325. Benihana Japanese Restaurant
    100 Avenue Road
  1326. Tinseltown Diner
    104 Heath Street
  1327. Bradleys Restaurant
    25 Winchester Road
  1328. Magdala PH
    2a South Hill Park
  1329. Best Westem Swiss Cottage Hotel
    Adamson Road
  1330. Regency Lodge
    Adelaide Road
  1331. Regency lodge
    Adelaide road
  1332. Hampstead & high gate express
    Avenue road
  1333. Swiss Cottage Station
    Avenue Road
  1334. Orunrise gardens
    Belsize grove/England Lane
  1335. Tavistock Centre
    Belsize Lane
  1336. Belsize Square
    Belsize Park
  1337. Belsize square synagogue
    Belsize square
  1338. Haverstock hill
    Chalk farm road
  1339. Le Cellier Du Midi Restaurant
    Church Row
  1340. Northways
    College crescent
  1341. Bombay Bicycle Club Restaurant
    Down shire Hill
  1342. Hampstead Magistrates Court
    Downshire Hill
  1343. Vale of Health
    East Heath Road
  1344. Washington arms
    England lane
  1345. Central Scholl of speck and drama
    Eton avenue
  1346. Embassy Theatre
    Eton Avenue
  1347. Hampstead Theatre
    Eton Avenue
  1348. South Hampstead Synagogue
    Eton Road
  1349. 12102 Centre
    Finchley Road
  1350. Charles house
    Finchley road
  1351. Finchley Road Station
    Finchley Road
  1352. Hampstead scholl of English
    Finchley road
  1353. Secrets 2 Club
    Finchley Road
  1354. Holiday Inn Express Swiss Cottage
    Finchley Road
  1355. Portman clinic
    Fitzjohns avenue
  1356. Flask PH
    Flask Walk
  1357. Langorf hotel
  1358. Quality hotel hampstead
  1359. Benton Fletcher collection of early keyboard instrument
    Hampstead grove
  1360. Fenton House Museum
    Hampstead Grove
  1361. Zen restaurant
    Hampstead high streat
  1362. Hampstead Station
    Hampstead High Street
  1363. Toast Restaurant
    Hampstead high street
  1364. Kenwood House
    Hampstead Lane
  1365. Globe lawn tennis club
    Haverstock hill
  1366. Tootsies
    Haverstock Hill
  1367. Belsize Park Station
    Haverstock Hill
  1368. Screen on the Hill
    Haverstock Hill
  1369. Weng Wah House Restaurant
    Haverstock Hill
  1370. Black & Blue Restaurant
    Haverstock Hill Hill (Now Called Chez Bob)
  1371. Gaucho grill
    Heath streat
  1372. Hampstead Square
    Heath Streat
  1373. Three horse shoes
    Heath streat
  1374. Le gaffe hotel
    Heath street
  1375. Queen Marys Hospital
    Holford Road
  1376. Everyman Theatre
    Holly Bush Vale
  1377. Keats House Museum
    Keats Grove
  1378. Marriott Regents Park Hotel
    King Henrys Road
  1379. Belsize Park Fire Station
    Lancaster Grove
  1380. Air Studios
    Lydhurst Road
  1381. Freud Museum
    Maresfield Gardens
  1382. YMCA Danish
    Maresfield gardens
  1383. 187 New End Theatre
    New End
  1384. New End Square
    New End
  1385. Burgh House Trust
    New End Square
  1386. Inverforth house
    North End way
  1387. Jack Straws Castle
    North End Way
  1388. Premier Travel Inn Hampstead
    Oman Road
  1389. Pentametets theatre
    Oriel place
  1390. Naked Sausage Restaurant
    Pond Street
  1391. Armoury Sports Centre
    Pond Street
  1392. Royal Free Hospital
    Pond StreeURowland Hill Street
  1393. Lemonia Restaurant
    Regents Park Road
  1394. Primrose Hill road
    Regents Park road
  1395. Trojka Russian Tea Room
    Regents Park Road
  1396. Hampstead Cab Rank
    Rosslyn Hill
  1397. Hampstead cab rank
    Rosslyn Hill
  1398. Hampstead Police Station
    Rosslyn Hill
  1399. House hotel
    Rosslyn hill
  1400. Hampstead Heath Station
    South Hill Park
  1401. Par1iament Hill
    South Hill Park
  1402. World association of girl guides & Girls Scouts
    Waterhouse close
  1403. Gainsborough gardens
    Well walk
  1404. Firecrest Drive
    West Heath Road
  1405. Whitestone pond
    West heath road
  1406. Taplow tower
    Winchester road
  1407. Golders green crematorium
    Hoop Lane
  1408. Brent cross shopping centre
    Prince Charles drive
  1409. Torriano avenue
    Camden park road
  1410. Highgate studios
    Carkers lane
  1411. Kenlyn lawn tennis
    Croftdown road
  1412. Mansfield bowling clubs
    Croftown road
  1413. Talacre community sports centre
    Dalby street
  1414. Dome club
    Dartmouth park hill
  1415. Lord palmerston
    Dartmouth park hill
  1416. Parliament hill lido
    Gordon house road
  1417. Parliament hill lido
    Gordon house road
  1418. Spectrum house
    Gordon house road
  1419. Highgate business centre
    Greenwood place
  1420. Lion and unicrn theatre
    Hammond street
  1421. Venue club
    High gate road
  1422. Forum club/ HMV forum
    High gate road
  1423. Bull & gate PH
    Highgate road
  1424. Vine restaturant
    Highgate road
  1425. Chetwynd road
    Highgate road/darmouth oark hill
  1426. Willian ellis school
    Highgatre road
  1427. Kentish town fire station
    Hjghgate road
  1428. Kentish town police station
    Holmes Road
  1429. Rios health club
    Kentish town road
  1430. Bengal lancer restaurant
    Kentish town road
  1431. Flower pot club
    Kentish town road
  1432. Holmes road
    Kentish town road
  1433. National council for one parent families
    Kentish town road
  1434. High gate road
    Kentish town road/highgate west hill
  1435. Fortess road
    Kentish town road/junction road
  1436. Assembly house
    Kentish town road/Leighton road
  1437. Fiddlers elbow
    Malden road
  1438. Saint leonards square
    Malden road
  1439. Gospel oak station
    Mansfield road
  1440. Oak cillage
    Mansfield road
  1441. Kentish town west station
    Prince of wales road
  1442. Malden road
    Prince of wales road
  1443. Camden vehicle pound
    Regis road
  1444. Kentish town business park
    Regis road
  1445. Saint dominics priory
    Southamton road
  1446. Kronx boxing club
    Talacre road
  1447. Saint pancreas boxing club
    Talacre road
  1448. Lyndhurst hall
    Warden road
  1449. Igar hotel
    110 salusbury road
  1450. Queens studios
    117 sulusbury road
  1451. Weech hall
    118 fortune green road
  1452. Done our bit club
    138 maygrove road
  1453. Islamic centre England
    140 maida vale
  1454. Lately nightclub
    175 erst end lane
  1455. Little bay restaurant
    228 belsize road
  1456. Banana tree canteen
    237-239 west end lane
  1457. Hampstead cricket club
    25 lymington road
  1458. Hampstead safe depository
    575 finchley road
  1459. Czech & Slovak national house
    74 west end lane
  1460. Singapore garden restaurant
    83 fairfax road
  1461. Snowman house
    Abbey road
  1462. Swiss cottage central library
    Avenue road
  1463. Priory road
    Belsize road
  1464. English national opera
    Broadhurst gardens
  1465. Marios greek restaurant
    Broadhurst gardens
  1466. Brondesbury park station
    Brondesbury park
  1467. Trycle cinema
    Buckey road
  1468. Kilburn park station
    Cambdridge avenue
  1469. Animals war memorial dispensary
    Cambridge road
  1470. Waitrose cab rank
    Canfield gardens/west end lane
  1471. Imam khomeni Islamic centre
    Chevening road
  1472. Kilburn station
    Chirtchurch avenue
  1473. West hampstead sygnagoue
    Dennigton park road
  1474. West hampstead police station
    Fortune freen road
  1475. Hampstead cemetery
    Fortune green road
  1476. West hampstead business centre
    Iverson road
  1477. Brondesbury station
    Kilburh high road
  1478. Trycle theatre
    Kilburn high road
  1479. Chrishurch avenue
    Kilburn high road
  1480. Kilburn priory
    Kilburn high road
  1481. Marriot maida vale hotel
    Kilburn high road
  1482. Carlton vale
    Kilburn lane/maida vale
  1483. Hugos restaurant
    Londdale road
  1484. South hamostead station
    Loudoun road
  1485. Quens park
    Millman road
  1486. Fairhazel gardens
    Nelsize circus/boadhurst gardens
  1487. Kilburn police station
    Salusbury road
  1488. Victoria road
    Solusbury road/Kilburn high road
  1489. Queens park station
    Sulusbury road
  1490. Kilburn square
    Victoria road
  1491. Acol bridge club
    West end lane
  1492. West hampstead fire station
    West end lane
  1493. West hampstead station
    West end lane
  1494. West hampstead thameslink
    West end lane
  1495. Iverson road
    West end lane/caventish road
  1496. Danubius Hotel Regents Park
    18 Lodge Road
  1497. Saint Johns Wood Synagogue
    37 Grove End Road
  1498. Abbey Road Studios
    Abbey Road
  1499. New London Synagogue
    Abbey Road
  1500. Salt House
    Abbey Road
  1501. Belgrave Gardens
    Abbey Road
  1502. Grove End Gardens
    Abbey Road/Grove End Road
  1503. Saint Johns Wood Station
    Acacia Road
  1504. Townshend Road
    Acacia Road/Prince Albert Road
  1505. Jack Taylor School
    Ainsworth Way
  1506. Lyndhurst Club
    Allitsen Road
  1507. Saint Edmunds Terrace
    Avenue Road
  1508. Saint Stephens Close
    Avenue Road
  1509. The Polygon NW8
    Avenue Road
  1510. The Marlowes
    Boundary Road
  1511. Oslo Court
    Charlbert Street
  1512. Oslo Court Restaurant
    Charlbert Street
  1513. Church Street Market
    Church Street
  1514. Tibet House
    Culworth Street
  1515. Boundary Road
    Finchley Road
  1516. Eyre Court
    Finchley Road
  1517. Cockpit Theatre
    Gateforth Street
  1518. Grove Court
    Grove End Road
  1519. Grove End House
    Grove End Road
  1520. Scott Ellis Gardens
    Grove End Road
  1521. Hospital of Saint John & Saint Elizabeth
    Grove End Road
  1522. Alma Square
    Hill RoadlHamilton Gardens
  1523. American School in London
    Loudoun Road/Waverley Place 511
  1524. Abercom Place
    Maida Vale
  1525. Florence Court
    Maida Vale
  1526. Carlton Hill
    Maida Vale/Loudoun Road
  1527. Saint Johns Wood Police Station
    Newcourt Street
  1528. Rossetti House
    Ordnance Hill
  1529. Kings Troop
    Ordnance Hill
  1530. Royal Horse Artillery Company
    Ordnance Hill
  1531. Abbey Lodge
    Park Road
  1532. Crown Court
    Park Road
  1533. imperial Court
    Prince Albert Road
  1534. Saint Johns Wood High Street
    Prince Albert Road
  1535. Stockleigh Halt
    Prince Albert Road
  1536. Saint Johns Wood Park
    Queens Grove
  1537. Saint Marylebone Almshouses
    Saint Johns Wood Terrace
  1538. Harry Morgans Diner
    Saint Johns Wood High Street
  1539. Boydell Court
    Saint Johns Wood Park
  1540. Liberal Jewish Synagogue
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  1541. Graces Gate
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  1542. Lords Cricket Ground
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  1543. Lords View Apartments
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  1544. Marylebone Cricket Club
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  1545. Carluccios Restaurant
    SairJ.t Johns Wood High Street
  1546. Wellington Hospital
    Wellington Place
  1547. Warm Seas
    Wellington Road
  1548. Public Carriage Office
    Blackfriars Road/Union Street
  1549. Evelyn Coyle Day Centre & Respite Unit
    Grange Walk
  1550. Bligh Blue Plaque
    - 100 Lambeth Road
  1551. Waterloo Brasserie
    - 119 Waterloo Road
  1552. Hop Studios
    - 2 Jamaica Road
  1553. National Council for Civil Liberties
    - 21 Tabard Street 3 New
  1554. Hole in the Wall
    - 5 Mepham Street
  1555. Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret
    Saint Thomas Street
  1556. Doggetts Coat & Badge PH
    -". Blackfriars Road 27
  1557. Imperial War Museum All Saints Annexe
    -. Austral Street
  1558. Blackfriars Foundry
    -. Blackfriars RoadlWebber Street
  1559. Industrial Estate
    -. Crimscott Street
  1560. Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre
    -. Elephant & Castle
  1561. Holland Street
    -. Hopton Street/Sumner Street 2
  1562. Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park
    -. Lambeth Road William
  1563. Charlie Chaplin
    -. New Kent Road
  1564. Southwark Playhouse
    -. Shipwright Yardrrooley StreetlBermondsey Street
  1565. Bankside House
    -. Sumner Street
  1566. Southwark College
    -. The Cut
  1567. Tower Bridge
    -. Tower Bridge Approach/Tower Bridge Road
  1568. Bermondsey Square Hotel
    -. Tower Bridge Road
  1569. Park Plaza County Hall
    1 Addington Street
  1570. 6 Saint Christophers Inn PH
    121 Borough High Street
  1571. Hill House
    133 Blackfriars Road
  1572. Premier Inn Tower Bridge Hotel
    159 Tower Bridge Road
  1573. Kings Beam House
    22 Upper Ground
  1574. La Spezia Bar & Restaurant
    35 Railway Approach
  1575. Rhodes DeSign Studio
    79 Bermondsey Street
  1576. Barrowboy & Banker PH
    8 Borough High Street
  1577. Garrison PH
    99 Bermondsey Street
  1578. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge
    Addington Street
  1579. Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel
    Albert Embankment
  1580. Intemational Maritime Organisation
    Albert Embankment
  1581. 43 Alaska Building
    Bacon Grove/Grange Road
  1582. 172 Vinopolis - City of \/Vine
    Bank End
  1583. Anchor PH
    Bank End
  1584. Christopher Wrens House
  1585. Millennium Bridge South Side
  1586. Hospital Saturday Fund
    Barge House Street
  1587. Oxo Tower
    Barge House Street
  1588. HMS Belfast
    Battlebridge Lane
  1589. Borough Market
    Bedale Street
  1590. Borough Market
    Bedale Street
  1591. Fish! Restaurant
    Bedale Street
  1592. Forum Magnum Square
    Belvedere Road
  1593. Jubilee Gardens
    Belvedere Road
  1594. Royal Festival Hall
    Belvedere Road
  1595. Premier Inn London County Hall
    Belvedere Road Zandra
  1596. New Caledonian Market
    Bermondsey Square
  1597. Stage Magazine
    Bermondsey Street
  1598. Fashion & Textile Museum
    Bermondsey Street
  1599. Delfina Restaurant & Studios
    -Bermondsey Street
  1600. South Bank House
    Black Prince Road
  1601. Lambeth High Street
    Black Prince Road/Lambeth Road B817
  1602. Ring PH
    Blackfriars Road
  1603. Laughing Gravy Bar
    Blackfriars Road
  1604. Peabody Square
    Blackfriars Road
  1605. Stamford Street
    Blackfriars RoadlTenison Way
  1606. Palestra Building
    Blackfriars RoadlUnion Street
  1607. British School of Osteopathy
    Borough High Street
  1608. Belushis Bar
    Borough High Street
  1609. Royal British Legion HQ
    Borough High Street
  1610. Borough Station
    Borough High Street
  1611. John Harvard Library
    Borough High Street
  1612. London City Hotel
    Borough High Street
  1613. Marshalsea Road
    Borough High Street
  1614. Overseas Visitors Records Office
    Borough High Street
  1615. Saint George the Martyr Church
    Borough High Street
  1616. ACAS - Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service
    Borough High Street
  1617. Southwark Police Station
    Borough High Street rear Trio Place
  1618. Brandon House
    Borough High_Street
  1619. Southwark
    Bridge Road
  1620. London Bridge Hospital
    Bridge Yard
  1621. Waterloo Station
    Cab Road
  1622. Southwark Cathedral
    Cathedral Street
  1623. Electoral Reform Society
    Chancel Street
  1624. IMAX Cinema
    Charlie Chaplin Walk
  1625. Clink Street Prison
    Clink Street
  1626. Days Hotel
    Cosser Street
  1627. Italian Building
  1628. Downside-Fisher Boys Club
    Druid Street
  1629. Hannibal House
    Elephant & Castle
  1630. Metropolitan Tabemade
    Elephant & Castle
  1631. Southwark Crown Court
    English Grounds
  1632. Brewery Square
    Gainsford StreeVHorselydown Lane
  1633. Ministry of Sound
    Gaunt Street
  1634. Pages Walk
    Grange RoadlWiliow Walk
  1635. Guys Hospital
    Great Maze Pond
  1636. Olley's Fish & Chips
    Great Suffolk Street
  1637. Webber Street
    Great Suffolk StreeVThe Cut
  1638. Hartleys Jam Factory
    Green Walk
  1639. Jam Factory Apartments
    Green Walk
  1640. Dickens Square
    Harper Road
  1641. Kings Reach Tower
  1642. Tate Modem
    Holland Street
  1643. Bankside Gallery
    Hopton Street
  1644. Sampson House
    Hopton Street
  1645. Tas EV Restaurant
    Isabella StreetlHatfields
  1646. Tanner Street
    Jamaica RoadiBermondsey Street
  1647. London Eye
    Jubilee Gardens
  1648. Hawkstone Hall
    Kennington Road
  1649. Parliament View Apartments
    Lambeth High Street
  1650. Royal Pharmaceutical Society
    Lambeth High Street
  1651. Florence Nightingale Museum
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1652. Saint Thomas's Hospital
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1653. Becket House
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1654. Archbishops Park
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1655. Evelina Children'S Hospltal
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1656. Lambeth Palace
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1657. Museum of Garden History
    Lambeth Palace Road
  1658. Gainsborough Clinic
    Lambeth Road
  1659. Novotel Waterloo Hotel
    Lambeth Road
  1660. Marine Society
    Lambeth Road
  1661. Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park
    Lambeth Road
  1662. Imperial War Museum
    Lambeth Road
  1663. Nautical Society
    Lambeth Road
  1664. Saint Georges Cathedral
    Lambeth Road
  1665. Mercure Hotel
    Lavington Street
  1666. Morocco Store
    Leathermarket Street
  1667. Georgetown Restaurant
    London Bridge Street
  1668. London Bridge Hotel
    London Bridge Street
  1669. Elephant & Castle Underground Station
    London Road
  1670. Empire Square
    Long Lane
  1671. Christian Aid
    Lower Marsh
  1672. Cubana Bar
    Lower Marsh
  1673. La Barca Restaurant
    Lower Marsh
  1674. 37 City of London Academy
    Lynton Road
  1675. Joes Kitchen
    Marshalsea Road
  1676. Kennington Road Police Station
    Mead Row
  1677. Glaziers Hall
    Montague Close
  1678. Scientific Instrument Makers Hall
    Montague Close
  1679. Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge
    More London Placerrooley street
  1680. Shakespeares New Globe Theatre
    New Globe Walk
  1681. Driscoll House Hotel
    New Kent Road
  1682. Inner London Sessions
    Newington Causeway
  1683. Salvation Army Salvation Army
    Newington Causeway
  1684. Central Office of Information
    Newnham Terrace
  1685. Royal Marine Reserve
    Old Jamaica Road
  1686. World Turned Upside Down
    Old Kent Road
  1687. Avondale Square
    Old Kent Road
  1688. Dun Cow Surgery
    Old Kent Road
  1689. Mandela Way
    Old Kent Road
  1690. Old Kent Road Fire Station
    Old Kent Road
  1691. London College of Printing
    Oswin Street
  1692. Guinness Square
    Pages Walk
  1693. Bastille Court
    Paris Gardens
  1694. Versailles Court
    Paris Gardens
  1695. Bear Gardens
    Park Street
  1696. New Globe Walk
    Park Street
  1697. Golden Hinde
    Pickfords Wharf
  1698. Blackfriars Crown Court
    Pocock StreeUBorough
  1699. Perkins Square
    Porter Street
  1700. Cirde Apartments
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  1701. Jacob Statue
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  1702. Soldiers Sailors & Airmens Families Association
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  1703. Greater London Authority
    Queens WalklPolters Fields
  1704. London Bridge Station
    Railway Approach/London Bridge Street
  1705. Mclaren House
    Saint Georges Circus
  1706. Notre Dame High School
    Saint Georges Road Riverside House
  1707. Rolls Road
    Saint James's Road
  1708. Union Jack Club
    Sandell Street
  1709. Waterloo East Station
    Sandell Street
  1710. Butlers Wharf
    Shad Thames
  1711. Design Museum
    Shad Thames
  1712. Tower Bridge Museum
    Shad Thames
  1713. Le Pont De La Tour Restaurant
    Shad Thames/Curlew Street
  1714. Thorburn Square
    Simms Road
  1715. Health & Safety Executive
    Southwark Bridge Road/Rose Court
  1716. Financial Times
    Southwark Bridge Road
  1717. Novotel City South Hotel
    Southwark Bridge Road
  1718. Southwark Rose Hotel
    Southwark Bridge Road
  1719. London Fire Brigade Training Centre
    Southwark Bridge Road
  1720. Grange Road
    Southwark Park Road
  1721. Blue Fin House
    Southwark Street
  1722. Chocolate Theatre
    Southwark Street
  1723. Holiday Inn Express
    Southwark Street
  1724. Sumner Street
    Southwark Street/Southwark Bridge Road
  1725. Bermondsey Town Hall
    Spa Road
  1726. London Nautical School
    Stamford Sireet
  1727. Mad Halter Hotel
    Stamford Street
  1728. Steps
    Station ApproachlWaterloo
  1729. Market Porter PH
    Stoney Street
  1730. Biagio @ Bankside Restaurant
    Sumner Street
  1731. Southwark Coroners Court
    Tennis Street
  1732. Young Vic Theatre
    The Cut
  1733. Tas Restaurant
    The Cut
  1734. Old Vic Theatre
    The Cut
  1735. Southwark Station
    The CuUBlackfriars Road
  1736. The Warehouse
    Theed Stree
  1737. Tower Bridge Magistrates Court
    Tooley Street
  1738. London Dungeons
    Tooley Street
  1739. Unicorn Theatre
    Tooley Street
  1740. Britain At War
    Tooley Street
  1741. More London
    Tooley Street
  1742. Potters Fields
    Tooley Street
  1743. Weston Street
    Tooley StreetJ\l\lilds Rents
  1744. Haddon Hall Baptist Church
    Tower Bridge Road
  1745. Gleasons Boxing Gym
    Tower Bridge Road
  1746. London City Mission
    Tower Bridge Road
  1747. Merrick Square
    Trinity Street
  1748. Trinity Church Square
    Trinity Street
  1749. London Fire Brigade HQ
    Union Street
  1750. Jerwood Space
    Union Street
  1751. Nelson Square
    Union Street
  1752. Union Jack PH
    Union Street
  1753. Sea Containers House
    Upper Ground
  1754. Gabriels Wharf
    Upper Ground
  1755. Bernie Spain Gardens
    Upper Ground
  1756. Coltesloe Theatre
    Upper Ground
  1757. IBM
    Upper Ground
  1758. London Weekend Television
    Upper Ground
  1759. National Theatre
    Upper Ground
  1760. Schiller International University
  1761. London Ambulance Service HQ
    Waterloo Road
  1762. Morley College
    Westminster Bridge Road
  1763. Horse Bar
    Westminster Bridge Road
  1764. Lambeth North Station
    Westminster Bridge Road
  1765. London Aquarium
    Westminster Bridge Road
  1766. Marriolt County Hall Hotel
    Westminster Bridge Road
  1767. Wellington Mills
    Westminster Bridge Road/Mead Row 3 Rich
  1768. York Clinic
    Weston Street
  1769. Greenwood Theatre
    Weston Street
  1770. Bridge Club
    Weston Street
  1771. Leather Market
    Weston Street
  1772. City Link Couriers
    Willow Walk
  1773. Dockhea
    Wolseley StreeVJamaica Road
  1774. Shell Centre
    York Road
  1775. Fan Museum
    10 Crooms Hill
  1776. Greenwich Town Social Club
    12 Blackwatl Lane
  1777. Gipsy Moth PH
    60 Greenwich Church Street
  1778. Rothbury Hall
    Azof Street
  1779. Greenwich South Street
    Blackheath Road
  1780. Ship & Billet PH
    Blackwall LaneIWoolwich Road
  1781. Greenwich Fire Station
    Blissett Street
  1782. Peninsula Chinese Restaurant
    Bugsbys Way
  1783. Holiday Inn Express
    Bugsbys Way
  1784. Greenwich Police Station
    Burney Street
  1785. Admiral Hardy PH
    College Approach
  1786. Up the Creek Club
    Creek Road
  1787. Circus Gate
    Crooms Hill
  1788. Greenwich Theatre
    Crooms Hill
  1789. Greenwich Foot Tunnel South Entrance
    Cutty Sark Gardens
  1790. Cutty Sark
    Cutty Sark Gardens
  1791. Gipsy Moth IV
    Cutty Sark Gardens
  1792. Greenwich Pier
    Cutty Sark Gardens
  1793. Greenwich Coroners Court
    Devonshire Drive
  1794. That Club
    Dreadnought Street
  1795. David Beckham Academy
    East Parkside
  1796. Corvette Square
    Feathers Place
  1797. Greenwich DLR Staticn
    Greenwich High Road
  1798. Greenwich Playhouse
    Greenwich High Road
  1799. Greenwich Station
    Greenwich High Road
  1800. Novotel
    Greenwich High Road
  1801. Royal Hi
    Greenwich South Street/Greenwich High Road 14/9
  1802. Vietnam Restaurant
    King William Walk
  1803. De Vere Devonport House Hotel-.
    King William Walk
  1804. Greenwich University
    King William Walk
  1805. Throne of the Ancient Kings Statue
    King William Walk
  1806. Vanbrugh Castle
    Maze Hill
  1807. 02 Dome
  1808. North Greenwich Station
    Millennium Way
  1809. Greenwich Yacht Club
    Mudlarks Way/Peartree Way
  1810. First Shop in the World
    Nelson Road
  1811. Greenwich Market
    Nelson Road/College Approach
  1812. National Maritime Museum
    Park Row
  1813. Queens House
    Park Row
  1814. Trident Hall Theatre
    Park Row
  1815. Minor Hall
    Peyton Place
  1816. Mitre Hotel
    Roan Street
  1817. Gloucester Circus
    Royal Hill/Crooms Hill
  1818. Ibis Hotel
    Stockwell Street
  1819. Maze Hill Station
    Tom Smith Close
  1820. Arches Leisure Centre
    Trafalgar Road
  1821. Blackwall Lane
    Trafalgar Road
  1822. Camelford House
    - Albert Embankment
  1823. Vauxhall Bridge
    -. Bridge FootlBessborough Gardens
  1824. Walcot Square
    -. Kennington Road/S!lflivan Road
  1825. Charlie Chaplin Blue Plaque
    -. Methley Street
  1826. Metropolitan Police Forensic Laboratory
    -. Pratts Walk
  1827. Camera Club
    16 Bowden Street
  1828. Ramblers Association
    89 Albert Embankment
  1829. Black Prince Road
    Albert Embankment
  1830. Hampton House
    Albert Embankment
  1831. Peninsula Heights
    Albert Embankment
  1832. Tintagel House
    Albert Embankment
  1833. Cleaver Square
    Cleaver Street
  1834. Lambeth County Court
    Cleaver Street
  1835. Courtenay Square
    Courtenay Street
  1836. Westminster Business Square
    Durham Street
  1837. West Square
    Geraldine StreetlAustral Street
  1838. Kennington Oval-.
    Harleyford StreetlHarleyford Road
  1839. Imperial Court
    Kennington Lane
  1840. Cotton Gardens
    Kennington Lane
  1841. Hurley Clinic
    Kennington Lane
  1842. Kennington Cross
    Kennington Lane
  1843. Kennington Cross
    Kennington Lane
  1844. Little Apple
    Kennington Lane
  1845. Lobster Pot Restaurant
    Kennington Lane
  1846. 32 The Oval Cricket Ground
    Kennington Oval
  1847. Archbishop Tenison School
    Kennington Oval
  1848. Hobbs Gate
    Kennington Oval
  1849. Ken Barrington Sports Centre
    Kennington Oval
  1850. Oval House Theatre
    Kennington Oval
  1851. Surrey County Cricket Club (Oval)
    Kennington Oval
  1852. The Oval
    Kennington Oval
  1853. Oval Station
    Kennington Park Road
  1854. White Bear Theatre Pub
    Kennington Park Road
  1855. City & Guilds of London Art School
    Kennington Park Road
  1856. Hanover Gardens
    Kennington Park Road/Elias Place
  1857. Lambeth Towers
    Kennington Road
  1858. Proffesional Authors And Publishers Ass
    Kennington Road
  1859. Lambeth Walk
    Lambeth Road/Black Prince Road
  1860. Gilmour Section House
    Renfrew Road
  1861. Hidden Club
    Tinworth Street
  1862. Citadel Place
    Tinworth Street
  1863. Vauxhall City Farm
    Tyers Street
  1864. All Nations Centre
    Tyers Terrace
  1865. Graphite Square
    Vauxhall Walk
  1866. Morley Robert Pianos & Harpsichords
    Engate Street
  1867. Belmont Hill
    Lee Bridge
  1868. Ladywell Leisure Centre
    lewisham High Street
  1869. Lewisham Fire Station
    Lewisham High Street
  1870. Lewisham Park
    Lewisham High Street
  1871. Lewisham Police Station
    Lewisham High Street
  1872. Lewisham Register Office
    lewisham High Street
  1873. Lewisham University Hospital
    Lewisham High Street
  1874. Kemsley House -.
    lewisham Park
  1875. Mailing House
    Lewisham Park
  1876. Plummers Court
    Lewisham Park
  1877. Bredgar House
  1878. Lewisham & Kent Islamic Centre
    Lewisharl] High Street
  1879. Lewisham Clock Tower
    Lewisharl] High Street
  1880. Lewisham Fire Station
    Lewisharl] High Street
  1881. Molesworth Street
    Loampit Vale Roundabout
  1882. Lewisham Centre
    Molesworth streetlLewisham High Street
  1883. Lewisham Bowls
    Myron Place/Belmont Hill
  1884. Ladywell Station
    Railway Terrace
  1885. Lewisham Station
    Station Road
  1886. Laban Centre for Movement & Dance
    Laurie Grove
  1887. Goldsmiths College Student Union
    -. Dixon Road
  1888. Goldsmiths College Student Union
    -. Dixon Road
  1889. Pepys Road
    -. New Cross Road/Pendrell Road
  1890. Deptford Police Station
    Amersham Vale
  1891. New Cross Station
    Amersham Vale
  1892. Venue Club
    Clifton Rise
  1893. George Wood Theatre
    Dixon Road
  1894. Tianamon Building
    Dixon Road
  1895. Sanford Street
    Edward Street
  1896. Haberdashers Askes Girls School
    Jemingham Road
  1897. Goldsmiths College
    Lewisham Way
  1898. Viva Zapata Restaurant
    Lewisham Way
  1899. Club
    Monson Road
  1900. Amersham Arms
    New Cross Road
  1901. Kender Street
    New Cross Road
  1902. New Cross Gate Station
    New Cross Road
  1903. New Cross Inn
    New Cross Road
  1904. New Cross Library
    New Cross Road
  1905. Samaritans
    New Cross Road
  1906. New Cross Bus Garage
    New Cross Road rear Pepys Road
  1907. Telegraph Hill Park
    Pepys Road
  1908. Haberdashers Askes Hatcham College
    Pepys Road
  1909. New Cross Fire Station
    Queens Road
  1910. National Poisons Unit
    Wardalls Grove
  1911. Camberwell Snooker Club
    -, Camberwell New Road
  1912. Silver Buckle PH
    18 Denmark Hill
  1913. Marbella Hotel
    2 Queens Road
  1914. london Irish Cadets
    4 Flodden Road
  1915. Burgess Park
    Albany Road
  1916. Camberweilleisure Centre
    Artichoke Place
  1917. Caroline Gardens
    Asylum Road
  1918. Dental Institute
    Caldecot Road
  1919. Clubland Methodist Hostel
    Camberwell Road/Grosvenor Terra ce
  1920. Funkey Munkey Bar
    Camberwell Church Street
  1921. New Dome Hotel
    Camberwell Church Street
  1922. Camberwell Grove
    Camberwell Church Street
  1923. Hermits Cave PH
    Camberwell Church Street
  1924. Camberwell Church Street
    Camberwell Green
  1925. Vineyard Tavema
    Camberwell Grove
  1926. Black Sheep Cafe
    Camberwell New Road
  1927. Addington Square
    Camberwell Road
  1928. Flaxman leisure Centre
    Carew Street
  1929. Organisation of Blind African Caribbeans
    Carnberwell New Road
  1930. William Booth Memorial College
    Champion Park
  1931. Consort Road
    Clayton RoadlNunhead Lane
  1932. Montague Square
    Clifton Way
  1933. Rayne Institute
    Cold harbour lane
  1934. Calais Gate
    Cormont Road
  1935. Saint Gabriels Manor
    Cormont Road
  1936. Institute of Psychiatry
    De Crispigny Park
  1937. Champion Hill
    Denmark Hill
  1938. Faraday Building
    Denmark Hill
  1939. Fox on the Hill PH
    Denmark Hill
  1940. Maudsley Hospital
    Denmark Hill
  1941. Ruskin Park
    Denmark Hill
  1942. Kings College Hospital
    Denmark Hill/Bessemer Road
  1943. Camberwell Magistrates Court
    DEynsford Road
  1944. Damilola Taylor Centre
    East Surrey Grove
  1945. Dulwich Hamlets FC
    Edgar Kail Way
  1946. Fisher Athletic FC
    Edgar Kail Way
  1947. Camberwell TA Centre
    Flodden Road 6 Kings
  1948. Nunhead Station
    Gibbon Road
  1949. love Walk
    Grove lane
  1950. Southwark Law Centre
    Hanover ParklHanover Park House
  1951. Howson Road
    Harcourt Road
  1952. Havil Hall
    Havil Street
  1953. Sumner Road
    IMllow Brook Roadl/Peckham Road
  1954. Rust Square
    Kitson Road
  1955. Black Roof House
    Knatchbull Road
  1956. Myatt Fields
    Knatchbull Road
  1957. Knatchbull Road
    lilford Road
  1958. Nunhead Cemetery
    Linden Grove
  1959. Lyndhurst Square
    Lyndhurst Way
  1960. Peckham Pulse
    Melon Road
  1961. Southampton Way
    New Church Road
  1962. Peckham Civic Centre
    Old Kent Road
  1963. Peckham Park Road
    Old Kent Road
  1964. IIderton Road
    Old Kent RoadlRotherithe New Road
  1965. Granville Square
    Peckham Grove
  1966. Meeting House Lane
    Peckham High Street
  1967. Peckham Police Station
    Peckham High Street
  1968. Peckham Library
    Peckham Hill Street
  1969. Leyton Square Park
    Peckham Park Road
  1970. Peckham Lodge
    Peckham Road
  1971. Lyndhurst Way
    Peckham Road
  1972. Peckham Fire Station
    Peckham Road
  1973. Southwark Town Hall
    Peckham Road
  1974. Childrens Society London Region
    Queens Road
  1975. Queens Road Station
    Queens Road
  1976. Aylesham Shopping Centre
    Rye Lane
  1977. Peckham Rye
    Rye Lane
  1978. Peckham Rye Station
    Rye Lane
  1979. Ruby Triangle
    Sandgate Street
  1980. Vivian Square
    Scylla Road
  1981. Pelican Estate
    Talfourd Road
  1982. Blue Elephant Theatre
    Thompson Avenue
  1983. Camberwell Bus Garage
    W~mer Road
  1984. Camberwell Road
    Walworth Road
  1985. Denmark Hill Station
    Windsor Walk
  1986. Old Southem Forge Railway Stables
    Saint James Road/Catlin Street
  1987. Surrey Quays Shopping Centre
    -. Deal Porters Way
  1988. Finnish Church
    Albion Street
  1989. Rotherhithe Library
    Albion Street
  1990. Cherry Garden Pier
    Bermondsey Wall East
  1991. Dr Salters Daydreamer Statue
    Bermondsey Wall East
  1992. Fountain Green Square
    Berrnondsey Wall East City Business Centre
  1993. Bermondsey Wall East
    Bevington Street
  1994. Rotherhithe Station
    Brunei Road
  1995. Salter Road
    Brunei Road
  1996. Jamaica Road
    Culling Circus
  1997. Layard Square
    Drummond Road
  1998. New Place Square
    Drummond Road/Sothwark Park Road
  1999. Hithe Point
    Eleanor Close
  2000. London Bubble
    Elephant Lane
  2001. Princes Tower
    Elephant Lane
  2002. Helsinki Square
    Finland Street
  2003. Maple Leaf Square
    Fisherrnans Drive
  2004. Church of England Record Centre
    Galleywell Road
  2005. Bermondsey Wall West
    George Row
  2006. Southwark Park
    Gomm Road
  2007. Spa Road
    Grange RoadlThurland Road
  2008. Red Lion Boys Club
    Hawkstone Road
  2009. South Bermondsey Station
    IIderton Road
  2010. Poppy Hana Japanese Restaurant
    Jamaica Road
  2011. Bermondsey Station
    Jamaica Road
  2012. TImber Pond Road
    Lagado Mews
  2013. Rotherhithe Heritage Museum (Lavender Pump House)
    Lavender Road
  2014. China Hall PH
    Lower Road
  2015. Seven Islands Leisure Centre
    Lower Road
  2016. Swedish Seamens Church
    Lower Road
  2017. Prince of Orange Apartments
    Lower Road
  2018. Rotherhithe Police Station
    Lower Road
  2019. Neckinger Estate
  2020. Docklands Settlement
    Odessa Street
  2021. Elgar Street
    Odessa Street
  2022. Salmon Youth Centre
    Old Jamaica Road
  2023. Sweden Gate
    Plough Way
  2024. Brunswick Quay
    Redriff Road
  2025. Odeon Surrey Quays
    Redriff Road
  2026. Onega Gate
    Redriff Road
  2027. Surrey Docks Watersports Centre
    Rope Street
  2028. Wibbly Wobbly Restaurant
    Rope Street
  2029. Surrey Quays Station
    Rotherhithe Old Road/Lower Road
  2030. Old Salt Quay PH
    Rotherhithe Street
  2031. Edward Square
    Rotherhithe Street
  2032. Elizabeth Square
    Rotherhithe Street
  2033. Frederick Square
    Rotherhithe Street
  2034. Helena Square
    Rotherhithe Street
  2035. Hilton Hotel Docklands
    Rotherhithe Street
  2036. King & Queen Wharf
    Rotherhithe Street
  2037. Mayflower PH
    Rotherhithe Street
  2038. Nelsons Dock
    Rotherhithe Street
  2039. Rotherhithe Youth Hostel
    Rotherhithe Street
  2040. Sophia Square
    Rotherhithe Street
  2041. Surrey Docks Farm
    Rotherhithe Street
  2042. Deal Porter PH
    Rotherhithe Street Rotherhithe
  2043. 2 Moby Dick PH
    Russell Place
  2044. Norwegian Seamens Church
    Sain~ Olavs Square
  2045. Picture Research Library
    Saint Mary Church Street
  2046. Brunei Pump House
    Saint Marychurch Street
  2047. TIme & Talents Centre
    Saint Marychurch Street
  2048. Norway Gate
    Salter Road
  2049. Redriff Road
    Salter Road
  2050. Rayrnouth Road
    Sou1hwark Park Road
  2051. Queen of Denmark Court
    South Sea Street
  2052. Southwark Park Club
    Southwark Park Road
  2053. Canada Water Station
    Surrey Quays Road
  2054. Daily Mail Printworks
    Surrey Quays Road
  2055. Decathlon Sports Store
    Surrey Quays Road
  2056. Harmsworth Quays Printing
    Surrey Quays Road
  2057. Baltic Quay
    Sweden Gate
  2058. Hollywood Bowl
    Teredo Street
  2059. Bacons College
    Timber Pond Road
  2060. Mill wall FC
    Zampa Road/Stockholm Road
  2061. Express Eurotraveller Hotel
    18 Amelia Street
  2062. Kennington Station
    Braganza Street
  2063. Royal British Legion.Southwark
    Braganza Street
  2064. Walworth TA Centre
    Braganza Street
  2065. Lorrimore Square
    Chapter Road
  2066. East Street Market
    East Street
  2067. Portland Street
    East Street/Albany Road
  2068. Corsica Studios
    Elephant Road
  2069. Elephant & Castle Station
    Elephant Road
  2070. Penton Place
    Kennington Park Road
  2071. Historical Association
    Kenninqton Park Road
  2072. Walworth Police Station
    Manor Place
  2073. Kinglake Street
    Old Kent Road
  2074. Surrey Gardens Memorial Hall
    Penrose Street
  2075. English Martyrs Catholic Church
    Rodney Road
  2076. Surrey Square
    Surrey Terrace/Alsace Road
  2077. Sutherland Square
    Sutherland Walk
  2078. Castle Hotel
    Walworth Road
  2079. Dragon Castle Restaurant
    Walworth Road
  2080. Amelia Street
    Walworth Road
  2081. Cuming Museum
    Walworth Road
  2082. Heygate Street
    Walworth Road/Rodney Road
  2083. Virgo Fidelis Convent School
    147 Central Hill
  2084. Astra Palace Hotel
    2 Sydenham Hill
  2085. Crystal Palace Museum
    Anertey Hill Cottage Yard
  2086. Crown Point
    Beulah Hill
  2087. Gipsy Hill Police Station
    Central Hill
  2088. Crystal Palace Parade
    College Road
  2089. Central Hill
    Crown DalelWestow Hill
  2090. Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace Parade
  2091. Gibbs Square
    Gibbs Avenue
  2092. Dulwich Wood Park
    Gipsy Circus
  2093. Still Luigis Restaurant
    Gipsy Hill
  2094. Gipsy Hill Station
    Gipsy Hill
  2095. Beulah Hill
    Knights Hill
  2096. Crystal Palace Sports Centre
    Ledrington Road
  2097. National Sports Centre
    Ledrington Road
  2098. National Sports Centre
    Ledrington Road
  2099. Kingston Square
    Salters Hill/Berridge Road
  2100. Foresters Hall
    Westow Street
  2101. Crystal Palace Camping Site
    Westwood Hill/Old Caple Lane
  2102. Kingswood Estate
    Bowen Drive
  2103. Dulwich College
    College Road
  2104. Dulwich Picture Gallery
    College Road
  2105. Frank Dixon Way
    College Road
  2106. Great Brownings
    College Road
  2107. Sydenham Hill Station
    College Road
  2108. Pymers Mead
    Croxted Road
  2109. Dulwich Riding School
    Dulwich Common
  2110. Marlborough Cricket Club
    Dulwich Common
  2111. Southwark Sports Ground
    Dulwich Common
  2112. James Allen's Girls School
    East Dulwich Grove
  2113. Beauberry House Restaurant
    Gallery Road
  2114. Dulwich & Sydenham Golf Club
    Grange Lane
  2115. Mary Datchelor Playing Fields
    Hunts Slip Road
  2116. Kingswood House Community Centre
    Kingswood Drive
  2117. North Dulwich Station
    Red Post Hill
  2118. Kingswood Library
    Seeley Drive
  2119. Diana Hotel
    Thurlow Park Road
  2120. West Dulwich Station
    Thurlow Park Road
  2121. Oakfield Preparatory School
    Thurlow Park Road
  2122. Dulwich Constitutional Club
    -". East Dulwich Grove
  2123. Crystal Palace Tavern
    Crystal Palace Road
  2124. Dulwich Community Hospital
    East Dulwich Grove
  2125. North Dulwich Tennis Club
    East Dulwich Grove
  2126. Townley Road
    East Dulwich Grove/Lordship Lane
  2127. Camberwell Old Cemetery
    Forest Hill Road
  2128. East Dulwich Station
    Grove Vale
  2129. Magdala PH
    Lordship Lane
  2130. Barcelona Tapas Bar
    Lordship Lane
  2131. Fred Frances Centre
    Lordship Lane
  2132. East Dulwich Police Station
    Lordship Lane
  2133. Overhill Road
    Lordship Lane
  2134. Aquarius Golf Club
    Marmora Road
  2135. Dawson Heights Estate
    Overhill Road
  2136. Forest Hill Road
    Peckham Rye
  2137. Piermont Green
    Peckham Rye
  2138. The Gardens
    Peckham Rye
  2139. Forest Hill Road
    Peckham Rye
  2140. Barry Road
    Peckham Rye/Lordship Lane
  2141. Alleyn School
    Townley Road
  2142. Homiman Museum & Gardens
    100 London Road
  2143. Camberwell New Cemetery
    Brenchley Gardens
  2144. One Tree Hill
    Brenchley Gardens
  2145. Guys Hospital Sports Ground
    Brockley Rise
  2146. West Lewisham Conservative Association
    Dartmouth Road
  2147. Forest Hill Pools
    Dartmouth Road
  2148. Forest Hill Station
    Devonshire Road
  2149. Old Bank Restaurant
    Honor Oak Park
  2150. Honor Oak Park Station
    Honor Oak Park
  2151. Honor Oak Road
    Honor Oak Park
  2152. London Road
    Lordship Lane
  2153. Crystal Hall
    Perry Vale
  2154. Honor Oak PH
    Saint Germans Road
  2155. German Church
    SE23 Dietrich Bonhoffer -. Dacres Road
  2156. Forest Hill Fire Station
    Stanstead Road
  2157. Waldram Park Road
    Stanstead Road
  2158. Honor Oak Park
    Stondon Park
  2159. Stanstead Road
    Sunderland Road
  2160. Perry Vale
    Waldram Park Road
  2161. Dulwich Sports Club
    Giant Arches Road/Burbage Road
  2162. Half Moon
    10 Half Moon Lane
  2163. Heme Hill Stadium & Cyde Centre
    Burbage Road
  2164. Velodrome Cyde Track
    Burbage Road
  2165. Brockwell Lido
    Dulwich Road
  2166. Milk wood Road
    Hinton Road/Heme Hill Junction
  2167. Mahatma Gandhi Trading Estate
    Milkwood Road
  2168. Monkeys Restaurant
    Milkwood Road/Heme Hill
  2169. Olley's Fish & Chips
    Norwwod Road
  2170. Herne Hill Station
    Railton Road
  2171. Half Moon Lane
    Village Way
  2172. Dulwich Wood House PH
    Crescent Wood Road
  2173. Talisman Square
    High Level Drive
  2174. High Level Drive
    London Road
  2175. Kirkdale
    Sydenham HilllSydenham Road
  2176. Sydenham Station
    Sydenham Road/Station Approach
  2177. Sydenham Police Station
    Willow Way
  2178. Roseberys Auction Rooms
    -. Knights Hill
  2179. RSPCA london South East
    380 Norwood Road
  2180. Gipsy Tavem
    69 Gipsy Road
  2181. Rosemead School
    70 Thurlow Park Road
  2182. West Norwood Tennis & Squash Club
    Cheviot Road
  2183. Crown Dale
    Crown Lane
  2184. Norwood High Street
    Elder Road
  2185. Norwood Bus Garage
    Emest Avenue
  2186. Gipsy Road
    Gipsy Circus/Norwood High Street
  2187. Norwood Hall
    Knights Hill
  2188. West Norwood Station
    Knights Hill
  2189. Norwood Clinic
    Lancaster Avenue
  2190. Royal Circus
    Lansdowne Hill
  2191. Saint Julians Farm Road
    Leigham Court
  2192. Dulwich & West Norwood Conservative Association
    lordship lane
  2193. Netllefold Hall
    Norwood High Street
  2194. Norwood Library
    Norwood High Street
  2195. South London Theatre
    Norwood High Street
  2196. Auckland Hill
    Norwood High Street/Pilgrim Hill
  2197. West Norwood Cemetery & Crematorium
    Norwood Road
  2198. West Norwood Fire Station
    Norwood Road 5 West
  2199. West Norwood Snooker Club
    Norwood Road sid Waylett Place
  2200. Lancaster Avenue
    Norwood RoadfThuriow Park Road
  2201. Portal Trust
    Royal Circus
  2202. Tonge House
    Royal Circus
  2203. Norwood Park
    Salters Hill
  2204. Tulse Hill Station
    Station Rise
  2205. Rivoli Ballroom
    350 Brockley Road
  2206. Brockley Jack PH
    410 Brockley Road
  2207. Saint Margarets Square
    Adelaide Avenue
  2208. Jam Circus Bar
    Brockley Road
  2209. Crofton Park Station
    Brockley Road
  2210. Adelaide Avenue
    Brockley Road/ladywell Road
  2211. Brockley Station
    Coulgate Street
  2212. Brockley Police Station
    Howson Road
  2213. Brockley Cemetery
    Ivy Road
  2214. 'Breakspears Road
    lewisham Way
  2215. Brockley Station Rear Entrance
    Mantle Road
  2216. Crofton leisure Centre
    Sinclair Place
  2217. New Peckham Varieties
    Havil Street
  2218. Charlton Athletic FC
    Harvey Gardens
  2219. Old Seager Distillery
    Brookmill Road/Deptford Bridge
  2220. laban Centre for Movement & Dance
  2221. 10 Brookmill Road
    Deptford Broadway
  2222. 141999 Club
    Deptford Broadway
  2223. Deptford Station
    Deptford High Street
  2224. Albany Empire Theatre
    Douglas Way
  2225. Cannon Wharf Business Centre
    Evelyn Street
  2226. Deptford Park
    Evelyn Street
  2227. Wavelengths Pool
    Giffin Street
  2228. Pepys Estate
    Grove Street
  2229. Riverside Youth Club
    Grove Street
  2230. Pepys Park
  2231. Reginald Square
    Reginald Road
  2232. Saint John’s Station
    Saint John’s Vale
  2233. Spain Embassy
    - Chesham Place
  2234. Chocolate Society
    Elizabeth Street
  2235. Pomegranates Restaurant
    - 94 Grosvenor Road
  2236. Harvey Nichols
    Knightsbridge/Sloane StreeUSevilie Street
  2237. Saint James's Square
    Pall Mall
  2238. Smith Square
    -. Dean Stanley Street
  2239. Fortnum & Masons
    -. Duke Street Saint Jamess
  2240. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
    -. Storeys Gate
  2241. Civil Service Recreation Club
    1 Chadwick Street
  2242. Petrus Restaurant
    1 Kinnerton Street
  2243. Petrus Restaurant
    1 Kinnerton Street
  2244. Lanesborough Hotel
    1 Lanesborough Place/Knightsbridge
  2245. Drones Restaurant
    1 Pont Street
  2246. Vandon House Hotel
    1 Vandon Street
  2247. National Liberal Club
    1 Vllhitehall Place
  2248. British Council
    10 Spring Gardens
  2249. Fabian Society
    11 Dartmouth Street
  2250. Portugal Embassy
    11 Wilton Terrace
  2251. Portcullis House
    1-2 Bridge Street
  2252. Channel 4 TV
    124 Horseferry Road
  2253. Alexander Hotel
    13 Belgrave Road
  2254. Civil Service Club
    13 Great Scotland Yard
  2255. Directors Lodge Club
    13 Masons Yard
  2256. 36 Lime Tree Hotel
    135 Ebury Street
  2257. land House
    14 Broadway
  2258. Tiffany & Co Jewellers
    145 Sloane Street
  2259. Mr Chow Restaurant
    151 Knightsbridge
  2260. Belgium Embassy
    17 Grosvenor Crescent
  2261. Austria Embassy
    18 Belgrave Mews West
  2262. Diplomat Hotel
    2 Chesham Street
  2263. Sheraton Belgravia Hotel
    20 Chesham Place
  2264. Royal Ocean Racing Club
    20 Saint James's Place
  2265. Antelope PH
    22 Eaton Terrace
  2266. Hilton Hotel Trafalgar
    25 Cockspur StreeUSpring Gardens
  2267. Santini Restaurant
    29 Ebury Street
  2268. City Inn Westminster Hotel
    30 John Islip Street
  2269. Gieves & Hawkes
    33 Sloane Square
  2270. Dukes Hotel
    35 Saint James's Place
  2271. Royal College of Defence Studies
    37 Belgrave Square/Seaford House
  2272. Elizabeth Hotel
    37 Eccleston Square
  2273. Liberal Democratic Party
    4 Cowley Street
  2274. Westminster Fire Station
    4 Greycoat Place
  2275. Trinidad & Tobago High Commission
    42 Belgrave Square
  2276. Turf Club
    5 Carlton House Terrace
  2277. Denmark Embassy
    55 Sloane Street
  2278. Royal Thames Yacht Club
    60 Knightsbridge
  2279. 1 Pont Street
    60 Saint James's Street
  2280. Rolls Royce Building
    65 Buckingham Gate
  2281. Jewel Tower
    Abingdon Street
  2282. 93 France Embass
    Albert Gate
  2283. Archbishops House
    Ambrosden Avenue
  2284. Westminster Cathedral
    Ambrosden Avenue
  2285. le Caprice Restaurant
    Arlington Street
  2286. Tate Britain Disabled Entrance
    Atterbury Street
  2287. Lindsay Square
    Balniel Gate
  2288. Goring Hotel
    Beeston Place
  2289. Brunei Darussalam High Commission
    Belgrave Square
  2290. Norway Embassy
    Belgrave Place
  2291. Belgrave Square
    Belgrave PlacelHalkin Street
  2292. Days Inn Hotel
    Belgrave Road
  2293. Holiday Inn Express Victoria
    Belgrave Road
  2294. Easy Hotel Victoria
    Belgrave Road
  2295. Globe House
    Belgrave Road
  2296. Passport Office
    Belgrave Road/Globe House
  2297. Eccleston Square
    Belgrave Road/Saint Georges Drive
  2298. Country Landowners Associalion
    Belgrave Square
  2299. Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Belgrave Square
  2300. Turkey Embassy
    Belgrave Square
  2301. Institute of Horticulture
    Belgrave Square
  2302. Serbia & Montenegro Embassy
    Belgrave Square
  2303. Syia Embassy
    Belgrave Square
  2304. Turkey Embassy
    -Belgrave Square
  2305. Guards Chapel
    Birdcage Walk
  2306. Guards Museum
    Birdcage Walk
  2307. Institute of Mechanical Engineers
    Birdcage Walk
  2308. Wellington Barracks
    Birdcage WalklPetty France
  2309. Gordon Hospital
    Bloomburg Street
  2310. Grosvenor Club
    Boume Street
  2311. Portland House
    Bressenden Place
  2312. Thistle Westminster Hotel
    Bressenden Place
  2313. Lakeview Court
    Bressendon Place
  2314. Hesperia London Victoria Hotel
    Bridge Place
  2315. Parliament Square
    Bridge StreeUGreat George Street/Parliament Street
  2316. Saint James's Park Station
  2317. German Chamber of Commerce
    Buckingham Gate
  2318. Korea Embassy
    Buckingham Gate
  2319. Victoria NHS Walk in Centre
    Buckingham Gate
  2320. Crowne Plaza Hotel Saint James
    Buckingham Gate
  2321. Albert PH
    Buckingham Gate
  2322. Duchy of Cornwall
    Buckingham Gate
  2323. Queens Gallery
    Buckingham Gate
  2324. Grosvenor Hotel SW1 -
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2325. Daily Telegraph -
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2326. Victoria Plaza
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2327. National Audit Office
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2328. Royal Mews
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2329. Rubens Hotel
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2330. Shakespeare PH
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2331. Victoria Square
    Buckingham Palace Road
  2332. Fountain Square
    Bullied Way
  2333. Quaglinos Restaurant
    Bury Street
  2334. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel-
    Cadogan Place
  2335. John lewis HQ
    Carlisle Place
  2336. National Map Centre
    Caxton Street
  2337. Caxton Hall
    Caxton Street
  2338. Jollys Saint Ermins Hotel
    Caxton Street
  2339. Ireland Embassy -.
    Chapel Street
  2340. Ebury Bridge Road
    Chelsea Bridge Road
  2341. lister Hospital
    Chelsea Bridge Road
  2342. Germany Embassy -.
    Chesham Place
  2343. Dolphin Square
    Chichester StreeUGrosvenor Road
  2344. Churchill Gardens Estate
    Churchill Gardens Road
  2345. Sudan Embassy
    Cleveland Row
  2346. Canada House
    Cockspur StreetfTrafalgar Square
  2347. Buckingham Palace
    Constitution Hill
  2348. 58 New Scotland Yard
    Dacre Street
  2349. Burberry HQ
    Dean Ryle StreeUHorseferry Road
  2350. Smith Square
    Dean Stanley Street
  2351. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
    DEFRA - 17 Smith Square
  2352. Beatty House
    Dolphin Square
  2353. Collingwood House
    Dolphin Square
  2354. Duncan House
    Dolphin Square
  2355. Frobisher House
    Dolphin Square
  2356. Frobisher House
    Dolphin Square
  2357. Grenville House
    Dolphin Square
  2358. Hawkins House
    Dolphin Square
  2359. Hood House
    Dolphin Square
  2360. Howard House
    Dolphin Square
  2361. Keyes House
    Dolphin Square
  2362. Nelson House
    Dolphin Square
  2363. Raleigh House
    Dolphin Square
  2364. Rodney House
    Dolphin Square
  2365. National Statistics Office
    Drummond Gate
  2366. De Vere Cavendish Hotel
    Duke Street Saint Jamess
  2367. Greens Oyster Restaurant
    Duke Street Saint Jamess
  2368. British Transport Police
    Ebury Bridge
  2369. Chelsea Gate Apartments
    Ebury Bridge Road
  2370. Ken los Memories of China
    Ebury Street
  2371. La Poule Au Pot Restaurant
    Ebury Street
  2372. RAFT/Rail Air & Freight Terminal-.
    Eccleston Bridge
  2373. Buddhist Society
    Eccleston Square
  2374. Boisdale Restaurant
    Eccleston Street
  2375. Victoria Coach Station ArrivalslRank
    Ecdeston Place
  2376. Franklin Hotel
    -Egerton Gardens
  2377. Victoria Coach Station Departures
    Elizabeth Street
  2378. Victoria Coach Station Departures -.
    Elizabeth Street
  2379. Elusive Camel PH
    Gillingham Street
  2380. Quality Hotel Westminster
    Gillingham Street
  2381. Institute of CMI Engineers
    Great George Street
  2382. Mary Sumner House
    Great Peter Street
  2383. Marsham Street
    Great Smith StreeUHerbrand Street
  2384. Cinnamon Club Restaurant
    Great Smith StreeUOld Westrnin~ter Library
  2385. Artillery Row
    Greycoat PlaceNictoria Street
  2386. New Horticultural Hall
    Greycoat Street
  2387. Halkin Street
    Grosvenor Place/Belgrave Square
  2388. 347 Crown Reach
    Grosvenor Road
  2389. Westminster Boating Base
    Grosvenor Road
  2390. Lupus Street
    Grosvenor Road/Bessborough Street
  2391. Saint Georges Square
    Grosvenor Road/Lupus Street
  2392. Halkin Hotel
    Halkin Street
  2393. Caledonian Club
    Halkin Street
  2394. Forbes House
    Halkin Street
  2395. Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders
    Halkin Street
  2396. Colombia Embassy
    Hans Crescent
  2397. Three Police Officers Memorial
    Hans Crescent
  2398. Iceland Embassy
    Hans Street
  2399. Hill House School
    Hans Street
  2400. Theatre Royal Haymarket
  2401. Her Majestys Theatre
  2402. Hide Tower
    Hide Place
  2403. Mango Tree Restaurant
    Hobart Place
  2404. Heritage Lottery Fund
    Holbein Place
  2405. Gurkha Soldier Statue
    Horse Guards Avenue
  2406. Cabinet War Rooms
    Horse Guards Road
  2407. Winston Churchill Museum
    Horse Guards Road
  2408. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
    Horseferry Road
  2409. London Scottish Regiment
    Horseferry Road
  2410. Westminster Coroners Court
    Horseferry Road
  2411. Westminster Magistrates Court
    Horseferry Road
  2412. Ministry of Defence
    Horseguards Avenue
  2413. Blue Cross Animal Hospital
    Hugh Street
  2414. Rowleys Restaurant
    Jermyn Street
  2415. Christies Auctions
    King Street
  2416. Salloos Restaurant
    Kinnerton Street
  2417. Knightsbridge Green Hotel
  2418. Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  2419. Boxwood Cafe
    Knightsbridge/Berkeley Hotel
  2420. Wellington Club
    Knightsbridge/Park Close
  2421. Totos Restaurant
    Lennox Gardens Mews
  2422. Banqueting House
  2423. Scottish Office
  2424. Trafalgar Studios
  2425. Welsh Office
  2426. Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel
    lIIIhitehall Court
  2427. Savage Club
    lIIIhitehall Place
  2428. Middlesex Guildhall
    Little George StreeUBroad Sanctuary
  2429. Sloane Club
    Lower Sloane Street
  2430. Pakistan High Commission -.
    Lowndes Square
  2431. Zafferano Restaurant
    Lowndes Street
  2432. Zafferano Restaurant
    Lowndes Street
  2433. Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel
    Lowndes Street
  2434. Lowndes Square
    Lowndes Street
  2435. Goya Spanish Restaurant
    Lupus Street
  2436. Nutmeg Restaurant
    Lupus Street
  2437. Pimlico Toy library
    Lupus Street
  2438. Pimlico Academy
    Lupus Street
  2439. Queens Chapel
    Marlborough Road
  2440. Home Office
    Marsham Street
  2441. Shepherds Restaurant -.
    Marsham Street
  2442. Westminster Gardens
    Marsham Street
  2443. Emmanuel Centre
    Marsham StreetfTufton Street
  2444. Department for Transport
    Marsham StreeUGreat Minster House
  2445. Burghers of Calais Monument
    MilibankiAbingdon StreeWictoria Twr Gardens
  2446. Millbank Tower
  2447. MI5
  2448. Tate Britain
  2449. Thames House
  2450. Motcombs Restaurant
    Motcomb Street
  2451. Hercules Statue
    Ormonde Place
  2452. Comedy Store
    Oxendon Street
  2453. Westminster Theatre
    Palace Street
  2454. Royal Automobile Club
    Pall Mall
  2455. Oxford & Cambridge Club
    Pall Mall
  2456. Reform Club
    Pall Mall
  2457. Travellers Club -
    Pall Mall
  2458. Institute of Directors
    Pall Mall
  2459. Sainsbury Wing
    Pall Mall East
  2460. Saint James's Club
    Park Place
  2461. Royal Overseas League
    Park Place
  2462. Nelson Mandela Statue
    Parliament Square
  2463. Winston Churchill Memorial
    Parliament Square
  2464. Ministry of Justice
    Petty France
  2465. Fountain Court
    Pimlico Road
  2466. Orange Brewery PH
    Pimlico Road
  2467. Agent Provocateur
    Pont Street
  2468. Cadogan Square
    Pont Street
  2469. Scottish Church
    Pont Street
  2470. European Parliament
    Queen Annes Gate
  2471. Saint Stephens Constitutional Club
    Queen Annes Gate
  2472. Pimlico Library (Old
    Rampayne Street
  2473. Pimlico Station
    Rampayne Street
  2474. Grey Coat Hospital Saint Michaels School
    -Regency Street
  2475. Iron Lung Toilets
    Regency Place
  2476. Lillywhites
    Regent Street
  2477. Roussillon Restaurant
    Saint Barnabas Street
  2478. Warwick Square SW1
    Saint Georges Drive/Belgrave Road
  2479. Stafford Hotel
    Saint Jame~'s Place
  2480. Vllhites Club SW1
    Saint James's S!reet
  2481. Naval & Military Club
    Saint James's Square
  2482. london library
    Saint James's Square
  2483. Army & Navy Club
    Saint James's Square
  2484. 20 Saint James's Place
    Saint James's Square
  2485. In & Out Club
    Saint James's Square
  2486. Rolex House
    Saint James's SquarelNew
  2487. Boodles Club
    Saint James's Street
  2488. Carlton Club
    Saint James's Street
  2489. Just Saint James's Restaurant
    Saint James's Street
  2490. Lobb Shoes
    Saint James's Street
  2491. Mark Masons Hall
    Saint James's Street
  2492. Saint Stephens Tower
    Saint Margaret Street
  2493. Ebury Square
    Semley Place
  2494. Sheraton Park Tower Hotel
    Seville StreetlWiliiam Street
  2495. Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
    Sloane Square
  2496. Oriel Restaurant
    Sloane Square
  2497. Royal Court Theatre
    Sloane Square
  2498. Sloane Square Station
    Sloane Square
  2499. Cadogan Hotel
    Sloane Street
  2500. Peru Embassy
    Sloane Street
  2501. Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel
    Sloane StreeUPavilion Road
  2502. Cadogan Hall
    Sloane Terrace
  2503. Saint Johns Concert Hall
    Smith Square
  2504. Hyde Park Barracks
    South Carriage Drive
  2505. Peninsular Tower
    South Carriage Drive
  2506. Clarence House
    Stable Yard Road
  2507. Lancaster House
    Stable Yard Saint James's Palace
  2508. Methodists Central Hall
    Storeys Gate
  2509. Mint Leaf Restaurant
    Suffolk Place
  2510. Victoria Station
    Terminus Place
  2511. Pacha Club
    Terminus PlaceMctoria Street
  2512. Westminster Abbey
    The Sanctuary
  2513. Steel House
    Tothill Street
  2514. Sanctuary House Hotel
    Tothill Street
  2515. Mothers Union
    Tufton StreeVMary Sumner House
  2516. Royal Institute of Naval Architects
    Upper Belgrave Street
  2517. Grange Rochester Hotel
    Vane Street
  2518. Surprise at Pimlico PH
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  2519. Par1Onsons Disease Society
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  2520. Brass Monkey
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  2521. Queen Mother Sports Centre
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  2522. Random House
    -Vauxhall Bridge Road
  2523. Regency Street
    Vauxhall Bridge Road/Regency Place
  2524. Victoria Park Plaza Hotel
    -Vauxhall Bridge RoadlWilton Road
  2525. RAF Memorial
    Victoria Embankment
  2526. Tattershall Castle
    Victoria Embankment
  2527. Gatwick Express
    Victoria PlacelThe Raft
  2528. Department of Trade & Industry
    Victoria Street
  2529. Victoria Palace Theatre -.
    Victoria Street
  2530. Westminster City Hall
    Victoria Street
  2531. Windsor House
    Victoria Street
  2532. Westminster Kingsway College
    Vincent Square
  2533. Old Royal Horticultural Hall
    Vincent Square
  2534. Vincent Square
    Vincent StreeUFynes StreeWane Street
  2535. Cenotaph
  2536. Thistle Royal Horseguards Hotel -
    Vllhitehall Court
  2537. Farmers Club
    Vllhitehall Court
  2538. Athenaeum Club
    Waterloo Place
  2539. Mossimans Belfry
    West Halkin Street
  2540. Boadicea Statue
    Westminster Bridge
  2541. Singapore High Commission
    Willon Crescent
  2542. Luxembourg Embassy/Consular
    Wilton Crescent
  2543. Berkeley Hotel
    Wilton Place
  2544. Grenadier
    Wilton Row
  2545. Chelsea Youth Club
    Blantyre Street
  2546. Sporting Page
    Camera Place/limerston Street
  2547. Townmead Road
    Chelsea Harbour Avenue
  2548. Wyndham London-Chelsea Harbour Hotel
    Chelsea Harbour Drive
  2549. Agatha Christie Blue Plaque
    Cresswell Place/Christie 2110,20110 Cottage
  2550. Society of Authors
    Drayton Gardens
  2551. Onslow Court
    Drayton Gardens
  2552. Guatemala Embassy
    Fawcett Street
  2553. Finborough Theatre
    Finborough Road
  2554. Princess Beatrice House
    Finborough Road
  2555. Valmont Club -. Redcliffe Gardens
    Fulham Road
  2556. Chelsea Lodge Hotel
    Fulham Road
  2557. Vingt Quatre Restaurant
    Fulham Road
  2558. Goat in Boots PH
    Fulham Road
  2559. Saint Stephens Centre
    Fulham Road
  2560. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
    Fulham Road
  2561. Edith Grove
    Fulham Road
  2562. Elm Park Gardens
    Fulham Road
  2563. The Bollons
    Gilston Road/Bollons Place
  2564. Finborough Road
    Gunter GrovelWarwick Road
  2565. Imperial VVharf Station
    Harbour Avenue
  2566. Imperial VVharf Station
    Harbour Avenue
  2567. Chelsea Harbour
    Harbour Avenue/Chelsea Harbour
  2568. Friends Restaurant
    Hollywood Road
  2569. Hollywood Arms PH
    Hollywood Road
  2570. Wine Gallery
    Hollywood Road
  2571. Brinkleys Garden Restaurant
    Hollywood Road
  2572. English National Ballet School
    Hortensia Road/Carlyle Building
  2573. Chelsea Conservative Club
    Kings Road
  2574. Worlds End Distillery
    Kings Road
  2575. Eight over Eight Bar
    Kings RoadfPark Walk
  2576. La Famiglia Restaurant
    Langton Street
  2577. Nikitas Restaurant
    lfield Road
  2578. Earls Court Youth Club
    lfield Road
  2579. Chelsea Bun
    limerston Street
  2580. Heatherley School of Fine Art
    Lots Road
  2581. 606 Club
    Lots Road
  2582. Crazy Larrys Club
    Lots Road
  2583. Embargo Club
    Lots Road
  2584. Lots Road Auctions
    Lots Road
  2585. Chelsea Harbour Drive
    Lots Road/Harbour Avenue
  2586. Brompton Cemetery
    Old Brompton Road
  2587. Aubergine Restaurant
    Park Walk
  2588. Reddiffe Square
    Reddiffe Gardens
  2589. Admiral Square
    Thames Avenue
  2590. Clapham Junction Station
    Junction Approach/Saint Johns HilUGrant Road
  2591. Chelsea Green
    Cale Street
  2592. Cadogan Pier
    Chelsea Embankment 27 Rose
  2593. Bluebird Restaurant
    Kings Road
  2594. Chelsea Cloisters
    Sloane Avenue
  2595. Cadogan Gardens
    -. Cadogan Street
  2596. Itsu Restaurant SW3
    -. Draycott Avenue
  2597. Swan Court SW3
    -. Flood Street
  2598. Chelsea Fire Station
    -. Kings Road
  2599. Paultons Square
    -. Kings RoadlPaultons Street
  2600. Sonnys Restaurant
    94 Church Road
  2601. Alexander Square
    Alexander Place
  2602. Church Road
    Barnes High Street
  2603. Capital Hotel
    Basil Street
  2604. Levin Hotel
    Basil Street
  2605. Borshtch n Tears Restaurant
    Beauchamp Place
  2606. Maroush Restaurant II
    Beauchamp Place
  2607. San Lorenzo Restaurant
    Beauchamp Place
  2608. Map House
    Beauchamp Place 6 .Cottaqe
  2609. Knightsbridge Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens
  2610. Parkes Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens
  2611. Claverley House Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens Saint
  2612. Bluebird Club
    Beaufort Street
  2613. Brompton Square
    Brompton Road
  2614. Oratory Restaurant
    Brompton Road
  2615. Racine Restaurant
    Brompton Road
  2616. Collection Restaurant
    Brompton Road
  2617. Harrods
    Brompton Road
  2618. Place
    Brompton Road
  2619. Quentins Brasserie
    Brompton Road London
  2620. London Outpost Of Camegie Club
    Cadogan Gardens
  2621. Outpost Hotel
    Cadogan Gardens Kings Road
  2622. Toms Kitchen
    Cale Street
  2623. Arundel Terrace
  2624. Riverview Gardens
  2625. Cheyne Walk
    Chelsea Embankment
  2626. Embankment Gardens
    Chelsea Embankment
  2627. Chelsea Flower Show
    Chelsea Embankment/Royal Hospital Road/London Gate
  2628. Chelsea Towers East
    Chelsea Manor Gardens
  2629. Oakley Gardens
    Chelsea Manor Street
  2630. Chelsea Sports Centre
    Chelsea Manor Street
  2631. Cheyne Gardens
    Chelsea Manor Street 8 Cross
  2632. Whitelands House
    Cheltenham Terrace
  2633. Cartyles House
    Cheyne Row
  2634. Sir Thomas More Statue
    Cheyne Walk
  2635. Surprise in Chelsea PH
    Christchurch Street
  2636. Ropers Orchard
    Danvers Street
  2637. Crosby Hall
    Danvers Street
  2638. London Sketch Club
    Dilke Street
  2639. Papillon Restaurant
    Draycott Avenue
  2640. Le Suquet Restaurant
    Draycott Avenue
  2641. Daphnes Restaurant
    Draycott Avenue
  2642. Spanish Embassy Consular Section
    Draycott Place
  2643. Egerton House Hotel
    Egerton Terrace
  2644. Tom Aikens Restaurant -
    Elystan Street
  2645. Crown Lodge
    Elystan Street
  2646. Burton Court
    Franklins Row
  2647. Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Hospital
    Fulham Road
  2648. Michelin Building
    Fulham Road
  2649. Square
    Fulham Road
  2650. Saint Edmunds Square
    Harrods Village
  2651. My Hotel SW3
    Ixworth Place
  2652. Benihana Japanese Restaurant SW3
    Kings Road
  2653. Mamilanji Club
    Kings Road
  2654. Chelsea Potter PH
    Kings Road
  2655. Club
    Kings Road
  2656. Waitrose SW3
    Kings Road
  2657. Raffles Club
    Kings Road
  2658. Duke of York Square
    Kings Road
  2659. Markham Square
    Kings Road
  2660. Wellington Square
    Kings Road
  2661. Sporting Club
    Kings Road UGC Cinema -. Kings Road
  2662. Flood Street
    Kings Road/Royal Hospital Road
  2663. Peter Jones
    Kings Road/Symons StreeUCadogan Gardens
  2664. Peter Jones
    Kings Road/Symons StreeUCadogan Gardens
  2665. Keys PH
    Lawrence Street
  2666. Harrodian School
    Lonsdale Road
  2667. Saint Pauls Boys School
    Lonsdale Road
  2668. Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve
    Lonsdale Road
  2669. Svenska Skolan Swedish School
    Lonsdale Road
  2670. Verdun Road
    Lonsdale Road
  2671. Colet Court SW13
    Lonsdale Road/Saint Pauls Prep School
  2672. Olympic Studios
    Lowther Parade/Church Road
  2673. National Heart & Lung Institute
    Manresa Road Robert
  2674. Admiral Codrington PH
    Mossop Street
  2675. Boy With A Dolphin Statue
    Oakley Street
  2676. Pier House
    Oakley Street
  2677. Falcon Scott Blue Plaque
    Oakley Street Capio
  2678. Pigs Ear PH
    Old Church ?treet
  2679. Queen Elms Square
    Old Church Street
  2680. Chelsea Arts Club -
    Old Church Street
  2681. Carlyle Square
    Old Church Street
  2682. Chelsea Police Station
  2683. Saint Columbas Church
    Pont Street
  2684. Wetlands Centre
    Queen Elizabeth Walk
  2685. Capio Nightingale Clinic
    Radnor Walk
  2686. Ziani Restaurant
    Radnor Walk
  2687. Capio Chelsea Clinic
    Radnor Walk
  2688. Foxtrot Oscar Restaurant SW3
    Royal Hospital Road
  2689. Gordon Ramsay Restaurant
    Royal Hospital Road
  2690. Chelsea Gate
    Royal Hospital Road
  2691. London Gate
    Royal Hospital Road
  2692. National Army Museum
    Royal Hospital Road
  2693. Ormonde Gate
    Royal Hospital Road
  2694. Royal Hospital
    Royal Hospital Road
  2695. Berlin Wall
    Royal Hospital Road/National Army Museum
  2696. Royal Avenue
    Saint Leonards Terrace
  2697. Conran Shop SW3
    Sloane Avenue
  2698. Nell Gwynn House
    Sloane Avenue
  2699. Petyward
    Sloane Avenue
  2700. Gaucho Grill SW3
    Sloane Avenue 7 The
  2701. Chelsea Synagogue
    Smith Terrace
  2702. Chelsea Square
    South Parade
  2703. Le Colombier Restaurant -.
    South Parade
  2704. Barnes Station
    Station Road
  2705. Chelsea Physic Garden
    Swan Walk/Royal Hospital Road
  2706. Carpaccio Restaurant
    Sydney Street
  2707. Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital
    Sydney Street
  2708. Chelsea Farmers Market
    Sydney Street
  2709. General Trading Company
    Symons Street
  2710. Tedworth Square
    Tedworth Gardens
  2711. Tite Street
    Tedworth Square/Chelsea Embankment
  2712. Barnes Bridge Station
    The Terrace
  2713. Oscar Wilde Blue Plaque
    Tite Street
  2714. Harrods Village
    Trinity Church Road
  2715. Scalini Restaurant
    Walton Street
  2716. Vendome Bar-
    Walton Street
  2717. Ovington Square
    Walton Street
  2718. The Gateways
    Whiteheads Grove
  2719. Frankies Bar & Grill SW3
    Yeomans Row
  2720. Tideway Yard
    Mortlake High Street
  2721. Barnes Hospital
    South Worple Way
  2722. Depot Restaurant
    Tideway Yard/Mortlake High Street
  2723. Putney & Wimbledon Synagogue
    - 5 Chelverton Road
  2724. Air Malta House
    314 Upper Richmond Road
  2725. Putney High School
    35 Putney Hill
  2726. RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital
    6 Clarendon Drive
  2727. Putney Tennis Club
    Balmuir Gardens
  2728. Bank of England Sports Ground
    Bank Lane
  2729. Chartfield Square
    Chartfield Avenue
  2730. Putney Bus Garage
    Chelverton Road
  2731. Putney Library
    Disraeli Road
  2732. Dryburgh Hall
    Dryburgh Road
  2733. Putney Leisure Centre
    Dryburgh Road
  2734. London Rowing Club
  2735. Thames Rowing Club
  2736. Westminster School Boat Club
    Embankment Whitelands
  2737. Winchester House Club
    Lower Richmond Road
  2738. Half Moon PH
    Lower Richmond Road
  2739. Blades Restaurant
    Lower Richmond Road
  2740. Thai Square Restaurant
    Lower Richmond Road
  2741. Phoenix Restaurant
    Lower Richmond Road
  2742. Kenilworth Court
    Lower Richmond Road
  2743. M Bar
    Lower Richmond Road
  2744. Queens Ride
    Lower Richmond Road/Upp Richmond Road
  2745. School of Art
    Oxford Road
  2746. Lawn Tennis Association
    Priory Lane
  2747. Rosslyn Park Rugby Club
    Priory Lane
  2748. Priory Hospital
    Priory Lane 209
  2749. Putney Exchange
    Pulney High Street 29 Putney
  2750. jubilee House
    Putney Bridge Road/Brewhouse Lane
  2751. Voluntary Services Overseas
    Putney Bridge Road
  2752. Walkabout
    Putney High Street
  2753. 2 Lacy Road
    Putney High Street
  2754. Putney Station
    Putney High Street
  2755. 3 Wagamama Japanese Restaurant
    Putney High Street
  2756. Gemini House
    Putney Hill
  2757. Manor Fields
    Putney Hill
  2758. South Thames College
    Putney Hill
  2759. Putney Arts Theatre
    Ravenna Road
  2760. Aubyn Square
    Roehampton Lane
  2761. Douglas Bader Centre
    Roehampton Lane
  2762. Froebel Institute
    Roehampton Lane
  2763. Froebel Institute College
    Roehampton Lane
  2764. Roehampton Institute
    Roehampton Lane
  2765. Toland Square
    Roehampton Lane
  2766. Queen Marys University Hospital
    Roehllmpton Lane
  2767. Embankment Whitelands College
    Sutherland Grove
  2768. Dover House Road
    Upper Richmond Road/Roehampton High Street
  2769. Putney Station Restaurant
    Upper Richmond Road
  2770. Brazilian Naval Commission
    Upper Richmond Road
  2771. Arab Boy
    Upper Richmond Road
  2772. Aspley House
    Upper Richmond Road
  2773. East Putney Station
    Upper Richmond Road
  2774. Gwendolen Avenue
    Upper Richmond Road
  2775. Wandsworth County Court
    Upper Richmond Road
  2776. Best Westem Lodge Hotel
    Upper Richmond Road
  2777. West Hill
    Wandsworth High Street
  2778. Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability
    West Hill
  2779. Kings Keep
    Westleigh Avenue
  2780. Belmont Bowling Club
    Broadlands Avenue
  2781. Rookery Theatre
    Covington Way
  2782. British Home & Hospital for Incurables
    Crown Lane
  2783. Streatham Common Station
    Estreham Road
  2784. South London Press
    Leigham Court Road
  2785. Leigham Court Hotel
    Leigham Court Road
  2786. Leigham Clinic
    Leigham Court Road
  2787. Dunraven School
    Leigham Court Road
  2788. Streatham Derby & Joan Club
    Leigham Court Road Leigham
  2789. Streatham Police Station
    Shrubbery Road
  2790. Odeon Streatham
    Streatham High Road
  2791. Streatham Library
    Streatham High Road
  2792. Streatham Ice Rink
    Streatham High Road
  2793. Streatham Common
    Streatham High Road
  2794. Streatham Court
    Streatham High Road
  2795. Streatham Kart Raceway
    Streatham High Road
  2796. Streatham Pool
    Streatham High Road
  2797. Streatham Station
    Streatham High Road
  2798. Sunnyhill Road
    Streatham High Road
  2799. Streatham Hill Station
    Streatham Hill
  2800. Drewstead Road
    Streatharn High Road
  2801. Ambleside Avenue
    Tooting Bec 'Gardens
  2802. Saint Georges Hospital
    Blackshaw Road
  2803. Swandon Way
    -. Armoury Way
  2804. Alvering Library
    Allfarthing Lane
  2805. Merton Road
    Durnsford Road
  2806. Puzzle PH
    Garratt Lane
  2807. Southfields Lawn Tennis Club
    Gressenhall Road New
  2808. Wandsworth Prison
    Heathfield Road
  2809. Jessica House
    Red Lion Square
  2810. Red Lion Square
    Wandsworth High Street
  2811. New Wandsworth Museum
    West Hill
  2812. Wandsworth Fire Station
    West Hill
  2813. Wimbledon Park
    -. Church Road
  2814. Wimbledon Magistrates Court
    Alexandra Road
  2815. Wimbledon Park Station
    Arthur Road
  2816. Wimbledon Park Library
    Arthur Road
  2817. Ski Club of Great Britain
    Church Road
  2818. All England Lawn Tennis Club & Croquet Club
    Church Road
  2819. Wimbledon Cemetery
    Gap Road
  2820. Wimbledon Cemetery
    Gap Road
  2821. Thistle Cannizaro House Hotel
    Hanford Row
  2822. Vatican Embassy
  2823. Parkside Hospital
  2824. Parkside Hospita
  2825. Wimbledon Mosque
    Ryfold Road
  2826. Wimbledon Station
    Wimbledon Bridge
  2827. Southfields Library
    Wimbledon Park Road
  2828. Wimbledon Windmill Museum
    Windmill Road
  2829. Victoria Drive -.
    Withycombe Road
  2830. Windrush Square
    Rushcroft Road
  2831. Pullman Court
    -. Streatham Hill
  2832. Fridge Nightclub
    -. Town Hall Parade Brixton Hill
  2833. Thornton Road
    Atkins RoadlThomton Avevnue
  2834. Brixton Windmill-
    Blenheim Gardens
  2835. Brixton Centre -.
    Brixton Hill
  2836. Lambeth Town Hall
    Brixton Hill
  2837. Marie Stopes Raleigh Clinic
    Brixton Hill
  2838. Olive Morris House
    Brixton Hill
  2839. Rush Common
    Brixton Hill
  2840. Christchurch Road
    Brixton Road/Norwood -Road
  2841. Brixton Recreation Centre
    Brixton Station Road
  2842. Josephine Avenue
    Brixton Water Lane/Brixton Hill
  2843. Christchurch House
    Christchurch Road/Brixton Hill
  2844. Brixton Water Lane
    Dulwich Road/Brixton Hill
  2845. Tulse Hill
    Effra Road
  2846. Brixton Prison
    Jebb Aven
  2847. Christchurch Road
    Norwood Road/Brixton Hill
  2848. Porkys Wine Bar
    Sternhold Avenue
  2849. Caesars Nightclub
    Streatham Hill
  2850. Streatham Place -.
    Streatham Hill
  2851. Streatham Megabowl
    Streatham Hill
  2852. Knights youth Centre
    Tierney Road
  2853. Tulse Hill Estate
    Tulse Hill
  2854. Brockwell Park
    Tulse Hill
  2855. Royal Military Police TA
    Upper Tulse Hill
  2856. Trinity Hospice
    Clapham Common North Side
  2857. Clapham Picture House
    Venn Street
  2858. Parks ide Hotel SW4
    -. Clapham Common North Side
  2859. Circle Bar SW4
    . Clapham Road
  2860. Bison & Bird PH
    26 Maritime House SW4 - 37 Old Town
  2861. Clapham South Station
    Balham Hill/Nightingale Lane
  2862. The Pavement 11 Kings Avenue SW4
    Bedford Road
  2863. PC Patrick Dunne Memorial
    c & Forget Me Not
  2864. Parkside Hotel SW4
    Clapham Common North Side
  2865. Revolution Bar SW4
    Clapham High Street
  2866. Oneills PH SW4
    Clapham High Street
  2867. Clapham North Station
    Clapham High Street
  2868. Rueda Restaurant SW4
    Clapham High Street 33 Trinity
  2869. Bodeans Restaurant SW4
    Clapham High Street 36 La
  2870. West Indian Ex Sevicemens Assn
    Clapham Manor
  2871. Clapham Leisure Centre
    Clapham Manor Street 5 Mary
  2872. White House Restaurant
    Clapham Park Road
  2873. Jefferys Road
    Clapham Road
  2874. Clapham Park Estate
    Headlam Road
  2875. Lillieshall Road
    Macaulay Road/North Street
  2876. Whites Square
    Nelsons Row
  2877. Grafton Square
    Old Town
  2878. Cedars Road
    Queenstown Road
  2879. Seacole House
    Saint Lukes Avenue
  2880. Clapham Common West Side
    The Avenue
  2881. Clapham Common Station
    The Pavement
  2882. Restaurant
    The Polygon
  2883. Clapham High Street Station
    Voltaire Road
  2884. K K George Hotel
    Templeton Place
  2885. Barkston Gardens Hotel
    Barkston Gardens
  2886. Best Westem Bums Hotel
    Barkston Gardens
  2887. Cranley Hotel SW5
    Bina Gardens
  2888. YHA Earls Court
  2889. Marriott Kensington Hotel -
    cCromwell Road/Knaresborough Place
  2890. Polish Air Force Club
    Colling ham Gardens
  2891. Westbury Hotel SW5 -
    Colling ham Place
  2892. Overseas Visitors Club SW5
    Collingham Place
  2893. Ambassadors Hotel
    Collingham Road
  2894. Adelphi Hotel
    Courtfield Gardens
  2895. Rockwell Hotel
    Cromwell Road
  2896. Huntingdon House
    Cromwell Road
  2897. Malaysian Airlines
    Cromwell Road
  2898. Majestic Hotel SW5
    Cromwell Road
  2899. Malaysia Airlines
    Cromwell Road
  2900. Boka Hotel
    Eardley Crescent
  2901. YWCA Park House
    Earls Court Road
  2902. Bolton Gardens
    Earls Court Road
  2903. Hogarth Hotel
    Hogarth Road
  2904. Best Westem Premier Shaftesbury London Kensington
    Hogarth Road
  2905. Enterprise Hotel
    Hogarth Road
  2906. Zafash Pharmacy
    Hr - 233-235 Old Brompton Road
  2907. Premier Travel Inn Kensington
    Knaresborough Place
  2908. Earls Court
    Lillie Road
  2909. Empress State Building
    Lillie Road
  2910. Kensington Court Hotel SW5
    Nevem Place
  2911. Nevem Square
    Nevem RoadlWarwick Road
  2912. Garden View Hotel London
    Nevem Square
  2913. Oliver Plaza Hotel
    Nevem Square
  2914. Coleherne PH
    Old Brompton Road
  2915. Eclipse Bar SW5
    Old Brompton Road
  2916. Brompton Library
    Old Brompton Road
  2917. Coleheme Court
    Old Brompton Road
  2918. Mr Wing Restaurant
    Old Brompton Road
  2919. Langans Coq dOr Restaurant
    Old Brompton Road 20110
  2920. West Brompton Station
    Old Brompton Road 34 Phil
  2921. Lord Jim Hotel
    Penywem Road
  2922. London Electronics College
    Penywern Road
  2923. Beaver Hotel
    Philbeach Gardens
  2924. Mayflower Hotel
    Trebovir Road
  2925. Earls Court Exhibition Centre
    Warwick Road
  2926. beach Gardens
    Warwick Road
  2927. Bromptons Nightclub
    Warwick Road
  2928. Earls Court Square
    Warwick Road/Earls Court Road
  2929. Earls Court Station
    Warwick Road/Earls Court Road
  2930. Comfort Inn Kensington Hotel
    West Cromwell Road
  2931. Easy Hotel Earls Court
    West Cromwell Road
  2932. Queens Secretarial College
    Wetherby Gardens
  2933. Imperial Square
    -. Emden Street
  2934. Ashley HQ
    Bagleys Lane
  2935. West London Coroners Court
    Bagleys Lane
  2936. Hammersmith & Fulham Coroners Court
    Bagleys Lane 10/1, 19115
  2937. Fulham Palace
    Bishops Avenue
  2938. Parsons Green Club
    Broomhouse Lane
  2939. Fulham Pottery
  2940. Napier Court
    Edenhurst Avenue
  2941. Harley Davidson Shop FH Warr & Sons
    Edith Row 9 Sir
  2942. ulham FC Shop
    F ulham Road
  2943. Blue Elephant Restaurant
    Fulham Broadway
  2944. Carrara VVharf
    Fulham High Street
  2945. Fulham TA Centre
    Fulham High Street
  2946. Parkview Court
    Fulham High Street
  2947. Fulham High Street
    Fulham Palace Road/Putney Bridge Approach 214
  2948. Barbarella Restaurant
    Fulham Road
  2949. Chelsea Village Hotel-
    Fulham Road
  2950. Fulham Broadway Station
    Fulham Road
  2951. Millennium Copthome Ho~el
    Fulham Road
  2952. Oswald Stoll Foundation
    Fulham Road
  2953. Reserve Hotel-
    Fulham Road
  2954. Chelsea FC
    Fulham Road/Stamford Bridge
  2955. Fulham Tup PH·-.
    Harwood Terrace
  2956. Fulham Police Station
    Heckfield Place
  2957. Jurys Inn Sands End Hotel
    Imperial Road
  2958. Henry Compton School
    Kingwood Road
  2959. Lillie Langtry Restaurant
    Lillie Road
  2960. Hotel SW6
    Lillie Road
  2961. First Steps School of Dance & Drama
    Lillie Road
  2962. Seagrave Road
    Lillie Road
  2963. National Federation ofWomens Institutes
    Munster Road 13116
  2964. Coda Centre
    Munster Road
  2965. Aragon House Bar
    New Kings Road
  2966. Duke On The Green PH
    New Kings Road
  2967. Eel Brook Common -.
    New Kings Road
  2968. Elysium Gate
    New Kings Road
  2969. Haig Hall
    New Kings Road
  2970. O'Connors Tea Rooms
    New Kings Road
  2971. Peterborough Road
    New Kings Road/Carilwath Road
  2972. Munster Road
    New Kings Road/Lillie Road
  2973. Kiwi Kitchen
    North End Road
  2974. Dance Attic
    North End Road
  2975. Sugar Hut Restaurant
    North End Road
  2976. Dawes Road
    North End Road/Munster Road
  2977. Lily Hotel -.
    Ongar Road
  2978. White Horse PH SW6
    Parsons Green
  2979. Establishment Bar SW6
    Parsons Green Lane
  2980. Andrew Robson Bridge Club
    Parsons Green Lane
  2981. Parsons Green Station
    Parsons Green Lane
  2982. YMCA Brigade House
    Parsons Green Lane
  2983. Hurlingham Square
    Peterborough Road
  2984. Philpot Square
    Peterborough Road
  2985. Piper Building
    Peterborough Road
  2986. Sullivan Court SW6
    Peterborough Road 20 La
  2987. Stevenage Road
    Queensmill Road/Bishops Park Road 17/11
  2988. Hurlingham Club
    Ranelagh Gardens
  2989. Hurlingham Studios
    Ranelagh Gardens
  2990. Rivermead Court
    Ranelagh Gardens
  2991. Atlas PH
    Seagrave Road
  2992. Fulham Ambulance Station
    Seagrave Road 13 Ibis
  2993. London Oratory School
    Seagrave Road 50 Laura
  2994. Marco Restaurant
    Stamford Bridge/Fulham Road
  2995. Fulham FC
    Stevenage Road
  2996. Fulham Pools
    Tilton Street
  2997. Bagleys Lane
    Townmead Road
  2998. Imperial VVharf
    Townmead Road
  2999. Harbour Club SW6
    William Morris Way
  3000. Sainsburys SW6
    William Morris Way
  3001. Bentley Hotel
    Harrington Gardens
  3002. Royal College of General Practitioners
    Princes Gate
  3003. Kingston House East / West
    Princes Gate/Kensington Road
  3004. Royal Geographical Society
    1 Kensington Gore
  3005. Grosvenor Kensington Hotel
    2-10 Harrington Road
  3006. House Hotel-
    28 Philbeach Gardens
  3007. Brompton Oratory
    Brompton Oratory
  3008. Metropolitan Safe Deposits
    Cheval Place
  3009. Winston Churchill Blue Plaque SW7
    Clipper PH - 19 Montpelier Street
  3010. Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum
    Courtfield Road/Ashbum Place
  3011. Millennium Baileys Hotel
    Courtfreld Road
  3012. Millennium Gloucester Hotel
    Courtfrled Road/Harrington Gardens
  3013. Cranley Gardens Hotel
    Cranley Gardens
  3014. Victoria & Albert Museum
    Cromwell Gardens
  3015. France Consulate
    Cromwell Place
  3016. Pelham Hotel
    Cromwell Place
  3017. Cromwell Mint Casino
    Cromwell Road
  3018. Yemen Embassy
    Cromwell Road
  3019. Vanderbilt Hotel -
    Cromwell Road
  3020. Point West
    Cromwell Road
  3021. Best Western Cromwell Hotel
    Cromwell Road
  3022. Charles De Gaulle School
    Cromwell Road
  3023. Natural History Museum
    Cromwell Road
  3024. Lycee Francais
    Cromwell Road/Queensberry Place 2York
  3025. David Lloyd Centre
    Cromwell RoadlPoint West
  3026. Mauritius High Commission
    Elvaston Place
  3027. Citadines Hotel SW7
    Elvaston Place
  3028. Bolney Gate
    Ennismore Gardens
  3029. Russian Orthodox Church
    Ennismore Gardens 39 c - 38 Hyde Park Gate
  3030. Afghanistan Embassy
    Exhibition Road
  3031. Paper Tiger Restaurant
    Exhibition Road
  3032. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church)
    Exhibition Road
  3033. Goethe Institute
    Exhibition Road
  3034. Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine
    Exhibition Road
  3035. Montrose Court
    Exhibition Road
  3036. Science Museum
    Exhibition Road
  3037. Venezuela Embassy
    Exhibition Road
  3038. Gloucester Road Station
    Gloucester Road
  3039. Green Door Steak House
    Gloucester Road
  3040. Opal Club
    Gloucester Road
  3041. Rydges Kensington Plaza Hotel
    Gloucester Road
  3042. Montana Hotel
    Gloucester Road
  3043. Pasha Restaurant SW7
    Gloucester Road
  3044. Campbell Court
    Gloucester Road
  3045. Cornwall Gardens
    Gloucester Road
  3046. Dim T Restaurant SW7
    Gloucester Road
  3047. Hereford Square
    Gloucester Road
  3048. Emperors Gate
    Grenville Place
  3049. Ecuador Embassy
    Hans Crescent
  3050. Kensington Edwardian Hotel
    Harrington Gardens
  3051. Grosvenor Casino
    Harrington Gardens
  3052. Broadwalk House SW7
    Hyde Park Gate
  3053. Estonia Embassy
    Hyde Park Gate
  3054. Fiji High Commission
    Hyde Park Gate
  3055. NH Harrington Hall Hotel
    Kazakhstan Embassy -. Thurloe Place
  3056. Royal College of Art
    Kensington Gore
  3057. Royal Albert Hall
    Kensington Gore 48 Gore
  3058. Queens Gate
    Kensington Gore/Old Brompton Road
  3059. Ennismore Gardens
    Kensington Road/Princes Gardens
  3060. Bonhams Auctions SW7
    Montpelier Street
  3061. Montpelier Square
    Montpelier Street
  3062. Christies Auctions SW7
    Old Brompton Road
  3063. Brompton Hotel
    Old Brompton Road
  3064. South KenSington Station
    Old Brompton RoadlThurloe Street
  3065. Melton Court
    Onslow Square
  3066. Royal College of Music
    Prince Consort Road
  3067. Jamaica High Commission
    Prince Consort Road
  3068. Royal School of Mines
    Prince Consort Road
  3069. Britten Theatre
    Prince Consort Road/Ryl Coli Music
  3070. Iran Embassy
    Princes Gate
  3071. Tunisia Embassy
    Princes Gate
  3072. Tunisia Embassy
    Princes Gate
  3073. Ethiopia Embassy
    Princes Gate
  3074. United Arab Emirates Embassy
    Princes Gate
  3075. Best Western John Howard Hotel
    Queens Gate
  3076. Bangladesh High Commission
    Queens Gate
  3077. Bangladesh High Commission
    Queens Gate
  3078. Baden Powell House
    Queens Gate
  3079. Regency Hotel SW7
    Queens Gate
  3080. Bulgaria Embassy
    Queens Gate
  3081. Hotei
    Queens Gate
  3082. Kensington Hotel
    Queens Gate
  3083. Eden Plaza Hotel
    Queens Gate
  3084. Benny Hill Blue Plaque
    Queens Gate
  3085. Abba Queens Gate Hotel
    Queens Gate Best
  3086. Oman Embassy
    Queens Gate College of Psychic
  3087. Morocco Embassy
    Queens Gate Gardens
  3088. Western John Howard Hotel
    Queens Gate Oman
  3089. Gainsborough Hotel
    Queensberry Place
  3090. College of psychic studies
    Queensberry Place
  3091. Gallery Hotel
    Queensberry Place
  3092. Institut Francais
    Queensberry Place/Cromwell Place
  3093. Zuma Japanese Restaurant
    Raphael Street
  3094. Blakes Hotel
    Roland Gardens
  3095. Turkish Consulate
    Rutland Gardens
  3096. Kazakhstan Ernoassy
    Thurioe Place
  3097. Rembrandt Hotel
    Thurloe Place
  3098. Ismaili Centre
    Thurloe PlacelExhibition Road
  3099. Boujis Bar
    Thurloe Street
  3100. Trevor Square
    Trevor Street
  3101. Westminster Synagogue
    Westminster Synagogue
  3102. Stockwell Bus Garage
    Binfield Road
  3103. South Lambeth Road
    Clapham Road
  3104. British Interplanetary Society
    South Lambeth Road
  3105. Clapham Police Station
    Union Grove
  3106. McDonalds SW8
    Wandsworth Road
  3107. Battersea Cats & Dogs Home
    Battersea Park Road
  3108. Cloisters Business Centre
    Battersea Park Road
  3109. Old South Lambeth Road 17 Battersea Park Station
    Battersea Park Road
  3110. Issue
  3111. Vauxhall Station
    Bondway/ln by Parry St out by South Lambeth Place
  3112. Albert Square
    Clapham Road
  3113. Battersea Power Station
    Kirtling Street 6 Big
  3114. Surrey Hall
    Lansdowne Way
  3115. New Covent Garden Market
    Market Entrance/Battersea Park Road
  3116. Battersea Barge Restaurant
    Nine Elms Lane
  3117. Colosseum Club
    Nine Elms Lane
  3118. Elm Quay Court
    Nine Elms Lane
  3119. Ponton Road
    Nine Elms Lane
  3120. Riverside Court
    Nine Elms Lane
  3121. New Covent Garden Flower Market
    Nine Elms LanelExit by Wandsworth Road Only
  3122. Prince of Wales Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  3123. Queenstown Road Station
    Queenstown Road
  3124. Saint Philip Square
    Queenstown Road
  3125. QVC
    Sopwith Way
  3126. Rebatos Anglo Spanish Restaurant
    South Lambeth Road
  3127. Fentiman Road
    South Lambeth Road
  3128. Bonnington Square
    Vauxhall Grove/Langley Lane
  3129. Saint Georges Wharf Appartments
    Wandsworth Road/Nine Elms Lane
  3130. Silverthorne Road
    Wandsworth Road
  3131. Wandsworth Road Station
    Wandsworth Road
  3132. South Bank Squash Centre
    Wandsworth Road
  3133. Plough Brewery
    Wandsworth Road
  3134. Lost Society
    Wandsworth Road
  3135. Artesian Well PH
    Wandsworth Road
  3136. Daley Thompson Way Chelsea Guest House
    Wandsworth Road
  3137. Lambeth College
    Wandsworth Road
  3138. Thessaly Road
    Wandsworth Road
  3139. Lansdowne Way
    Wandsworth Road/Clapham Road Tessa
  3140. Brixton Market
    Atlantic Road
  3141. Jamm Bar
    Brixton Road
  3142. Plan B Bar
    Brixton Road
  3143. Brixton Station
    Brixton Road
  3144. Kennington Park Business Centre
    Brixton Road
  3145. Max Roach Park
    Brixton Road
  3146. Mostyn Road
    Brixton Road
  3147. Vassall Road
    Brixton Road/Camberwell New Road
  3148. Robert Runde Court
    Bucknell Close
  3149. Willshire Road
    Canterbury Crescent
  3150. Musicians Union
    Clapham Road
  3151. Belgrave Hotel SW9
    Clapham Road
  3152. Freemans Warehouse
    Clapham Road
  3153. Frank Oneil House
    Clapham Road
  3154. Stockwell Station
    Clapham Road
  3155. Caldwell Street
    Clapham Road/Brixton Road
  3156. Club
    Coldharbour Lane
  3157. Loughborough Junction Station
    Coldharbour Lane
  3158. SW9 Cafe
    Dorrell Place
  3159. Ritzy Cinema
    Effra Road
  3160. Tate Library Brixton
    Effra Road
  3161. Gresham Road
    Gresham Road 6/14 Road
  3162. Brixton Police Station
    Gresham Road
  3163. Brixton Fire Station
    Gresham Road
  3164. Van Gogh Blue Plaque
    Hackford Road
  3165. Type Museum
    Hackford Road
  3166. Lambeth Hospital
    Landor Road
  3167. Landor Theatre
    Landor Road
  3168. Hammerton Memorial Hall
    Lingham Street
  3169. Onion Shed Theatre
    Lothian Road
  3170. Myatts Fields Health Centre
    Patmos Road
  3171. Stockwell Park Road
    Rumsey Road
  3172. Violette Szabo
    Secret Agent Blue Plaque - 18 Burnley Road 312 Road
  3173. Landor Road
    Stockwell Green
  3174. Astoria Walk
    Stockwell Park Road
  3175. King Georges House
    Stockwell Road
  3176. YMCA Lambeth
    Stockwell Road
  3177. Brixton Academy Theatre
    Stockwell Road
  3178. Flemings Hotel
    Half Moon Street
  3179. Golden Square
    Lower John Street
  3180. Hertford House
    Manchester Square
  3181. Nicky Clarke
    Mount Street
  3182. Marie Stopes Clinic
    Whitfield Street
  3183. Holiday Inn Mayfair Hotel
    -. Berkeley Street
  3184. Nobu Japanese Restaurant W1
    19 Old Park Lane/Metropolitan Hotel
  3185. Portland Hospital for Women & Children
    209 Great Portland Street .
  3186. International Cocoa & Coffee Organisation
    22 Bemers Street
  3187. Shogun Japanese Restaurant
    Adams Row/Millennium Mayfair
  3188. Browns Hotel
    Albemarle Street
  3189. Movida Nightclub
    Argyll Street
  3190. London Palladium Theatre
    Argyll Street
  3191. Ritz Hotel
    Arlington Street
  3192. Barracuda Club Casino
    Baker Street
  3193. Reubens Restaurant
    Baker Street
  3194. High Commission & Tourist Office
    Baker Street
  3195. Screen on Baker Street
    Baker Street
  3196. Sherlock Holmes Hotel Wi
    Baker Street
  3197. Paddington Street
    Baker StreetlMarylebone High street 19111 Street
  3198. Alphabet Bar
    Beak Street
  3199. King Edward VII Hospital for Officers
    Beaumont Street
  3200. Spoon at Sanderson Restaurant
    Bemers Street
  3201. Mortons Club
    Berkeley Square
  3202. Annabels Club
    Berkeley Square
  3203. Clermont Club
    Berkeley Square
  3204. Funky Buddha Club
    Berkeley Street
  3205. Palm Beach Casino
    Berkeley Street
  3206. Berners Hotel
    Berners Street
  3207. Performing Rights Society
    Berners Street
  3208. Sanderson Hotel
    Berners Street 404 Heart
  3209. Corks Wine Bar
    Binney Street
  3210. Cricketers Club
    Blandford Street
  3211. Giraffe Cafe W1
    Blandford Street
  3212. Mermaid Suite Hotel
    Blenheim Street
  3213. Fitzrovia Grange Hotel
    Bolsover Street
  3214. Villandry Restaurant
    Bolsover StreeUGreat Portland Street 2015
  3215. Grosvenor Hill
    Bourdon Street
  3216. Shadow Lounge
    Brewer Street
  3217. Randall & Aubin Restaurant W1
    Brewer Street
  3218. Madame JoJo
    Brewer Street
  3219. John Snow PH
    Broadwick Street
  3220. Handel House Museum
    Brook Street
  3221. Argentina Embassy
    Brook Street
  3222. Claridges Hotel-
    Brook Street
  3223. Savile Club
    Brook Street
  3224. Bath & Racquets Club
    Brooks Mews
  3225. Guinea Grill Restaurant
    Bruton Place
  3226. Square Restaurant
    Bruton Street
  3227. Fitzroy Nuffield Hospital
    Bryanston Square
  3228. Mostyn Hotel
    Bryanston Street
  3229. ThisUe Marble Arch Hotel
    Bryanston Street
  3230. Royal Astronomical Society
    Bur1ington House Yard
  3231. Cecconis Restaurant
    Burlington Gardens
  3232. Geological Society
    Burlington House Yard
  3233. Linnean Society
    Burlington House Yard
  3234. Holiday Inn Regents Park
    Carburton Street
  3235. Candy Bar
    Carlisle Street
  3236. Soho Square
    Carlisle Street
  3237. Connaught Hotel
    Carlos Place
  3238. Smooth Radio
    CasUereagh Street
  3239. Mortimer Street
    Cavendish Place/Goodge Street
  3240. Mortimer Street
    Cavendish Place/Goodge Street
  3241. Royal College of Nursing
    Cavendish Square
  3242. John Lewis Cab Rank
    Cavendish Square 54 Mexico
  3243. John Lewis
    Cavendish Square/Oxford Street
  3244. Namibia High Commission
    Chandos Street
  3245. Chesterfield Hotel
    Charles Street
  3246. Marks Club
    Charles Street
  3247. Arabia Embassy
    Charles Street 43 Selfridges
  3248. Bertorellis Restaurant
    Charlotte Street
  3249. Elenas LEtoile Restaurant
    Charlotte Street
  3250. Pied a Terre Restaurant
    Charlotte Street
  3251. Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
    Charlotte Street
  3252. S3 Roka Restaurant
    Charlotte Street
  3253. Muslim World League
    Charlotte Street
  3254. Blandford Hotel
    Chiltem Street
  3255. Sherlock Holmes Hotel Rear Entrance
    Chiltern Street 3 Hart
  3256. Kennel Club
    Clarges Street
  3257. Fox Club
    Clarges Street
  3258. Bucks Club
    Clifford Street
  3259. Sketch Bar
    Conduit Street
  3260. Westbury Hotel Wi -
    Conduit Street
  3261. Savile Row
    Conduit Street
  3262. Croatia Embassy
    Conway Street
  3263. Croatia Consular
    Conway Street
  3264. Fitzroy Square
    Conway Street/Fitzroy Street
  3265. India Tourist Office
    Cork Street
  3266. Prince of Wales Theatre
    Coventry Street
  3267. Garbos Restaurant W1
    Crawford Street
  3268. Washington Hotel
    Curzon Street
  3269. Crockfords Club
    Curzon Street
  3270. Mirabelle Restaurant
    Curzon Street
  3271. Cipriani Restaurant
    Davies Street
  3272. Gordon Ramsay at Claridges
    Davies Street
  3273. Three Kings Yard
    Davies Street
  3274. Pizza Express Jazz Club
    Dean Street
  3275. Dorchester Hotel
    Deanery StreetlPark Lane
  3276. Kings Fund
    Deans Mews
  3277. Piccadilly Theatre
    Denman Street
  3278. London Clinic
    Devonshire Place
  3279. Odins Restaurant
    Devonshire Street
  3280. Chile Embassy
    Devonshire Street
  3281. Devonshire Hospital
    Devonshire Street
  3282. Hardys Restaurant
    Dorset Street
  3283. Mahiki Bar
    Dover Street
  3284. Cavendish Conference Centre
    Duchess Mews
  3285. Marriott London Grosvenor Sq Hotel
    Duke StreeUGeorge Yard
  3286. Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral
    Duke Street
  3287. Bryanston St
    Edgware Road
  3288. Selfridge Hotel
    Edwards Mews
  3289. Ghetto Club
    Falconberg Court
  3290. Punchbowl PH
    Farm Street
  3291. Lansdowne Club
    Fitzmaurice Place
  3292. London Foot Hospital
    Fitzroy Square
  3293. Magistrates Association
    Fitzroy Square
  3294. YMCA Indian Student Hostel
    Fitzroy Street
  3295. Carr Saunders Hall
    Fitzroy Street
  3296. Marriott Marble Arch Hotel
    Forset Street
  3297. Hazlitts Hotel
    Frith Street
  3298. Ronnie Scotts Club
    Frith Street
  3299. Durrants Hotel
    George Street
  3300. Portman Towers
    George Street
  3301. Bryanston Square
    George Street
  3302. Portman Towers
    George Street
  3303. House Hotel
    Gloucester Place
  3304. Lithuania Embassy
    Gloucester Place
  3305. Honduras Embassy
    Gloucester Place
  3306. Midas Touch Restaurant
    Golden Square
  3307. Hong Kong Government Office
    Grafton Street
  3308. Radisson Edwardian Sussex Hotel
    Granville Place
  3309. Portland Hospital for Women & Children
    Great Portland Street
  3310. Cumber1and Hotel
    Great Cumber1and Place
  3311. Westem Marble Arch Synagogue
    Great Cumber1and place 11/14 Place
  3312. Towers
    Great Cumberland Place
  3313. King David Suite
    Great Cumberland Place
  3314. Montcalm Hotel-
    Great Cumberland Place
  3315. New Cavendish Club
    Great Cumberland Place
  3316. New Cavendish Club -
    Great Cumberland Place
  3317. Cumberland Hotel
    Great Cumberland Place
  3318. Courthouse Doubletree Hotel
    Great Marlborough Street 619
  3319. Efes ll Restaurant
    Great Portland Street
  3320. Retail Motor Industry Federation
    Great Portland Street 1614 Street
  3321. Intemational Students House
    Great Portland Street 1614,2015
  3322. Steinway Hall
    Great Titchfiefd Street
  3323. Vanilla Restaurant
    Great Titchfiefd Street
  3324. Efes Restaurant
    Great Titchfield Street
  3325. Grace Restaurant
    Great Windmill Street
  3326. L'Escargot Restaurant
    Greek Street
  3327. Jazz After Dark
    Greek Street
  3328. Soho House Club
    Greek Street
  3329. Brazil Embassy
    Green Street
  3330. Power Television
    Gresse Street
  3331. Indonesia Embassy
    Grosvenor Square
  3332. Roosevelt Memorial
    Grosvenor Square
  3333. Millennium Britannia Mayfair Hotel
    Grosvenor Square/Adams Row 11114,19110
  3334. Canada High Commission
    Grosvenor Square/MacDonald Hse
  3335. Maze Restaurant
    Grosvenor Square/Marriott Hotel
  3336. Grosvenor Square
    Grosvenor StreetlBrook Street
  3337. Hilton Hotel Green Park
    Half Moon Street
  3338. West End Central Synagogue
    Hallam Street
  3339. Four Seasons Hotel W1
    Hamilton Place
  3340. Vogue House
    Hanover Square
  3341. Hakkasan R~~taurant
    Hanway Place
  3342. Saint Dunstans Hospital Caring For those Blinded on War Service
    Harcourt Street
  3343. Swedish Church
    Harcourt Street
  3344. Grosvenor Victoria Casino
    Harrowby Street
  3345. Le Rififi Club
    Hay Hill
  3346. Strawberry Moons Restaurant
    Heddon Street
  3347. Absolut Ice Bar
    Heddon Street
  3348. Momos Moroccan Restaurant
    Heddon Street
  3349. Cavendish Square
    Henrietta Place/Margaret Street
  3350. Colony Club
    Hertford Street
  3351. Whisky Mist at Zeta
    Hertford Street 43 Saudi
  3352. Naval Club
    Hill Street
  3353. Number 1 London
    Hyde Park Comer
  3354. Wellington Museum Apsley House
    Hyde Park Comer
  3355. London College of Fashion
    John Princes Street
  3356. Miranda Club
    Kingly Street
  3357. Saint Georges Hotel W1 /1
    Langham Place/Riding House Street
  3358. Grange Langham Court Hotel
    Langham Street
  3359. Andrew Edmunds Restaurant
    Lexington Street
  3360. Blue Angel Club
    Little Portland Street
  3361. De Hems PH
    Macclesfield Street
  3362. Bloomsbury Book Auctions
    Maddox Street
  3363. Browns Restaurant Wi
    Maddox Street
  3364. Wallace Collection
    Manchester Square
  3365. Mandeville Hotel
    Mandeville Place
  3366. Royal College of Midwives
    Mansfield Street
  3367. Ramsay Hall
    Maple Street
  3368. Phoenix PH W1
    Margaret Street
  3369. Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel
    Marylebone Lane
  3370. Orrery Restaurant
    Marylebone High Street
  3371. Conran Shop W1
    Marylebone High Street
  3372. Steinway Hall
    Marylebone Lane
  3373. Sophisticats - Volante Club
    Marylebone Lane
  3374. University of Westminster
    Marylebone Road
  3375. Pattersons Restaurant
    Mill Street
  3376. Tonga High Commission
    Molyneux Street
  3377. Switzerland Embassy
    Montagu Place
  3378. Sweden Embassy
    Montagu Place
  3379. Gaylord Restaurant W1
    Mortimer Street
  3380. Scotts Restaurant
    Mount Street
  3381. George Club
    Mount Street
  3382. Aliens Butchers
    Mount Street
  3383. Fine Art Society
    New Bond Street
  3384. Allies Statue
    New Bond Street
  3385. Fenwicks
    New Bond Street
  3386. Sotheby
    New Bond Street
  3387. Sartoria Restaurant
    New Burlington Street
  3388. La Genova Restaurant
    North Audley Street
  3389. Marriott Park Lane Hotel
    North Row
  3390. La Place Hotel
    Nottingham Place
  3391. Maldives High Commission
    Nottingham Place
  3392. Grace Hospital-
    Nottingham Place
  3393. National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen
    Nottingham Place
  3394. Latvia Embassy
    Nottingham Place
  3395. Regency Hotel Wi
    Nottingham Place
  3396. Embassy Club
    Old Burlington Street
  3397. Melanie Italian Restaurant
    Old Compton Street
  3398. Prince Edward Theatre
    Old Compton Street
  3399. Suzie Wong's Restaurant
    Old Compton Street 3 Gala
  3400. Sportsman Casino
    Old Quebec Street
  3401. Borderline Club
    Orange Yard Manette Street
  3402. Food Hall
    Orchard Street
  3403. 100 Club
    Oxford Street
  3404. Primark W1
    Oxford Street
  3405. Debenhams W1
    Oxford Street
  3406. Selfridges
    Oxford Street
  3407. Tottenham Court Road Station
    Oxford Street
  3408. Tottenham PH
    Oxford Street
  3409. Hellenic Centre
    Paddington Street
  3410. Hale Clinic
    Park Crescent
  3411. Central London County Court
    Park Crescent 4 Royal
  3412. Portland Place
    Park Crescent/Langham Place
  3413. Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel
    Park Street
  3414. Barn-Ben Restaurant
    Percy Street
  3415. Japan Embassy
  3416. RAF Club
  3417. Wolseley Restaurant-
  3418. Casino Wi /2
  3419. Royal Academy of Art
  3420. Criterion Theatre
    Piccadilly Circus
  3421. Sheraton Park Lane Hotel
    Piccadilly/Brick Street
  3422. Half Moon Street
    Piccadilly/Curzon Street
  3423. Royal Institute of British Architects
    Portland PlaceIRIBA
  3424. Poland Embassy
    Portland Place
  3425. Hilton Hotel Langham
    Portland Place
  3426. China Embassy
    Portland Place
  3427. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Portland Place
  3428. Calouste Gulbenkein Foundation
    Portland Place
  3429. Kenya High Commission
    Portland Place
  3430. Air Force Benevolent Fund
    Portland Place 3 Seychelles
  3431. Home House Club
    Portman Square
  3432. Churchill Hyatt Hotel
    Portman Square
  3433. Texture Restaurant
    Portman Street
  3434. Tamarind Restaurant
    Queen Street
  3435. Jerusalem Restaurant
    Rathbone Place
  3436. Rathbone Hotel
    Rathbone Street
  3437. Apple Store
    Regent Street
  3438. Hamleys Wi
    Regent Street
  3439. Soho Hotel
    Richmond Mews/Richmond Buildings
  3440. Kettners Restaurant
    Romilly Street
  3441. Benihana Japanese Restaurant
    Sackville Street 6/8
  3442. Wild Honey Restaurant
    Saint George Street
  3443. Wild Honey Restaurant
    Saint George Street
  3444. Embassy
    Saint George Street
  3445. West End Central Police Station
    Savile Row
  3446. Orchard Court
    Seymour Mews
  3447. Seymour Leisure Centre
    Seymour Place
  3448. Leonard Hotel
    Seymour Street
  3449. Edward Lear Hotel
    Seymour Street
  3450. Marylebone Police Station
    Seymour Street
  3451. Best Westem Premier Shaftesbury London Piccadilly
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  3452. Gielgud Theatre
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  3453. Rainforest Cafe
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  3454. Walkabout at the Limelight
    Shaftesbury Avenue 6 Bilton
  3455. French Protestant Church
    Soho Square
  3456. 20th Century House
    Soho Square
  3457. Purdeys Gun Shop
    South Audley Street
  3458. British Film Institute
    Stephen Street
  3459. Botswana High Commission
    Stratford Place
  3460. Oriental Club
    Stratford Place
  3461. Langans Brasserie
    Stratton Street
  3462. Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel
    Stratton Street
  3463. Veeraswamy Restaurant
    Swallow Street
  3464. Antigua & Barbuda High Commission
    Thayer Street
  3465. Italy Embassy
    Three Kings Yard
  3466. Dominion Theatre
    Toltenham Court Road
  3467. Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel
    Tottenham Court Road
  3468. American Church
    Tottenham Court Road
  3469. Spearmint Rhino Club
    Tottenham Court Road
  3470. Goodge Street Station
    Tottenham Court Road
  3471. Radisson SAS Portman Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  3472. Le Gavroche Restaurant
    Upper Brook Street 189 Princess
  3473. Absolute Radio
    Upper James Street
  3474. Kabaret's Prophecy Club
    Upper John Street
  3475. Times Asked In last 3 Years
    UR List/Run
  3476. Floridita Restaurant
    Ward our Street
  3477. Soho Lofts
    Wardour Street
  3478. Old Compton Street
    Wardour StreetlCharing Cross Road17116
  3479. Sanctum Soho Hotel
    Warwick Street
  3480. Sanctum Soho Hotel
    Warwick Street
  3481. Marylebone Hotel
    Welbeck Street
  3482. Holiday Inn Oxford Circus
    Welbeck Street
  3483. Inner London 8. City Family Proceedings Court
    Wells Street
  3484. Hospital
    Westmoreland Street
  3485. Harley Street Clinic
    Weymouth Street
  3486. Pollocks "T:oy Museum
    Whitfield Street
  3487. Wigmore Hall
    Wigmore Street
  3488. British Dental Association
    Wimpole Street
  3489. Royal Society of Medicine -
    Wimpole Street
  3490. Queens Theatre Stage Door
    Winnett Street
  3491. Neighbourhood Club
    Acklam Road
  3492. Westbourne Studios
    Acklam Road
  3493. Pall Mall Deposit Restaurant and Bar
    Barlby Road
  3494. Dalgarno Gardens
    Barlby Road
  3495. Pall Mall Deposit
    Barlby Road
  3496. Pang bourne Avenue
    Barlby Road
  3497. Shaftesbury Centre
    Barlby Road
  3498. Exmoor Street
    Barlby Road/Saint Charles Square
  3499. Saint Marks Road
    Blenheim CrescenUSaint Quintin Avenue
  3500. Latimer Road Station
    Bramley Road
  3501. Waynflete Square
    Bramley Road
  3502. Jubilee Sports Centre
    Caird Street
  3503. Westway Sports Centre
    Crowthome Road
  3504. Queens Park Health Centre
    Dart Street
  3505. Carmelite Monastery
    Exmoor Street
  3506. Saint Charles Hospital
    Exmoor Street
  3507. Trellick Tower
    Golborne Road
  3508. Stowe Health Centre
    Harrow Road
  3509. Queens Park Library
    Harrow Road
  3510. West London Bowling Club
    Highlever Road
  3511. Cobden Club
    Kensal Road
  3512. 6 Saga Centre
    Kensal Road
  3513. Blag Club Wi
    Kensal Road
  3514. Golborne Road
    Kensal Road
  3515. Paddington Knowledge School
    Kensal Road
  3516. White Knight Laundry Services
    Kensal Road
  3517. Meanwhile Gardens
    Kensal Road/Golborne Road
  3518. 4 Belgo Zuid
    Ladbroke Grove
  3519. Dub Vendor Records W10
    Ladbroke Grove
  3520. Ion Restaurant
    Ladbroke Grove
  3521. Ladbroke Grove Station
    Ladbroke Grove
  3522. North Kensington Fire Station
    Ladbroke Grove
  3523. Saint Charles Square
    Ladbroke Grove
  3524. Kilbum Lane
    Ladbroke Grove/Chamberlain Road
  3525. Kensal Road
    Ladbroke Grove/Golborne Road
  3526. Lichfield Studios
    Oxford Gardens
  3527. Princess Louise Hospital
    Pangbourne Avenue
  3528. Oxford Gardens
    Portobello Road/Latimer Road
  3529. Isaac Newton Professional Development Centre
    - Lancaster Road
  3530. E N 0 Restaurant
    -. Kensington Park Road/Blenheim Crescent
  3531. Beach Blanket Babylon Restaurant
    -. Ledbury Road
  3532. Notting Hill Gate Public Library
    -. Pembridge Road
  3533. School of Meditation
    158 Holland Park Avenue
  3534. Algeria Embassy
    54 Holland Park
  3535. Blag Club W11
    68 Notti"1g Hill Gate
  3536. Dukes Lodge
    80 Holland Park
  3537. Gate Cinema
    87 Notting Hill Gate
  3538. Notting Hill Brasserie
    92 Kensington Park Road/Stanley Garden Mews
  3539. Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising
    Colville MewslLonsdale Road
  3540. Colville Square
    Colville Terrace
  3541. Powis Square
    Colville Terrace
  3542. Walmer Road
    Hippodrome Place
  3543. Greece Embassy
    Holland Park
  3544. Ukraine Embassy
    Holland Park
  3545. Cameroon High Commission
    Holland Park
  3546. Uzbekistan Embassy
    Holland Park
  3547. Lidgate Butchers
    Holland Park Avenue
  3548. 127 Royal Crescent
    Holland Park Avenue
  3549. Holland Park Avenue
    Holland Park Avenue
  3550. Holland Park Station
    Holland Park Avenue
  3551. Norland Square
    Holland Park Avenue
  3552. Mediterraneo Restaurant
    Kensington Park Road
  3553. Ukraine Consulate
    Kensington Park Road
  3554. Eclipse Bar W11
    Kensington Park Road (Gone)
  3555. Kensington Temple
    Kensington Park Road Alastair
  3556. Arundel Gardens
    Ladbroke Grove/Kensington Park Road
  3557. Notting Hill Police Station
    Ladbroke Road
  3558. Virgin Active W11
    Lancaster Road
  3559. Royalty Studios
    Lancaster Road
  3560. London Lighthouse
    Lancaster Road
  3561. Serbian Community Centre
    Lancaster Road
  3562. Little Restaurant
    Lancaster Road
  3563. Ledbury Restaurant
    Ledbury Road
  3564. George & Dragon Hall
    Mary Place
  3565. Coronet Cinema W11
    Notting Hill Gate
  3566. Notting Hill Arts Club
    Notting Hill Gate
  3567. Gate Theatre
    Pembridge Road
  3568. Julies Restaurant
    Portland Road/Clarendon Cross
  3569. Electric Cinema
    Portobello Road
  3570. Henry Dickens Court
    Saint Anns Road
  3571. Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue
    -Saint James's Gardens
  3572. Nottingdale Police Station
    Sirdar Road
  3573. Portobello Hotel
    Stanley Gardens
  3574. Talbot Tabernacle
    Talbot Road
  3575. Kensington Sports Centre
    Walmer Road
  3576. Guest House West Hotel
    Westboume Grove
  3577. Wine Factory Restaurant
    Westboume Grove
  3578. Bumpkin Restaurant W11
    Westboume Park Road
  3579. Tea Palace
    Westbourne Grove
  3580. 20th Century Theatre
    Westbourne Grove
  3581. Katherine Square
    Wilsham Street
  3582. Road Nottingdale Square
    Wilsham Street
  3583. Westfield Shopping Centre
    -. West Cross RoutelWood
  3584. Network House W12
    1 Ariel Way
  3585. Ginglik - Club On The Green
    1 Shepherds Bush Green
  3586. Stinging Nettle PH
    55 Goldhawk Road
  3587. Janet Adegoke Sports Centre
    56 Bloemfontein Road
  3588. Linford Christie Stadium
    Artillery Lane
  3589. Dani Hotel
    Askew Road
  3590. III/Me City Estate
    Bloemfontein Road
  3591. Uxbridge Road Tabemade
    Bloemfontein Road
  3592. Sawley Road
    Bloemfontein Road/Sedgeford Road
  3593. PC David Wombwell
    Braybrook Street
  3594. PC Geoffrey Fox Memorial
    Braybrook Street
  3595. Three Policemens Memorial
    Braybrook Street
  3596. Wormwood Scrubs Prison
    Du Cane Road
  3597. Hammersmith & New Queen Charlottes Hospital
    Du Cane Road
  3598. East Acton Station
    Erconwald Street
  3599. Blah Blah Blah Cafe
    Goldhawk Road
  3600. Askew Road
    Goldhawk Road
  3601. Vesbar Restaurant
    Goldhawk Road
  3602. Tamarisk Square
    Hemlock Road
  3603. Viola Square
    Hemlock Road
  3604. Lime Grove Hotel Wi2
    Lime Grove
  3605. Belushis Bar W12
    Shepherds Bush Green
  3606. Bush Theatre
    Shepherds Bush Green
  3607. GranUey Hotel
    Shepherds Bush Green
  3608. Shepherds Bush Empire
    Shepherds Bush Green
  3609. West 12 Shopping Centre
    Shepherds Bush Green
  3610. Queens Park Rangers QPR FC
    South Africa Road
  3611. Shepherds Bush Police Station
    Tunis Road
  3612. Bush Hall
    Uxbridge Road
  3613. Lime Grove
    Uxbridge Road
  3614. Shepherds Bush Station
    Uxbridge Road
  3615. Shepherds Bush Market
    Uxbridge Road/Goldhawk Road
  3616. Coningham Road
    Uxbridge RoadfGoldhawk Road
  3617. Goldhawk Road Station
    Wells Road
  3618. 76 BBC Television Centre
    Wood Lane
  3619. 18 White City Station
    Wood Lane
  3620. South Africa Road
    Wood Lane
  3621. Stella Artois Tennis Tournament
    Palliser Road/Queens Club
  3622. Famous Three Kings PH
    171 North End Road
  3623. 12 Oakwood Court
    Addison Road
  3624. Somerset Square
    Addison Road
  3625. Woodsford Square
    Addison Road
  3626. Avonmore Hotel W14
    Avonmore Road
  3627. Kensington Village
    Avonmore Road/Stanwick Road
  3628. Kensington West Apartments
    Blythe Road
  3629. 8 PC Stephen Tibbie Memorial
    Charleville Road
  3630. Fi12james Avenue
    Fi12george Avenue/North End Road
  3631. Fi12george Avenue
    Fitzjames Avenue/Auriol Road
  3632. Gibbs Green Estate
    Gibbs Green
  3633. Barons Keep
    Gliddon Road
  3634. HarnrnersmnhS West london College W14
    Gliddon Road
  3635. Queens Club Gardens
    Greyhound Road/Normand
  3636. Ace Hotel
    Gunterstone Road
  3637. Crown House W14
    Hammersmith Road
  3638. Olympia
    Hammersmith Road
  3639. Blythe Road
    Hammersmith Road/Shep Bush Road
  3640. Leighton House Museum
    Holland Park Road
  3641. London Visitors Hotel
    Holland Road
  3642. Chartes House Wi4
    Kensington High Street
  3643. Hilton Hotel Olympia
    Kensington High Street
  3644. Blue Lagoon Restaurant
    Kensington High Street
  3645. Bristol Cars
    Kensington High Street
  3646. Plum Bar & Grill -",
    Kensington High StreetIHiiton Hotel Olympia
  3647. Kensington Centre
    Lyons Walk
  3648. West Kensington Station
    North End Road
  3649. Olympia Station
    Olympia Way
  3650. Queens Club
    Palliser Road
  3651. A-Z Mansions
    Queens Club Gardens
  3652. K West Hotel
    Richmond Way
  3653. Georgia Embassy
    Russett Gardens
  3654. London Hotel School
    Springvale Terrace -.
  3655. Orchard Square
    Star Road
  3656. Shuters Square
    Star Road
  3657. Vine Square
    Star Road
  3658. LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)
    Talgarth Road
  3659. Curtains Up Theatre
    Vereker Road
  3660. Saint Mary Abbots Court
    Warwick Gardens
  3661. Hotel Indigo London Padding ton
    - 16 London Street
  3662. Kensington Gardens Hotel
    - 9 Kensington Gardens
  3663. Royal Lancaster Hotel
    -. Weslbounme StreeU Out
  3664. Canal Cafe Theatre
    -. Westboume Terrace Road/Delemere Terrace
  3665. Caroline House W2
    135 Bayswater Road
  3666. Henry VIII Hotel
    19 Leinster Gardens
  3667. Royal Norfolk Hotel
    25 London Street
  3668. Julius Ceasar Hotel
    26 Queens Gardens
  3669. Brigham Young University
    27 Palace Court
  3670. Guyana High Commission
    3 Palace Court Bayswater Road
  3671. Blakemore Hotel
    30 Leinster Gardens
  3672. YMCA German
    35 Craven Terrace
  3673. Brunei Hall
    35 Norfolk Square
  3674. Guards Hotel
    36 Lancaster Gate
  3675. London Elizabeth Hotel
    4 Lancaster Terrace
  3676. Victory Services Club
    63 Seymour Street
  3677. Harlem Bar
    78 Westbourne Grove
  3678. Carisbrooke Hall
    79 Seymour Street
  3679. Columbia Hotel
    95 Lancaster Gate
  3680. Saint Georges Fields
    Albion Street
  3681. Harbour Club W2
    Alfred Road
  3682. Hyde Park Stables
    Bathurst Mews
  3683. Soroptimist Society
    Bayswater Road
  3684. Hilton Hotel Hyde Park
    Bayswater Road
  3685. Lancaster Gate
    Bayswater Road
  3686. Orme Square
    Bayswater Road
  3687. Thistle Hyde Park Hotel
    Bayswater Road
  3688. Tyburn Convent
    Bayswater Road
  3689. 'Shish Restaurant W2
    Bishops Bridqe Road
  3690. Hyde Park Gardens
    Brook Street
  3691. Water Gardens W2
    Burwood Place
  3692. Prince Bonaparte PH
    Chepstow Road
  3693. Woodchester Square
    Cirencester StreeUSenior Street
  3694. Jimmy Choo Couture
    Connaught Street
  3695. Bombay Palace Restaurant
    Connaught Street
  3696. Hempel Hotel
    Craven Hill Gardens
  3697. Royal Eagle Hotel
    Craven Road
  3698. Ascot Hotel-
    Craven Road
  3699. Brunei Hotel
    Craven Road
  3700. Lancaster Hall Hotel
    Craven Terrace
  3701. Speakers Comer
    Cumberland Gate
  3702. Speakers Comer
    Cumberland Gate
  3703. Heathrow Express
    Departures Road
  3704. Paddington Station
    Departures Road
  3705. Isambard Kingdom Brunei Statue
    Departures Road/Platform 1
  3706. Cleveland Square
    Devonshire Terrace
  3707. New Atlantic Hotel
    Devonshire Terrace
  3708. Paddington Court Hotel
    Devonshire Terrace
  3709. CB&I
    Eastbourne Terrace
  3710. Paddington Police Station
    Edgware Road
  3711. Hilton Hotel Metropole
    Edgware RoadlHarbet Road
  3712. Leinster Square
    Garway Road
  3713. Prince William Hotel
    Gloucester Terrace
  3714. Saint James Hall
    Gloucester Terrace
  3715. Brunei Estate
    Great Western Road
  3716. Paddington Fire Station
    Harrow Road
  3717. Aphrodite Taverna
    Hereford Road
  3718. John Aird Court
    Howley Place
  3719. Sri Lanka High Commission
    Hyde Park Gardens
  3720. Princes Square
    IIchester GardensfHereford Road
  3721. Queens Hotel W2
    Inverness Terrace
  3722. Hyde Park Towers Hotel
    Inverness Terrace
  3723. Best Western Phoenix Hotel
    Kensinqton Gardens Square
  3724. Kildare Gardens
    Kildare Terrace
  3725. Novotel Paddington Hotel
    Kingdom Street
  3726. Commodore Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
  3727. Barrie House W2
    Lancaster Gate
  3728. Corus Hotel Hyde Park
    Lancaster Gate
  3729. Costa Rica Embassy
    Lancaster Gate
  3730. Park Inn Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
  3731. Spire House
    Lancaster Gate
  3732. Norfolk Square
    London Street
  3733. Royal Oak Station
    Lord Hills Bridge
  3734. Saint Sophias Greek Cathedral
    Moscow Road
  3735. Paddington Green
    Newcastle Place
  3736. Cambridge Square
    Norfolk Crescent
  3737. Oxford Square
    Norfolk Crescent
  3738. Norfolk Towers Hotel
    Norfolk Place
  3739. Norfolk Plaza Hotel
    Norfolk Square
  3740. Marks & Spencer HQ
    North Wharf Road
  3741. Clanricarde Gardens
    Notting Hill Gate
  3742. Czech Embassy
    Notting Hill Gate
  3743. Linden Gardens
    Notting Hill Gate
  3744. Sheldon Square
    Paddington Basin
  3745. Paddington Central
    Paddington Bridge
  3746. Abbey Court Hotel
    Pembridge Gardens
  3747. Pembridge Square
    Pembridge Gardens
  3748. Notting Hill Hotel
    Pembridge Square
  3749. Hyde Park West Hotel
    Pembridge Square
  3750. Hyde Park Towers
    Porch ester Terrace
  3751. Porchester Hall
    Porchester Road
  3752. Colonnades
    Porchester Square
  3753. Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel
    Porchester Terrace
  3754. Quality Crown Hotel W
    Praed Street
  3755. Hilton Hotel Paddington
    Praed Street
  3756. Alexander Fleming Blue Plaque
    Praed Street
  3757. Steam Bar
    Praed Street
  3758. Bayswater Inn Hotel
    Princes Square
  3759. Queens Park Hotel
    Queensborough Terrace
  3760. Central Park Hotel
    Queensborough Terrace
  3761. Byron Hotel
    Queensborough Terrace
  3762. Gala Casino
  3763. Bayswater Station
  3764. Porch ester Centre
  3765. Queens Ice Rink
  3766. Queensway Station
  3767. Whiteleys
  3768. Saint Marys Square
    Saint Marys Terrace
  3769. New West End Synagogue
    Saint Petersburgh Place
  3770. Royal British Legion Paddington
    Saint Stephens Gardens
  3771. Saint Marys Hospital
    South Wharf Road
  3772. Monkey Puzzle PH
    Southwick Street
  3773. Sussex Square
    Stanhope Terrace
  3774. Gresham Hotel W2
    Sussex Gardens
  3775. Stylotel Hotel
    Sussex Gardens
  3776. Talbot Square
    Sussex Gardens
  3777. Gloucester Square
    Sussex Place
  3778. Rose Court Hotel W2
    Talbot Square
  3779. Lillian Penson Hall
    Talbot Square
  3780. Bloody French Restaurant
    Weslboume Grove
  3781. Urban Turban Restaurant
    Westboume Grove
  3782. Chepstow Road
    Westboume Grove
  3783. Bodeans Restaurant W2
    Westbourne Grove
  3784. Khans Restaurant
    Westbourne Grove
  3785. Lucky Seven Restaurant
    Westbourne Park Road
  3786. Cow Saloon Bar & Dining Rooms
    Westbourne Park Road
  3787. Nine Kings Suite
    Westbourne Street
  3788. Acton Police Station
    Acton High StreeUSet Lexden Road left into Car Park 12114
  3789. Saint Saviours Church for the Deaf
    Armstrong Road
  3790. Shepherds Bush Cricket Club
    Bromyard Avenue
  3791. King Fahad Academy
    Bromyard Avenue
  3792. Virgin Active W3
    Bromyard Avenue
  3793. Acton Central Station
    Churchfield Road
  3794. Acton Cricket & Tennis Club
    East Acton Lane
  3795. Barbara Speake Stage School
    East Acton Lane
  3796. Bromyard Avenue
    East Acton Lane
  3797. Goldsmiths Buildings
    East Churchfield Road
  3798. Acton Main Line Station
    Horn Lane
  3799. Acton Snooker Club
    Old Oak Common Lane
  3800. Ramada Encore Hotel
    Portal Way/Estate Road
  3801. BBC TV Props
    Victoria Road
  3802. Holiday Inn Express W3
    Victoria Road
  3803. Holiday Inn Express W3
    Victoria Road
  3804. North Acton Station
    Victoria Road
  3805. Wales Farm Road
    Victoria Road
  3806. Perfume Factory
    Wales Farm RoadNictoria Road
  3807. Acton Magistrates Court
    Winchester Street
  3808. Chiswick Library
    -. Dukes Avenue
  3809. Barley Mow Centre
    Barley Mow Passage
  3810. Tabard Theatre
    Bath Road
  3811. Arts Educational School
    Bath Road/Cone Ripman House 2112
  3812. Chiswick Park Station
    Bolio Lane
  3813. Chiswick Memorial Club
    Bourne Place
  3814. Chiswick House
    Burlington Lane
  3815. Chiswick Station
    Burlington Lane
  3816. Chiswick Tennis Club
    Burlington Lane
  3817. Chiswick Hotel -
    Chiswick High Road
  3818. Ballet Rambert School
    Chiswick High Road
  3819. British Standards Institute
    Chiswick High Road
  3820. Chiswick Police Station
    Chiswick High Road
  3821. Linden Gardens W4
    Chiswick High Road
  3822. Chiswick Boat House
    Dukes Meadow
  3823. Chiswick Pool
    Edensor Road
  3824. Dolphin Square W4
    Edensor Road
  3825. Chiswick Fire Station
    Heathfield Gardens
  3826. Chiswick Town Hall
    Heathfield Terrace
  3827. Burlington Lane
    Hogarth Roundabout
  3828. Fullers Brewery
    Mawson Lane
  3829. Griffin Brewery
    Mawson Lane
  3830. Victorian Society
    Priory Gardens/Bath Road
  3831. Chiswick Mall
    South Black Lion Lane
  3832. Riverside Sports Club
    The Promenade
  3833. Turnham Green Station
    Turnham Green Terrace
  3834. United Intemational Pictures
    - 45 Beadon Road
  3835. Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall
    Nigel Playfair Avenue
  3836. Harper Collins Publishers
    -. Fulham Palace Road
  3837. Hammersmith Cab Rank
    -. Hammersmith Broadway
  3838. West London Magistrates Court
    -. Talgarth Road
  3839. Premier West Hotel
    28 Glenthome Road
  3840. EMI House
    43 Brook Green
  3841. Secrets 1 Club
    62 Glenthome Road
  3842. Blue Cross Animal Hospital W6
    Argyle Place
  3843. Hammersmith Station
    Beadon RoadlHammersmith Broadway
  3844. Irish Centre
    Blacks Road
  3845. Chinese Church W6
    Brook Green
  3846. Oxford Gate
    Brook Green
  3847. Saint Pauls Girl School
    Brook Green
  3848. Riverside Studios
    Crisp Road
  3849. Glenthome Road W6
    Dalling RoadlHammersmith
  3850. British Transport Police
    Fulham Palace Road
  3851. Charing Cross Hospital
    Fulham Palace Road
  3852. Barons Court Station
    Gliddon Road
  3853. Saint Peters Hotel
    Goldhawk Road
  3854. Westcroft Square
    Hamlet Gardens/King Street
  3855. Hungarian Church
    Hammersmith Cemetery
  3856. Colet Court W6
    Hammersmith Road
  3857. Latymer Court
    Hammersmith Road
  3858. LOreal
    Hammersmith Road
  3859. Shortlands
    Hammersmith Road
  3860. Hand & Flower PH & Hotel W6
    Hammersmith Road/Addison Bridge Place
  3861. Premier Travel Inn London Hammersmith
    King Street
  3862. Polish Sodal & Cultural Association
    King Street
  3863. 28 Holiday Inn Express
    King Street
  3864. Saigon Saigon Restaurant
    King Street
  3865. 43 Saint Peters Square
    King Street
  3866. 5 Lyric Square
    King Street
  3867. Kings Mall
    King Street
  3868. Lyric Hammersmith Theatre
    King Street
  3869. Ravenscourt Park
    King Street
  3870. Hamlet Gardens
    King Street 9
  3871. Hammersmith Cemetery
    Margravine Road
  3872. British Safety Council
    National Safety Centre Chancellors Road B460
  3873. Carting Apollo Theatre
    Queen Caroline Street
  3874. Coca Cola HQ
    Queen Caroline Street
  3875. Coca Cola HQ
    Queen Caroline Street
  3876. Hammersmith Apollo Theatre
    Queen Caroline Street
  3877. River Cafe
    Rainville Road
  3878. Ravenscourt Park Station
    Ravenscourt Place
  3879. Charing Cross Hospital A & E
    Saint Dunstans Road
  3880. Grampians
    Shepherds Bush Road
  3881. Hammersmith Police Station
    Shepherds Bush Road
  3882. Novotel West Hotel
  3883. Ark Building
    Talgarth Road
  3884. Israel Embassy
    - 2 Palace Green
  3885. Bosnia & Herzeqovina Embassy
    - 5-7 Lexham Gardens
  3886. Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall
    -. Homton Street
  3887. Ken Los Memories of China W8
    -. Kensington High Street
  3888. Greek Affair Restaurant
    1 Hillgate Street
  3889. Freddie Mercurys House & Plaque
    1 Logan Place
  3890. Easy Hotel South Kensington
    14 Lexham Gardens
  3891. Sambourne House
    18 Stafford Terrace
  3892. Northdiffe House W8
    2 Derry StreeUYoung Street
  3893. Daily Mail
    2 Derry StreeVNorthdiffe House
  3894. Evening Standard
    2 Derry StreeVNorthdiffe House
  3895. Geales Restaurant
    2 Fanner Street
  3896. High Commission
    2 Palace Gate Kensington
  3897. Paraguay Embassy
    344 High Street Kensington Set in Addison Road
  3898. Senegal Embassy
    39 Marloes Road
  3899. Romania Embassy
    4 Palace Green
  3900. Elephant & Castle PH
    40 Holland StreeVGordon Place
  3901. Maggie Joness PH
    6 Old Court Place
  3902. Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club
    Aubrey Walk
  3903. Dusty Springfield Blue Plaque
    Aubrey Walk
  3904. Highveld
    Campden Hill Road
  3905. Kensington Heights
    Campden Hill Road
  3906. Observatory Gardens
    Campden Hill RoadIHomton Street
  3907. Kensington Close Hotel
    Cheniston GardenslWrights Lane
  3908. Roof Gardens
    Derry Street
  3909. Phillimore Gardens W8
    Duchess of Bedfords
  3910. Academy Gardens
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk
  3911. Planetree House
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk
  3912. Sheldrake Place
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk
  3913. Hansom Cab PH
    Earls Court Road
  3914. Kensington Police Station
    Earls Court Road
  3915. Pembroke Square
    Earls Court Road
  3916. Kensington Gate
    Gloucester Road
  3917. Campden Hill Square
    Hillsleigh Road
  3918. Saint Volodmyr Statue
    Holland Park Avenue/Holland Park
  3919. Belvedere Restaurant
    Holland ParklAbbottsbury Road
  3920. Armenian Church
    Ivema Gardens
  3921. Churchill Arms PH
    Kensington Church Street
  3922. Clarkes Restaurant W8
    Kensington Church Street
  3923. Lancer Square
    Kensington Church Street
  3924. Black & Blue Restaurant W8
    Kensington Church Street
  3925. Mongolia Embassy
    Kensington Court
  3926. Eastern Caribbean States High Commission
    Kensington Court
  3927. Soprano Restaurant
    Kensington High Street
  3928. Amika Club
    Kensington High Street
  3929. Adam & Eve Mews
    Kensington High Street
  3930. Barkers
    Kensington High Street
  3931. Connoisseur Casino
    Kensington High Street
  3932. Edwardes Square
    Kensington High Street
  3933. Flower Comer
    Kensington High Street
  3934. Royal Garden Hotel-
    Kensington High Street
  3935. Stafford Court
    KenSington High Street
  3936. Troy Court
    Kensington High Street
  3937. Kensington High Street Station
    Kensington High Street
  3938. Nepal Embassy
    Kensington Palace Gardens
  3939. Russia Embassy
    Kensington Palace Gardens
  3940. Czech Embassy/Consular
    Kensington Palace Gardens
  3941. De Vere Gardens
    Kensington Road
  3942. Milestone Hotel
    Kensington Road
  3943. Vicarage Gate
    Kensinqton Church StreeVVicarage Gardens
  3944. Macowen Theatre
    Logan Place
  3945. Falkland House W8
    Marloes Road
  3946. Kensington Green
    Marloes Road
  3947. Lexham Gardens
    Marloes Road
  3948. Old Court Place
    Old Court Place
  3949. Lebanon Embassy
    Palace Garden Mews Zambia
  3950. Ark Restaurant
    Palace Gardens Terrace
  3951. Kensington Mall
    Palace Gardens Terrace/Kensington Church Street
  3952. Maxims Casino
    Palace Gate
  3953. Thomey Court
    Palace Gate
  3954. Chesterton Square
    Pembroke Road
  3955. Cromwell Hospital
    Pennant Mews
  3956. sticky Fingers Restaurant
    Phillimore Gardens
  3957. Duchess of Bedfords Walk
    Phillimore Gardens/Campden Hill Road
  3958. Central Library
    Phillimore Walk Linley
  3959. Wodka Restaurant
    Saint Albans Grove
  3960. Copthome Tara Hotel
    Scarsdale Place
  3961. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Embassy
    Upper Phillimore Gardens
  3962. Kensington Square
    Young Street
  3963. Disabled Living Foundation
    - Harrow Road
  3964. Fernhead Road
    -". Elgin Avenue/Kilburn Lane
  3965. Paddington Recreation Ground
    -. Grantully Road 64
  3966. Stuart Tower
    105 Maida Vale
  3967. Taxi House
    9 Woodfield Road
  3968. Little Venice
    Blomfield Road
  3969. Jasons Restaurant & Boat Trips / Now Boat House
    Blomfield Road
  3970. Place Hotel
    Bristol Gardens
  3971. Paddington Sports Club
    Castellain Road
  3972. BBC Rehearsal Studios
    Delaware Road
  3973. Maida Vale Station
    Elgin Avenue
  3974. Fernhead Road
    Elgin AvenuelKilburn Lane
  3975. Carlton Gate
    Elmfield Way/Harrow Road
  3976. Red Pepper Restaurant
    Formosa Street
  3977. Nairn Dangoor Centre
    Harrow Road
  3978. Bangladesh Caterers Association UK
    Harrow Road
  3979. Harrow Road Police Station
    Harrow Road
  3980. Science Photo Library
    Harrow Road 3 North
  3981. Chippenham Road
    Harrow Road/Shirland Road
  3982. Paddington Boys Club
    Lanark Road
  3983. Edinburgh House IN9
    Lanark Road
  3984. Falkirk House
    Lanark Road
  3985. Glasgow House
    Lanark Road
  3986. Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue IN9
    Lauderdale Road
  3987. Rodney Court
    Maida Vale
  3988. Wellesley Court
    Maida Vale
  3989. Dundee House
    Maida Vale
  3990. Amadeus Centre
    Shirland Road
  3991. Institute of Psycho-Analysis
    Shirland Road
  3992. Graze Restaurant
    Sutherland Avenue
  3993. Warrington Crescent
    Sutherland Avenue
  3994. Delaware Road
    Sutherland Avenue/Elgin Avenue
  3995. Colonnade Town House Hotel
    Warrington Crescent
  3996. Warrington Hotel-
    Warrington Crescent
  3997. Warwick Avenue Station
    Warwick Avenue
  3998. Warwick Avenue Station
    Warwick Avenue
  3999. L TDA
    Woodfield Road
  4000. Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury
    - 1 Kings Cross
  4001. Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital
    Grays Inn Road
  4002. Hospital for Tropical Diseases Travel Clinic
    -. Mortimer Market
  4003. Paul Robeson House WC1
    -. Penton Rise
  4004. Premier Travel Inn Euston
    1 Dukes Road Lve on Left or Right
  4005. Amnesty Intemational Secretariat
    1 Easton Street
  4006. Comfort Inn Kings Cross Hotel
    2 Saint Chads Street
  4007. Secrets 3 Club
    3 Grays Inn Road
  4008. Thomas Coram Foundation
    40 Brunswick Square
  4009. House Museum
    48 Doughty Street
  4010. Bountiful Cow Bar
    51 Eagle Street
  4011. Camden Town Hall
    Argyle Street
  4012. Dominion Theatre Stage Door
    Bainbridge Street
  4013. Swedenborg Hall
    Barter Street
  4014. My Hotel WC1
    Bayley Street
  4015. Saint Giles Hotel
    Bedford Avenue
  4016. Penn Club
    Bedford Place
  4017. Royal National Hotel
    Bedford Way
  4018. Russell Square Station
    Bernard Street
  4019. Glass Bar & Restaurant
  4020. Gresham Hotel WC1
    Bloomsbury Street
  4021. Companies House
    Bloomsbury Street
  4022. Radisson Edwardian Marlborough Hotel
    Bloomsbury Street
  4023. Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel
    Bloomsbury Street
  4024. Swedenborg Society
    Bloomsbury Way
  4025. Thistle Kingsley Hotel
    Bloomsbury Way
  4026. School of Pharmacy
    Brunswick Square
  4027. Foundling Hospital Museum
    Brunswick Square
  4028. Renoir Cinema
    Brunswick Square
  4029. Jenkins Hotel
    Burton Place
  4030. BUPA House
    Bury Place
  4031. Quaker International Centre
    Byng Place
  4032. Mentone Hotel
    Cartwright Gardens
  4033. Canterbury Hall
    Cartwright Gardens
  4034. Commonwealth Hall
    Cartwright Gardens
  4035. Hughes Panry Hall
    Cartwright Gardens
  4036. George Hotel
    Cartwright Gardens
  4037. Drill Hall Theatre
    Chenies Street
  4038. Eisenhower Centre
    Chenies Street
  4039. Generator Hostel
    Compton Place
  4040. Holiday Inn Bloomsbury
    Coram Street
  4041. Argyle Square
    Crestfield Street
  4042. Tonbridge Club
    Cromer Street
  4043. Wells Square
    Cubit1 Street
  4044. Red Lion Square WC1
    Drake Street/Procter Street
  4045. Place Theatre
    Dukes Road
  4046. Finnish Institute
    Eagle Street
  4047. Folio SOciety
    Eagle Street
  4048. Serious Fraud Office
    Elm Street
  4049. University College Hospital
    Euston Road/Beaumont Place/Grafton Way
  4050. 9 Dr Williams Library
    Gordon Square
  4051. Bloomsbury Theatre
    Gordon Street
  4052. Institute of Measurement & Control
    Gower Street
  4053. Academy Hotel
    Gower Street
  4054. Bonham Carter House
    Gower Street
  4055. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
    Gower Street
  4056. Garth Hotel WC1
    Gower Street
  4057. Darwin Buildipg
    Gower Street
  4058. Eastman Dental Hospital
    Grays Inn Road
  4059. National Union of Joumalists
    Grays Inn Road
  4060. Water Rats PH
    Grays Inn Road
  4061. Water Rats Theatre
    Grays Inn Road
  4062. London Welsh Centre
    Grays Inn Road
  4063. Bupa House WC1
    Grays Inn Road
  4064. Travelodge Kings Cross Hotel
    Grays Inn Road
  4065. Sidmouth Street
    Grays Inn Road/Hunter Street
  4066. Federation of Master Builders
    Great James Street
  4067. Hospital for Sick Children
    Great Ormond Street
  4068. YMCA Central
    Great Russell Street
  4069. Congress House WC1
    Great Russell Street
  4070. TUC - Trades Union Congress
    Great Russell Street
  4071. Kenilworth Hotel
    Great Russell Street
  4072. Bloomsbury Hotel
    Great Russell Street
  4073. Barbados High Commission
    Great Russell Street
  4074. British Museum
    Great Russell Street
  4075. Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel
    Great Russell Street
  4076. President Hotel
    Guilford Street
  4077. Celtic Hotel
    Guilford Street
  4078. Corams Fields
    Guilford Street
  4079. Institute of Child Health
    Guilford Street
  4080. My Old Dutch Rerstaurant WC1
    High Holbom
  4081. Travelodge High Holbom
    High Holbom
  4082. Cuba Embassy
    High Holbom
  4083. Arab Press House
    High Holbom
  4084. Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel
    High Holbom
  4085. Shanghai Blues Bar
    High Holbom
  4086. Penderels Oak PH
    High Holbom
  4087. South Square WC1
    High Holbom
  4088. Chancery Lane Station
    High Holbom
  4089. Holbom Gate
    High Holbom/Southampton Buildings
  4090. Citadines Aparthotel WC1
    High Holborn
  4091. Elizabeth Garret1 Anderson Hospital For Women
    Huntley Street
  4092. Royal National Institute for the Blind
    -Judd Street
  4093. Clink 78 Hostel
    Kings Cross Road 8 Art
  4094. Holbom Police Station
    Lambs Conduit Street
  4095. Unison
    Mabledon Place
  4096. Mabledon Court Hotel
    Mabledon Place
  4097. Bir1
    Malet Street
  4098. Jerwood Van burgh Theatre
    Malet Street
  4099. Cartwright Gardens
    Marchmont StreetiMabledon Place
  4100. Church of England Childrens Society
    -Margery Street
  4101. Mecklenburgh Square
    Mecklenburgh Place
  4102. London House WC1
    Mecklenburgh Square
  4103. William Goodenough House
    Mecklenburgh Square
  4104. Wolfson Centre
    Mecklenburgh Square
  4105. King Edward VII Gallery
    Montague Place
  4106. Grange Blooms Hotel
    Montague Street
  4107. Montague on the gardens Hotel
    Montague Street
  4108. James Smith & Sons Umbrellas
    New Oxford Street
  4109. Centre Point
    New Oxford StreeVAndrew Borde Street
  4110. October Gallery
    Old Gloucester Street
  4111. Holborn Grange Hotel
    Old Gloucester Street 68 Dickens
  4112. Queen Square
    Old Gloucester StreeVBoswell Street
  4113. Peel Centre
    Percy Circus
  4114. British Postal Museum & Archive
    Phoenix Place/Freeling House
  4115. Old Curiosity Shop
    Portsmouth Street
  4116. Square Pig & S'wine Bar
    Procter Street
  4117. Wor1
    Queen Square
  4118. Mary Ward Centre
    Queen Square
  4119. Institute of Neurology
    Queen Square
  4120. Italian Hospital
    Queen Square
  4121. Royal Homeopathic Hospital
    Queen Square
  4122. National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
    Queen Square
  4123. National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
    Queen Square
  4124. Conway Hall
    Red Lion Square
  4125. Institute of Fiscal Studies
    Ridgemount Street
  4126. Library Association
    Ridgemount Street
  4127. Imperial Hotel-
    Russell Square
  4128. Migraine Trust
    Russell Square
  4129. German Luthem Church (St Marys
    Sandwich Street
  4130. Regent Square WC1
    Sid mouth Street
  4131. Kingsway College WC1 /2
    Sidmouth Street
  4132. Building Centre
    South CrescenVStore Street
  4133. Bedford Hotel WC1
    Southampton Ro
  4134. Waverley House Hotel WC1
    Southampton Row
  4135. Bloomsbury Place WC1
    Southampton Row
  4136. Camden Chinese Community Centre
    Tavistock Place
  4137. British Medical Association
    Tavistock Square
  4138. Mahatma Gandhi Statue
    Tavistock Square
  4139. Cochrane Theatre
    Theobalds Road
  4140. Transport House
    Theobalds Road
  4141. Wamer House
    Theobalds Road
  4142. Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design
    Theobalds Road
  4143. School of African & Oriental Studies
    Thomhaugh Street
  4144. Heals WC1
    Tottenham Court Road
  4145. Rayne Building
    University Street
  4146. Percy Circus
    Vernon Rise/Great Percy Street
  4147. AKA Club
    West Central Street
  4148. Wilmington Square
    Yardley StreeUTysoe Street
  4149. Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel
    - 3 Saint
  4150. Actors Church/Saint Pauls Church
    Bedford Street/Inigo Place 20116
  4151. RAF Church
    -". Strand/Saint Clement Danes
  4152. Foyles Bookshop
    . Charing Cross Road
  4153. Royal Commonwealth Society
    -. Northumberland Avenue
  4154. Leicester Square
    -. Panton Street/Irving Street/Saint Martin Street
  4155. City Literary Institute WC2
    -. Stukeley S_et
  4156. Chez Gerard Restaurant WC2
    119 Chancery Lane
  4157. Strand Continental Hotel
    143 Strand
  4158. Courtauld Gallery
    152 Strand
  4159. Somerset House
    152 Strand
  4160. Christophers Restaurant
    18 Wellington Street
  4161. Garrick Theatre
    2 Charing Cross Road
  4162. Bret!enham House
    24 Lancaster Place
  4163. Fielding Hotel
    4 Broad Court
  4164. Light Bar WC2
    45 Saint Martins Lane
  4165. Equity (British Actors Equity Associaton)
    5 Upper Saint Martins Lane/Guild House B861
  4166. Food & Drink Federation
    6 Catherine Street
  4167. Arts Theatre Club WC2
    6 Great Newport Street
  4168. HalfWay to Heaven PH
    7 Duncannon Street
  4169. Pineapple Studios WC2
    7 Langley street
  4170. Charing Cross Police Station
    Agar Street
  4171. Aldwych Theatre
  4172. Bush House -.
  4173. Hilton Hotel Waldorf
  4174. India High Commission
  4175. Ivor Novello Theatre
  4176. No 1 Aldwych Hotel
  4177. Axis Restaurant
    Aldwych/Aldwych Hotel
  4178. Lady Magazine
    Bedford Street
  4179. Saint Pauls Church WC2
    Bedford StreeUlnigo Place
  4180. London Coliseum Stage Door
  4181. Royal Opera House
    Bow Street
  4182. Young Dancer Statue
    Broad Court
  4183. Palace Theatre
    Cambridge Circus
  4184. Knights Templar PH
    Carey Street
  4185. Duchess Theatre
    Catherine Street
  4186. Theatre Royal Drury Lane
    Catherine Street
  4187. Law Society
    Chancery Lane
  4188. Inns of Court & City Yeomanry HQ
    Chancery Lane
  4189. Six Clerks Restaurant at The Law SOCiety
    Chancery Lane
  4190. Astoria Theatre
    Charing Cross Road
  4191. Wyndhams Theatre
    Charing Cross Road
  4192. London Transport Museum
    Covent Gdn Piazza SD Russell Street 611
  4193. Playhouse Theatre Stage Door
    Craven Street
  4194. Fleet Square
    Cubit! Street
  4195. Tin Pan Alley Bar
    Denmark Street
  4196. Sarastro Restaurant
    Drury Lane
  4197. Cafe-in-the-crypt
    Duncannon Street
  4198. Donmar Warehouse
    Earlham Street
  4199. Belgo Central
    Earlham Street
  4200. Swiss Church
    Endell Street
  4201. Edgar Wallace PH
    Essex Street
  4202. Joe Allen Restaurant
    Exeter Street
  4203. Royal Ballet School
    Floral Street
  4204. Garrick Club
    Garrick Street
  4205. Sway Restaurant
    Great Queen Street
  4206. Browns Club WC2
    Great Queen Street
  4207. Wolfes Bar & Grill
    Great Queen Street
  4208. Connaught Rooms
    Great Queen Street
  4209. Freemasons Hall
    Great Queen Street
  4210. Kingsway Hall Hotel
    Great Queen Street
  4211. Porters Bar & Restaurant
    Henrietta Street
  4212. Oasis Leisure Centre
    High Holborn
  4213. Travelodge Covent Garden
    High Holborn/Shorts Gardens
  4214. London School of Economics
    Houghton Street 68
  4215. Heaven Club
    Hungerford LaneNilliers Street
  4216. PC Jim Morrison Memorial
    India Place
  4217. Royal Society of Art -.
    John Adam Street
  4218. Africa House
  4219. Aviation House
  4220. Peacock Theatre Stage Door
  4221. Food Standards Agency
    Kingsway/Aviation Hse
  4222. Civil Aviation Authority
    Kingsway/Kemble Street
  4223. Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
    Leicester Square 12110
  4224. Notre Dame Hall
    Leicester Place
  4225. Prince Charles Cinema
    Leicester Place
  4226. Capital Radio
    Leicester Square
  4227. Choice FM -
    Leicester Square
  4228. Heart FM
    Leicester Square
  4229. Sir John Soanes Museum
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4230. Land Registry
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4231. Hunterian Museum
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4232. Royal College of Surgeons
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4233. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4234. Canada Walk
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4235. New Square
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  4236. Covent Garden Station
    Long Acre
  4237. Marathon Shop
    Long Acre
  4238. Stanfords Map Shop
    Long AcrelFloral Street
  4239. Rules Restaurant
    Maiden Lane
  4240. Vaudeville Theatre Stage Door
    Maiden Lane
  4241. Mon Plaisir Restaurant
    Monmouth Street
  4242. Covent Garden Hotel
    Monmouth Street
  4243. Mountbatten Hotel
    Monmouth Street
  4244. Seven Dials
    Monmouth Street
  4245. Old Square
    New Square
  4246. Association of Teachers & Lecturers
    Northumberland 16115,20/16 Street
  4247. Playhouse Theatre
    Northumberland Avenue
  4248. Comedy Theatre
    Panton Street
  4249. Guanabara Club
    Parker Street
  4250. New London Theatre
    Parker Street
  4251. Parker Tower
    Parker Street
  4252. Phoenix Theatre
    Phoenix Street
  4253. Peacock Theatre
    Portugal Street
  4254. Shaftesbury Theatre
    Princes Circus/High Holborn
  4255. Fortune Theatre
    Russell Street
  4256. Sheekeys Restaurant
    Saint Martins Court
  4257. Browns Restaurant WC2
    Saint Martins Lane
  4258. Duke of Yorks Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane
  4259. London Coliseum
    Saint Martins Lane
  4260. Noel Coward Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane
  4261. Saint Martins Lane Hotel
    Saint Martins Lane
  4262. English National Opera
    Saint Martins Lane/Coliseum Theatre
  4263. Asia De Cuba Restaurant
    Saint Martins Lane/Saint Martins Lane Hotel 114, 12110
  4264. International Bar
    Saint Martins Lane/Saint Martins Place
  4265. National Portrait Gallery
    Saint Martins Place
  4266. Savoy Hotel
    Savoy Court
  4267. Savoy Theatre
    Savoy Court
  4268. Queens Chapel of the Savoy
    Savoy Hill
  4269. Institute of Electrical Engineers
    Savoy Place
  4270. Lincolns Inn Fields
    Serle Street/Remnant Street
  4271. Cambridge Theatre
    Seven Dials
  4272. Incognico Restaurant
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  4273. London Silver Vaults
    Southampton Buildings
  4274. Covent Garden
    Southampton Street
  4275. India Club
  4276. Gibraltar Government London Office
  4277. Vaudeville Theatre
  4278. Adelphi Theatre
  4279. Aldwych
  4280. Australia High Commission
  4281. Australia House
  4282. Bomber Harris Memorial
  4283. Charing Cross Station
  4284. Essex Street
  4285. Royal Courts of Justice
  4286. Saint Clement Danes Church
  4287. Savoy Court
  4288. Simpsons Restaurant WC2
  4289. Roman Bath
    Strand Lane/Surrey Street
  4290. Thistle Charing Cross Hotel
    Strand/Charing Cross Station
  4291. Strand Palace Hotel
    Strand/Exeter Street
  4292. Eleanor Cross
    Strand/Station Forecourt
  4293. Surrey Street
    StrandlTemple Place
  4294. Swiss Howard Hotel
    Temple Place
  4295. British American Tobacco
    Temple Place
  4296. Two Cherubs on the Phone
    Temple Place
  4297. Jubilee Hall Sports Centre
    The Piazza Covent GardenlT avistock Street
  4298. Tristan Bates Theatre
    Tower Street
  4299. South Africa High Commission
    Trafalgar Square
  4300. Marquee Club
    Upper Saint Martins Lane
  4301. Stringfellows
    Upper Saint Martins Lane
  4302. Saint Martins Lane
    Upper Saint Martins Lane/Saint Martins Place
  4303. Buddha Bar WC2
    Victoria Embankment
  4304. Cleopatras Needle
    Victoria Embankment
  4305. Hispaniola Restaurant Ship
    Victoria Embankment
  4306. HQS Wellington
    Victoria Embankment
  4307. Motion Nightclub
    Victoria Embankment
  4308. Tower Lifeboat Station RNLI Pier
    Victoria Embankment
  4309. TS Queen Mary Boat
    Victoria Embankment
  4310. Master Mariners Hall
    Victoria Embankment/HQS Wellington 1/5
  4311. Gordons Wine Bar
    Villiers Street
  4312. Players Theatre
    Villiers Street
  4313. Lyceum Theatre
    Wellington Street
  4314. 178 Ivy Restaurant
    West Street
  4315. Orion House
    West Street
  4316. Saint Martins Theatre
    West Street
  4317. Thistle Piccadilly Hotel
    Whitcomb Street
  4318. Thistle Trafalgar Square Hotel
    Whitcomb Street
  4319. Westland Heliport/Battersea Heliport
    Bridges CourtlLombard Road
  4320. End Hotel
    Grove Road
  4321. Lakeview Estate
    Old Ford Road 18 Bow
  4322. Grafton Tennis & Squash Club
    Thornton Road
  4323. Hamilton House
    , Balham High Road
  4324. Kings Hall Leisure Centre
    . Lower Clapton Road
  4325. Clapton Pond
    -. Lower Clapton Road
  4326. Mothers Square
    . Siaden Place/Clarence Road
  4327. Tooting Constitutional Club
    -. Tooting High Street
  4328. Jongleurs Comedy Club
    -. Wenning ton Road
  4329. Boiled Egg and Soldiers Cafe
    1 Northcote Road
  4330. Homerton Ambulance Station
    126 Homerton High Stree
  4331. Capital Studios
    13 Wandsworth Plain
  4332. Empress of India Restaurant
    130 Lauriston Road
  4333. Out of the Blue Bar & Restaurant
    140 Saint Johns Hill
  4334. London Mosque
    16 Gressenhall Road
  4335. Chez Bruce Restaurant
    2 Bellevue Road
  4336. Greedy Cow Restaurant
    2 Grove Road
  4337. Travelodge Battersea Hotel
    200 York Road
  4338. Book House
    45 East Hill
  4339. Wandsworth Police Station
    46 Wandsworth High Street
  4340. Laburnum Social Club
    6 Vicarage Crescent
  4341. 20 Blood Pressure Association
    60 Cranmer Terrace
  4342. Hand & Flower PH E3
    72 Parnell Road 4 Mile
  4343. Cambridge Road
    Albert Bridge Road
  4344. White Eagle Club
    Balham High Road
  4345. Balham Youth Court
    Balham High Road
  4346. Balham Hill
    Balham High Road
  4347. Bedford Hill-.
    Balham High Road
  4348. Du Cane Court
    Balham High Road
  4349. Wandsworth Youth Court
    Balham High Road
  4350. 1 Balham & Tooting TA
    Balham High Road
  4351. United Services & Services Rendered Club
    Balham High Road
  4352. Balham Station
    Balham Station Road
  4353. Le Bouchon Bordelais Restaurant
    Baltersea Rise
  4354. Battersea Police Station
    Battersea Bridge Road
  4355. Glassmill
    Battersea Bridge Road
  4356. South Western Magistrates Court.
    Battersea Church Road
  4357. Le Quecumbar Restaurant
    Battersea High Street Latchmere Road
  4358. Battersea Bridge Road
    Battersea Park Road
  4359. Dos Amigos Restaurant
    Battersea Rise
  4360. Bolingbroke Grove
    Battersea Rise/Nightingale Lane
  4361. Royal Academy of Dancing
    Battersea Square
  4362. Bevin Square
    Beechcroft Road
  4363. Nightingale Lane
    Bellevue Roao/Balham Hill
  4364. Brinkley's Kitchen Restaurant
    Bellvue Road
  4365. Lambeth Cemetery
    Blackshaw Road
  4366. Bromley by bow Station
    Blackwall tunnel Northern Approach
  4367. Twelve Trees Crescent
    Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach/Devas Street
  4368. Broomwood Road
    Bolingbroke GrovefThe Avenue
  4369. Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
    Bolsover Street
  4370. Thames Magistrates Court
    Bow Court
  4371. Bells PH
    Bow Road
  4372. Bow Arts Trust
    Bow Road
  4373. Bow Church Station
    Bow Road
  4374. Bow Road Police Station
    Bow Road
  4375. Bow Road Station
    Bow Road
  4376. Kitcat Terrace
    Bow Road
  4377. Little Driver PH
    Bow Road
  4378. Hackney Synagogue
    Brenthouse Road 10
  4379. The Lanterns
    Bridge Lane
  4380. Street/Albert
    Bridge Road
  4381. Latchmere Leisure Centre
    Bums Road
  4382. S Mile End Park
    Burdett Road
  4383. East London Tabernacle
    Burndett Road
  4384. Central London Golf Centre
    Burntwood Lane
  4385. Balham Tup PH
    Chestnut Grove
  4386. Rectory Lane
    Church Lane
  4387. Spring Hill
    Clapton Common
  4388. Ragged School Meseum
    Copperfield Road
  4389. National Blood Transfusion Service (South Thames)
    Cranmer Terrace
  4390. Japan cresent
    Crouch Hill
  4391. Kingsway International Christian Centre
    Darnley Road 1
  4392. Devons Road Station
    Devons Road
  4393. The Parade/Carriage
    Drive North
  4394. Huguenot ( Mount Nod) Cemetery
    East Hill
  4395. Nightingale Square
    Endlesham Road
  4396. Battersea Fire Station
    Este Road
  4397. Bow Bus Garaghe
    Fairfield Road
  4398. Battersea Labour Club
    Falcon Road
  4399. Holliday Square
    Fowler Close
  4400. Barringer Square
    Franciscan Road
  4401. Allfarthing Lane
    Garratt Lane
  4402. Earlsfield Station
    Garratt Lane
  4403. Streatham Cemetery
    Garratt Lane
  4404. Wandsworth Museum (Old)
    Garratt Lane
  4405. Bumtwood Lane
    Garratt Lane/Trinity Road
  4406. Springfield Hospital
    Glenbumie Road
  4407. Lola Jones Hall
    Greaves Place
  4408. Tooting Leisure Centre
    Greaves Ptace
  4409. John Scott Health Centre
    Green Lane
  4410. Royal Gate East
    Grove Road
  4411. Lauriston Road
    Grove RoadlWell Street
  4412. Heathfield Square
    Heathfield Road
  4413. Homerton Fire Station
    Homerton High Street
  4414. Homerton Library
    Homerton High Street
  4415. Royal College of Art Sculpture School
    Howie Street
  4416. Ship Inn
    Jews Row
  4417. Royal Victoria Patriotic Building
    John Archer WaylFitzhugh Grove
  4418. Gothique Restaurant
    John Archer Way
  4419. Battersea Reach
    Juniper Drive/York Road
  4420. Elspeth Road
    Latchmere Road
  4421. Bottle Apostle
    Lauriston Road
  4422. Lauriston Centre
    Lauriston Road
  4423. Battersea Arts Centre
    Lavender Hili/BAC
  4424. Dub Vendor Records
    Lavender Hill
  4425. Revolution Bar
    Lavender Hill
  4426. Debenhams
    Lavender Hill
  4427. South Western Magistrates Court
    Lavender Hill
  4428. Lavender Hill Police Station.
    Lavender Hill 17 Plantation Wharf
  4429. Inner London Hotel
    Lea Bridge Road
  4430. Madina Mosque
    Lea Bridge Road
  4431. Lavender Hill Police Station
    Lombard Road
  4432. Oyster Wharf
    Lombard Road
  4433. Vicarage Crescent
    Lombard Road
  4434. Rafayel Hotel
    Lombard RoadlFalcon Wharf
  4435. Clapton Square
    Lower Clapton Road
  4436. Oowns Road
    Lower Clapton Road
  4437. Hackney Police Station
    Lower Clapton Road
  4438. Earlsfield Library
    Magdalen Road
  4439. Wandsworth Cemetery
    Magdalen Road
  4440. Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals
    Malmesbury Road
  4441. Morning Lane
    Mare Street
  4442. Well Street
    Mare StreeUCassland Road
  4443. Wandsworth Bus Garage
    Marl Road
  4444. Alphabet Square
    Mile end Road
  4445. Mile End Station
    Mile End Road
  4446. Purple3 Nightclub
    Mile End Road
  4447. Venus in the Park Restaurant
    Mile End Road 8 Tower
  4448. Rushmore Road
    Millfields Road
  4449. Amen Comer
    Mitcham Road
  4450. Tooting Library
    Mitcham Road
  4451. Tooting Police Station
    Mitcham Road
  4452. Edward VII Statue
    Mitcham Road/Tooting High Street
  4453. Tea Clipper PH
    Montpelier street
  4454. Morgan Arms
    Morgan Street
  4455. Wick Road
    Morning Lane/Eastway
  4456. Nightingale House
  4457. High Trees House
    Nightingale Lane
  4458. Home for Aged Jews
    Nightingale Lane
  4459. Oak Lodge Special School
    Nightingale Lane
  4460. Queen Elizabeth House
    Nightingale Lane
  4461. Church ofthe Holy Ghost
    Nightingale Square
  4462. Northcote Library
    Northcote Road
  4463. Bolingbroke Restaurant
    Northcote Road
  4464. Albert Bridge
  4465. Gun wharf
    Old Ford Road
  4466. Wandsworth Town Station
    Old York Road
  4467. 21 Thai on the River Restaurant
    ombard Road
  4468. Battersea Ironsides
  4469. Ransomes Dock
    Parkgate Road
  4470. Salesian College
    Parkham Street
  4471. Bow fire Station
    Parnel Road
  4472. Eastside Youth Centre
    Parnell Road 2S
  4473. Baltersea Square
    Peace Pagoda
  4474. Fitzhardinge Street
    Portman Square/Manchester Square
  4475. Round Chapel
    Powerscrofi Road
  4476. Gartons Way
    Prices Candles
  4477. Cambridge Road
    Prince of Wales Drive
  4478. Norfolk Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  4479. Overstrand Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  4480. Primrose Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  4481. Cyril Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  4482. Knapp Road
    Rounton Road
  4483. Brassey Square
    Sabine Road
  4484. Alchemist Bar
    Saint Johns Hill
  4485. Clapham Junction Cab Rank
    Saint Johns Hill
  4486. Junction Shopping Centre
    Saint Johns Hill
  4487. Plough Road
    Saint Johns HilllYork Road
  4488. Finsbury park mosque
    Saint Thomas’s road
  4489. Kent hall Hotell
  4490. Holiday Inn Express
    Smugglers Way
  4491. Hamlets Cemetery
    Southern Grove
  4492. Wandsworth Common Station
    Station Yard
  4493. John Parker Square
    Thomas Baines Road
  4494. Franciscan Road
    Tooting Bec Road
  4495. Tooting Athletic Ground
    Tooting Bec Road
  4496. Tooting Bec Station
    Tooting Bec Road
  4497. Elmboume Road
    Tooting Bec Road/Bedford Hill
  4498. Doctor Johnson Avenue
    Tooting Bee RoadlHilibury Road
  4499. Tooting Broadway Station
    Tooting Broadway
  4500. Parnell Road
    Tredegar Road
  4501. Tooting Fire Station
    Trinity Road
  4502. Clapton Station
    Upper Clapton Road
  4503. Warwick Grove
    Upper Clapton Road
  4504. Boundaries Road
    Upper Tooting Park/Chestnut Grove
  4505. Classic Club
    Upper Tooting Road
  4506. Royal Victoria DLR
    Victoria Dock Road
  4507. Cardinal Pole RC School
    Victoria Park Road 4
  4508. Bow Enterprise Park
    Violet Road
  4509. Bolingbroke Hospital
    Wakehurst Road
  4510. Huguenot Place
    Wandsworth Common North Side
  4511. Buckhold Road
    Wandsworth High Street
  4512. Wandsworth Town Hall
    Wandsworth High Street
  4513. Saint Moritz Club
    Ward our Street
  4514. Wizann publications
    Watts Grove
  4515. Metropolitan Police Traffic Division Bow Area Office
    Wellington Way
  4516. Sutherland Grove
    West Hill/Augustus Road
  4517. Marie Stopes Clinic
    Whitfield Street
  4518. Southfields Station
    Wimbledon Park Road
  4519. York Road
    York CircuslFalcon Road
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