Anatomy Lab 1

  1. three layers of the skin
    • epidermis
    • dermis
    • hypodermis or subcutaneous
  2. stratum corneum
    outer top layer (within epidermis)
  3. stratum basale
    wave lines (within the epidermis)
  4. dermal papillae
    white ring (within dermis)
  5. Meissner's corpuscles
    yellow oval (within dermis)
  6. Pacinian corpuscles
    yellow leafs (5) (within dermis)
  7. merocrine sweat gland
    bundle of gland, goes to top, found in sole of foot(within dermis)
  8. apocrine sweat gland
    big white gland in the middle
  9. sebaceous gland
    test looking things
  10. hair follicle
    whole thing of hair
  11. hair shaft
    part that sticks out of hair
  12. arrrector pili muscle
    red artery found on scalp (Alma pelea mucho)
  13. blood vessels
    • artery-red
    • vein-blue
    • capillary-connects both
  14. adipose tissue
    fat, yellow bubbles
  15. Uniqueness of scalp
    has arrector pili muscle
  16. uniqueness of armpit
    has apocrine sweat gland
  17. uniqueness of sole of foot
    has no hair
  18. 1st degree burn
    epidermis damaged
  19. 2nd degree burn
    • epidermis destroyed 
    • dermis damaged
  20. 3rd degree burn
    • epidermis destroyed
    • dermis destroyed
    • hypodermis damaged
  21. sagittal suture
    mid line
  22. coronal suture
    front, corona line
  23. lambdoit suture
    suture in the back of the head
  24. squamous suture
    side joints/lines
  25. fontanels
    found on infant skull
  26. frontal fontanel
    soft front spot
  27. occipital fontanel
    back flat area
  28. frontal (1)
    front bone of skull
  29. parietal (2)
    bones on side of skull
  30. temporal (2)
    bones on timpano sides of the skull. wing looking thing
  31. mastoid process
    found on temporal bone. point on bottom left.
  32. external acoustic meatus
    found on temporal bone. hole next to mastoid process.
  33. zygomatic arch
    found by temporal bone. cheek arch. etire structure.
  34. mandibular fossa
    found on temporal bone. groove where mandible fits. next to external acoustic meatus (hole)
  35. occipital (1)
    bone in back of skull
  36. foramen magnum
    found on occipital bone. big hole in the middle.
  37. occipital condyles
    found on occipital bone.2 heart shaped holes above foramen magnum.
  38. sphenoid (1)
    bone that begins above eye and runs thru nose.
  39. sella turcica
    found in sphenoid. heart shped bump in middle
  40. optic canals
    found in sphenoid bone. tyny holes by sella turcica. run through next to eye big hole.
  41. ethmoid (1)
    seed like structure in middle
  42. crista galli
    part of ethmoid bone. pointie projection
  43. cribiform plate
    part of ethmoid bone. flat parts on both sides
  44. olfactory foramen
    little holes all over ethmoid bone
  45. perpendicular plate
    Part of ethmoid bone. top of nostril middle line.
  46. maxilla (2)-palatine processes
    above teeth
  47. palatine (2)
    tiny holes next to big eye hole. kind of hidden.
  48. vomer
    tip of inside middle of nose
  49. zygomatic (2)
    cheek bones
  50. lacrimal (2)
    inside of eye. where tear appear. Make Lily Eat Sminach Zak!
  51. nasal (2)
    top of nose. next to lacrimal
  52. mandible (1)
  53. head of mandible or mandibular condyle
    2 circles. ends of mandible
  54. body of mandible
    horse show shape of mandible. where teeth are.
  55. mandibular ramus
    the two flat sides of mandible
  56. mental foramen
    holes in mandible
  57. paranasal sinuses (sagittal model)
    • frontal sinus (bubble above eyes)
    • sphenoid sinus (side bubble)
  58. hyoid
    horse shoe shape. under tongue.
  59. vertebral column
    hole thing
  60. intervertebral discs
    rubber part in between
  61. intervertebral foramen
    holes from side view made by stacked up vertebrae
  62. cervical vertebrae (7)
    c1-c7 (only one with transverse foramen on each side)
  63. C1-atlas
    first bone  on top. head of turtle
  64. C2-axis
    2nd cervical bone. football player.
  65. dens
    found in C2 axis bone. it is the head part of football player.
  66. spinous process
    skinny end of vertebrae
  67. transverse process
    bilateral points. ear looking things.
  68. transverse foramen
    found only on cervical vertebrae. holes on ears
  69. vertebral foramen
    big hole of vertebral bones
  70. thoracic vertebrae (12)
    t1 thru t12. (except for short 11 and 12, all have bolita ends)
  71. body
    of thoracic vertebrae is heart shaped
  72. lamina
    of thoracic vertebrae. It is what wraps around hombros thrue vertebral foramen.
  73. pedicle
    of thoracic vertebrae. skinny sections on each side.
  74. superior articulating processes
    of thoracic vertebrae. curved behind antenas of giraffe
  75. inferior articulating processes
    of thoracic vertebrae . cheek of giraffe.
  76. lumbar vertebrae (5)
    L1-L5. have skinnier orejas and sharp edges except the last one.
  77. sacrum (1)
    by tail
  78. coccyx (1)
    end of tail
  79. thoracic cage
    includes ribs, costal cartilage, and sternum
  80. ribs
    12 pairs. go from side to back
  81. vertebrosternal ribs
    ribs 1-7 top to bottom
  82. vertebronchondral ribs
    ribs 8, 9, and 10 attached to cartilage (together)
  83. vertebral ribs
    ribs 11 and 12. don't attached to anything
  84. sternum
    center of chest
  85. manubrium
    top of sternum
  86. body
    middle part of sternum
  87. xyphoid process
    tail of sternum
  88. costal cartilage
    attaching rib to sternum (pink part)
  89. Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
    • cuboidal epithelial cell
    • lumen
    • nubleus
    • simple cuboidal epithelium
  90. Simple Columnar Epithelium (ciliated)
    • basement membrane
    • cilia
    • columnar epithelial cell ciliated
    • nucleus
    • simple columnar epithelium ciliated
  91. Stratified Squamous Epithelium (nonkeratinized)
    • squamous cell with nucleus
    • stratified squamous epithelium nonkeratinized
  92. Pseudostratified Epithelium
    • cilia
    • columnar epithelial cell ciliated
    • goblet cell
    • nucleus
    • pseudostratified epithelium
  93. Connective Tissues
    • Areolar Connective
    • Adipise Connective
  94. Areolar Connective
    • collagen fibers
    • elastic fibers
  95. Adipose Connective
    • adipocyte (cell membrane)
    • nucleus of adipocyte
  96. Stratified squamous epithelium keratinized
    • dermis
    • epidermis
    • stratified squamous epithelium keratinized
    • stratum basale
    • stratum corneum
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