Literature Final

  1. What is true about Stuart Literature?
    • more personal than tudor
    • artistic success results from didactic conception
    • its ideals emphasize clarity and simplicity
  2. Another name for Commonwealth Period?
    The Interrugnum
  3. Who came to the throne as a result of the Glorious Revolution?
    William and Mary
  4. Donne converted from what to what?
    Catholic to Anglican
  5. Donne severely hampered his chances for career advancement by doing what?
    marrying an underage girl of superior rank
  6. virute which "Lecture upon a Shadow" most stresses
  7. "the anniversary" lovers live in the eternal...
  8. Donne's epigrmas do not exemplify 
    the conceit
  9. outstanding feature of Jonsons poetry is its
    concealed artistry
  10. Poet asks Celia to leave what in his cup?
    a kiss
  11. "song of celia" implies:
    • her gaze is better than heavenly drink
    • dead flowers revive at celias breath
    • flowers retain Celia's frangrance
  12. "still to be neat" the poet prefers his lady to be less
  13. vow at the end of "On My First Son"
    never become fond of anyone ever again
  14. "redemption" what situation provides allegory of Christian redemption
    landlord-tenant relationship
  15. herbert poetry?
  16. Herbert is the best english writer of what poetry?
  17. "love" Christ functions as a what?
  18. "aaron" : herbert does not say that Christ is in his 
  19. "denial" is a prayer for
    Restoration of Fellowship
  20. who taskmaster in Sonnet 7?
  21. Sonnet 7: Milton is complaining about lack of
  22. "still to be neat" : what "adulteries of art does Jonson criticize?
    • dressing up
    • make-up
  23. best expresses Sonnet 7
    Satisfaction comes from personal submission to God's will
  24. Milton say about Time in sonnet7?
    time has stolen away his youth.
  25. Followers of Ben Jonson are called what?
    Cavalier Poets
  26. According to some modern critics, man enjoyed a __ life, and society was at its best.
  27. stopped the advance of the Danes, and then his children reconquered the Danelaw.
    Alfred the Great
  28. Roman influence on England thru what?
    • roads
    • baths
    • hadrians wall
  29. 1016, Danish (successful) under king canute make england part of the __ empire
  30. scands brought __ into England
  31. Irish catholics..was introduced by what British celt?
  32. Middle Ages lasted from 450-
  33. middle ages was a time of
    constant change
  34. romans brought what to england?
  35. monks and minstrels were called what?
  36. three defining qualities of an epic
    • long poem
    • tells a story
    • hero
  37. poets goal is two fold
    • to teach
    • to delight
  38. 4 anglo saxon earthly virtues
    • bravery
    • loyalty
    • generosity
    • friendship
  39. 4 qualifications of an Epic Hero
    • glorified
    • on a quest
    • ethical
    • strong
  40. mood of neoclassical era favored
  41. rationalism definition
    rule of reason in all areas of life
  42. characteristics of neoclassical taste
    • exactness
    • polish
    • symmetry
  43. what contributed to swift's growing bitterness
    • boyhood
    • explotation of irish
    • blocking of his appt to an English bishopric
  44. irony of swift donating money to first mental hospital?
    he was mental
  45. opening of GT begins with
    gullivers bio sketch
  46. swift showed the absurdity of englands conflicts by
    • satirizing trivial issue
    • breaking of an egg result in extreme consequence
  47. people of lilliput only aware of whom?
  48. who represented England and France in GT?
    • lilliput
    • blefuscu
  49. what made Burns an instant celeb?
    Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
  50. Burns classified as what?
    a nationalist poet
  51. "TAM" and "TAL" share
    • dialect
    • stanza form
    • moralization
  52. poetic device in TAM and TAL
  53. Johnson was best known for what?
    dictionary of English
  54. Ram No.4 advice "to initiate youth by mock encounters in the art of necessary presenting what principle?
  55. least tolerable of the tenants in Ram No.161
    the author
  56. Cowper poetry marked end of 
  57. "light shining out of darkness" addressed to whom?
  58. appropriate reply to "Castaway"
    "light shining out of darkness"
  59. tone of "castaway"
  60. tudor lit is
    • highly artificial
    • unfamiliar in its pastoralism
    • academic
  61. sonnet line has how many feet
  62. poet responsible for the creation of blank verse
  63. "Farwell, Love" : Wyatt compares earthly love to 
    decaying tree limbs
  64. "farewell..." ends with the poet turning from what to what?
    emotional to intellectual pursuits
  65. Raleigh was beheaded because of an unsuccessful enterprise in a settlement belonging whom?
    the spanish
  66. Raleigh's poem, "Pilgrimage" , the travelers enter heaven in what condition?
  67. "pilgrim.." raleigh says he will obtain eternal what?
  68. "what is our life" what are compared to closed curtains?
  69. Sidney addresses one of his sonnets to which of the following?
    The moon
  70. "O grammer rules" concludes that Stella
     accepts the poet
  71. suggested reasons in Sonnet 41 for Astrophil's having won the tournament
    • strength
    • chance/luck
    • inherited skill/nature
  72. tone of "What is Our Life"
  73. "the faerie Queene" what does Ulna represent?
  74. where is the enemy's den located in "Faerie..."
    Wandering Wood
  75. Red Cross is almost overcome by what?
    the smell
  76. shakespearean sonnets in the text cover 
    • death
    • idealism
    • eternity
  77. major virture praised in Sonnet 116 
  78. images in Sonnet 146 center on what?
    real estate
  79. themes of Shakespearean sonnets
    • immortality of verse
    • duration of genuine love
    • frequent spiritual gain from physical decline
  80. 2 reasons why conditions in england were ideal for the lit achievment of the tudor period?
    • peace and prosperity
    • printing press
  81. to teach and to delight is called
  82. variety of sources
  83. elaborate comparison/metaphor
  84. sonnet how many lines?
  85. king at beginning of Macbeth?
  86. how does lady MB find out about MB promotion?
    letter from MB
  87. beginning of play, witches predict who will become KING?
    • MB
    • Banquo's Sons
  88. first prediction for MB to come true?
    MB became Thane of Cawdor
  89. decided it was their duty to see to the murder of Duncan?
    Lady MB
  90. why to MB and Lady MB fight? 
    she wants for sure kill Duncan and he is unsure.
  91. what is the murder plan for Duncan?
    get servants drunk, kill duncan while sleeping
  92. what events shows a lack of order as a result of the kings death? in MB
    horses eat each other
  93. who was supposed to be killed and was not? (MB)
  94. overall message of "unsex me now" soli...
    she wishes she had the qualities of a man
  95. why does MB feel so sure of himself and invincible?
    • feels safe since none of the prophecies can come true
    • malcom is gone, wont be around to interfere
  96. why cut down forest in MB?
    using trees to disguise the # of people they had
  97. MB soli...what does life signify?
  98. how does life meaning nothing help with MB guilt?
    murders he commited dont mean anything
  99. who does MB encounter on battlefield?
  100. 3 aparitions in MB
    • bloody child
    • armed head
    • baby with crown holding tree
  101. hallucinations in MB
    • floating dagger
    • LADY MB try to wash "blood" off her hands
  102. meaning of apparitions
    • beware macduff
    • none born from a woman can harm him
    • he will not be killed until burnam wood moves to Dunsanane hill
    • baby with crown holding
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