Peds - Developmental Milestones

  1. All Milestones at 1 month?
    • Gross motor: Turns head in supine, chin up in prone,
    • Fine motor/visual: hands fisted near face, gazes, follows face, Sucks well
    • Social: recognizes mother's voice, cries
    • Language - makes sounds in addition to crying 
  2. All milestones at 2 months?
    • Gross motor: chest up in prone/ lifts head to 45 degrees in prone, steadies head briefly
    • Fine motor/vision: hands unfisted 50% of time, holds hands together, holds item if placed in hand
    • Social: reciprocal smiling, responds to voice
    • Language: coos
  3. All milestones at 3 months?
    • Gross: props up on forearms in prone, rolls to side
    • Fine: hadn unfisted 50% of time, inspects fingers, bats at objects, brings hand to mouth
    • Social: reaches for parents face, visually follows people
    • Language: laughs, vocalizes
  4. All milestones at 4 months?
    • Gross: sit with trunk support, no head lag, props on wrists, rolls front to back
    • Fine: clutches at clothes, reaches persistently, plays with rattle, hands mostly open
    • Visual: s
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