Biology Test Notes part 2

  1. introduced uniformitarianism
    C. Lyell
  2. the idea that the present is the only key to the past
  3. story of evolution
    Origin of Species
  4. story of origin
    Descent of Man
  5. the idea that the fittest and strongest of each species were more likely to survive and reproduce than weaker, poorly adapted animals
    natural selection
  6. sought to improve the human species by selectively breeding humans to produce a "master race"
    the "science" of eugenics
  7. changes within a particular kind of organism
    speciation / microevolution
  8. process by which new kinds of creatures emerge from existing kinds over time
  9. the study of fossils
  10. fossils that connect one kind of organism with another kind by a series of tiny steps
    transitional forms / "missing links"
  11. evolution occurs in sudden spurts followed by long periods without noticeable change
    punctuated equilibrium hypothesis
  12. hypothetical arrangement of fossils allegedly demonstrating evolution in the fossil record
    geologic column
  13. based on the fact that atoms of certain elements break down into atoms of other elements
    radiometric dating
  14. argument that is based on the assumption it attempts to prove
    circular reasoning
  15. sudden outburst of living things of great variety in the fossil record
    "Cambrian explosion"
  16. fish discovered alive in 1938
  17. "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds
  18. "reconstructed" from a single tooth
    Nebraska Man
  19. a mixture of human fossils and ape fossils
    "Homo habilis" (Handy Man)
  20. lived next to modern Man
    Neanderthal man
  21. the study of similarities and differences in the body structure of organisms
    comparative anatomy
  22. discovered comparative anatomy
    G. Cuvier
  23. the similarities among organisms adapted to the same environment
  24. the similar organs which are also similar in internal structure
  25. the science which seeks to discover how the mechanisms of living cells work
    molecular biology
  26. Austrian monk
    G. Mendel
  27. random errors in an organism's genetic code
  28. a quasi-religious idea that states that earth and all the living things that inhabit it constitute a single living thing
    Gaia hypothesis
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Biology Test Notes part 2
Biology test notes part 2