Biology Test Notes part 1

  1. Commands man to subdue the earth
    Genesis 1:28
  2. most famous early Hebrew naturalist
  3. idea that living things can arise from nonliving things
    spontaneous generation
  4. ideas of creation without a Creator
  5. Greek philosopher who put together the doctrine of ideas
  6. Plato's most famous student; developed doctrine of intellect
  7. wrote Natural History
    Pliny the Elder
  8. so mixed with fact, speculation, and superstition it was of little scientific value
    Natural History
  9. Greek physician who lived in Rome; absolute authority in human anatomy for over a hundred years
  10. wrote Historia Animalium (History of Animals)
    Konrad Gesner
  11. "the Father of Anatomy"
    A. Vesalius
  12. the study of the function of body structure
  13. known for his classic work on the circulation of blood through the body
    W. Harvey
  14. the idea that the universe consists of nothing but matter and energy and has no spiritual or supernatural aspects
  15. most outstanding Jansenist, great mathematician, and scientist
    B. Pascal
  16. the first person to devote his whole life to studies with the microscope
    A. van Leeuwenhoek
  17. all living things are composted of living units called cells and of cell products
    cell theory
  18. reasoning from the specific events in nature to their general causes
    inductive reasoning
  19. tentative solutions to a scientific problem
  20. experiments in which all factors are identical except the one being tested
    controlled experiments
  21. the one factor being tested
  22. the group not experimented on
    control group
  23. when a hypothesis has passes the test of many well-designed experiments and has the support of other scientists
  24. if a theory stands the test of time and is verified by experiment after experiment then it may possibly be called a _____
    scientific law
  25. Italian physician; one of the first scientists to present evidence against spontaneous generation
    F. Redi
  26. experiments marked the end of spontaneous generation as a scientific possibility
    L. Pasteur
  27. living things can only come from other living things
    law of biogenesis
  28. the idea that science can find answers for all the problems in life
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